How To Cook Brown Rice In A Rice Cooker

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A rice-cooker is capable of cooking brown-rice perfectly and easily but you will have to use a little more water than that used when preparing white-rice. In fact, using a rice cooker is the a quick and safest way to prepare rice compared to other kitchen-appliances because most appliances keep heat away from the user and they even switch to a keep-warm mode after cooking the rice so that the user can always serve the rice when it still warm. Additionally, you can also use a rice-cooker to make brown-rice medleys and brown-rice porridge. Below I have provided you with some of the methods that you can use to prepare brown-rice using a rice-cooker and i recommend you to take a quick look at some of these steps in order to achieve the best results.

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  1. Measure and clean your brown-rice: get a rice-measuring-cup and then measure the amount of rice that you would like to prepare and then place this rice into a fine mesh-strainer so that you can quickly rinse it under cold running water for at least 30-seconds. Make sure that the gaps between the strainer are not too-large because the grains may end-up running through hence losing a great amount of rice during the rinsing process. However, you may not always need to wash the rice in case it has been fortified with minerals.
  1. Soak the rice in hot-water: transfer the brown-rice into a bowl containing and then add 3-cups of hot-water to this rice then let it soak and soften for about 45-minutes. You can even decide to soak the rice for up to 3-hours if desired but 45-minutes are often enough. Soaking is actually very important because it reduces on the stickiness of the rice and even allows the rice to expand into longer and thin grains.
  1. Add salt to the rice (optional): you may decide to sprinkle salt over the soaked rice in order to add more flavor the rice to be cooked. But after applying the salt, stir-up the soaked-rice with a wooden-spoon in order to distribute the salt evenly.
  1. Place the rice into the rice-cooker and then set it: place your brown-rice into cooking-pot with enough water and put it the rice-cooker. Turn the rice-cooker on and then set the timer as recommended but if your rice-cooker features a brown-rice setting, then use that. In case it only has a timer, then set this timer for 30-minutes in order to achieve the best results. Cover the rice-cooker and then let the brown-rice cook for the selected cooking-time.
  1. Check on the rice: try to check on the rice being cooked after 30-minutes and incase the grains still look hard and the contents at the basin still looking soapy, then cover the rice-cooker and set the timer-function for another 10-minutes.
  1. Leave the rice to rest for sometime: when the rice-cooker timer goes off, let the cooked brown-rice stand for another 5-10 minutes so that the grains can absorb any remaining water in the basin but remember to leave the cover on as the rice sits for these minutes.
  1. Add some ingredients (optional): in case you wish to flavor-up the cooked brown-rice, then can add about 2-tablespoons of butter, margarine or soy-sauce and then stir-up the rice in order to evenly coat the grains.
  1. Serve your brown-rice: afterwards, transfer the cooked-rice into serving-dishes and then it will be ready to be enjoyed by the family members.



  1. Wash the brown-rice: put the raw-rice into a fine mesh-strainer and then begin rinsing it under cold running water for about 30-seconds. But in case your brown-rice has been fortified, then you may not have to wash it because you may end-up removing the useful minerals.
  1. Soak the rice: soak the rice by simply pouring it into a cooking-pot filled with warm-water. Let the rice soak for about 45-minutes because this will help to reduce on the stickiness of rice and even enables the rice to expand into thin, long grains.
  1. Rinse quinoa: as the brown-rice is being soaked, add quinoa to a fine mesh-strainer and then rinse it for about 30-60 seconds running tap-water. Rinsing the quinoa is very important because it helps to remove that protective coating called the saponin which can actually cause the grains to have a bitter flavor-taste. Remember to use a strainer with a very fine mesh in order to prevent the quinoa-grains from falling-out during the rinsing process.
  1. Add the quinoa and salt to cooking-pot: pour the quinoa and salt into the rice-cooker containing the soaked brown-rice. Stir-up the mixture so that the grains of quinoa and brown-rice are evenly distributed within the cooking-pot.
  1. Place the cooking-pot into the rice-cooker: put the cooking-pot containing the brown-rice and quinoa to be cooked into the rice-cooker and then press the brown-rice setting incase the rice-cooker has it. But if the rice-cooker has a timer, then set this timer for 30-minutes. Cover the rice-cooker and then press the start-button but leave this rice-cooker covered for the specified cooking-time. Additionally, the brown-rice and quinoa may require a total of up to 40-minutes in order to finish cooking the rice-cooker.
  1. Wait for the rice to cool: when the rice-cooker finishes cooking the rice- it will automatically switch to keep-warm mode but you will also have to wait for about 5-minutes for the cooked-rice to cool down before opening the rice-cooker because this allows the grains to absorb the remaining water inside the cooking-pot.
  1. Fluff and serve the cooked-rice: after the 5-minutes, open your rice-cooker and then gently fluff your cooked brown-rice using a rice-paddle in order to separate the grains and to get rid of excess moisture. Begin serving your rice and then enjoy your well-cooked brown rice medley.



  1. Clean brown-rice: rinse your raw brown-rice by simply placing it into a fine-mesh strainer and then rinse it through cold running-water for about 30-seconds.
  2. Add rice and water directly into the cooking-pot: pour the brown-rice and water directly in the cooking-pot while making sure that the grains of rice are a bit submerged. Soaking is actually not needed when making brow-rice-porridge since the cooking-time will be lengthy.
  3. Place the cooking-pot into the rice-cooker: put the rice to be cooked into the rice-cooker and then set the cooking-timer. In case your rice-cooker features a porridge-setting, then use that setting but if it only has timer then set it for 6-8 hour of cooking-time. Leave the rice-cooker covered throughout the cooking-process for best results.
  4. Heat oil in frying-pan (optional): pour oil into a frying-pan or large skillet and then heat it over medium-to-high heat until the oil becomes glossy. But if you don’t wish to add any vegetables, then this step is not required.
  5. Cook the vegetables (optional): begin to cook the garlic, mushrooms or carrots in this hot-oil for about 3-4 minutes or until these ingredients get a tender-crisp and fragrance.
  6. Pour the cooked-vegetables into the cooked rice-porridge: when the brown-rice porridge has completed cooking, open the rice-cooker and then add the cooked-vegetables. Stir well in order to mix the vegetables and rice-porridge evenly throughout.
  7. Serve your cooked brown-rice porridge: use a rice-paddle to scoop the cooked porridge-rice into individual serving dishes and then serve with optional toppings like garnish with soy-sauce, chopped green-onions or even hardboiled egg slices in case you prefer to do so.

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