How To Remove Soap Scum From A Dishwasher

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No matter how well your dish washer performs the moment you take time without giving your machine a deep cleaning, it will leave a white film over your dishes. This film is usually a result of dish washer detergent accumulating or building in the interior of you dish washer. Sometimes even normal cleaning of your dish washer regularly will not be enough to remove the soap scum therefore you must know how to remove soap scum if you want to have your dishes spotless clean every other time. Here you will come across some of the best and effective ways that will help you get all that detergent or soap build up out of your dish washer.

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  • Always wipe the drain trap to make it clean: in most incidences, you may not find it necessary to look at the drain trap but this is one of the dish washer parts that must be cleaned regularly. Reason being all the soap or detergent that does not get dissolved and food particles build up there, on that note you have to always clean the drain trap with a clean dry cloth to remove all that soap scum.
  • Use a small scrubbing brush to remove any soap residue: use your manual effort to get your dish washer thoroughly clean, look all around the machine to spot areas that have soap build up. In order to easily dissolve the soap scum, deep the brush into some vinegar and then scrub all those areas where you spotted soap build up. The detergent dispenser is most likely to have the highest amount of soap scum so give it more attention, also take out all the removable parts such as the dish rack, cup tray and the silver ware basket to properly clean them and have a clear view of the dish washer interior.
  • Pour white vinegar into a bowl: get a bowl that is dish washer safe, fill it with white vinegar and place at the bottom rack of the dish washer. Start the dish washer and allow it to run the shortest cycle, this will help to clear out all the remainder soap scum that you might have missed out. When the cycle is done do not forget to clear out any debris that is left behind.

Wipe the dish washer to dry parts after the cycle: you can use a serviette or dish towel to dry all areas of the dish washer when the cleaning cycle is over.

  • Test the dish washer: you need to know if your efforts were worth it so, get all those dishes that were left with soap scum before, load them into the dish washer and run it. If all the dishes come out sparkling clean then you can know that you got some work done.
  • Try using bleach: if your dish washer is not made of stainless steel you can as well use bleach to remove soap scum, it is also very helpful in getting rid of the build and any other residue in tour dish washer. Pour water into a bowl, add in some bleach and put the bowl in the bottom of the dish washer. You can there after run a short cycle however it will not be necessary to rinse just wipe and wait for the next time you use the machine. Stay away from bleach if your dish washer has a stainless steel interior.
  • Try warm soapy water: if you don’t have vinegar you can alternatively use warm soapy water plus a very gentle abrasive cleaner. If you have an old tooth brush then this is the time to put it to use, soak the tooth brush into warm soapy water and begin scrubbing the dish washer’s interior. Concentrate more on the corners of the machine and the soap dispenser because that is where most of the soap scum builds up.

Other methods that will to get your dish washer thoroughly clean and free of soap scum:

Besides the common ways or methods that you are familiar with, there are other methods that can help you clean your dish washer to make it completely hygienic not just free of soap scum but also free from any other debris that may prevent it from performing excellently.

Using borax: most people actually think baking soda is borax but they surely got that wrong because those are two completely different things. To get the best out of borax, you need to scrub both the inside and outside of the dish washer really hard using a damp sponge. This is very easy even if you have never used the method before it will not waste too much of your time. After scrubbing and you can see no more soap and debris in the dish washer then rinse with a rag dampened in clean water.

The borax method can even be used with dishes inside the dish washer as it leaves dishes with no spots at all. Another away you can use borax is by simply putting it in the dish washer just before you run the machine, then run the dish washer.

Using kool aid: using kool aid is another really helpful way of cleaning the dish washer and prevents the possibility of it leaving your dishes stained with filth. One really unique and interesting thing about this method that gives it added advantage over other methods is the fact that it does not leave your dishes with any bad smell but makes them smell fresh. Follow the steps below on how to use kool aid to clean a dish washer.

  • Start with hot water, which means you have to run your water outlet until the water becomes hot.
  • Start the dish washer, it is best to use a heavy but very short cycle because you have to stop the dish washer just a few minutes after.
  • Add cool aid to the detergent or soap dispenser and if you still have some more powder you can also pour some to the bottom of the dish washer.
  • Run the dish all over again but this time it has to be a full cycle. By the end of the cycle all that soap scum together with any other debris in your dish washer will be gone.

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