How to Fix a Treadmill

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A treadmill is a common fitness-equipment that is usually used heavily in order to help someone achieve a more effective workout. In fact, treadmills are designed to withstand repeated usage and impact but since they are machines, they usually malfunction in different ways. So, instead of buying a new treadmill when an old one happens to malfunction, you should just consider trying to fix the problems found in the old-treadmill. So, below are some of the methods that will help you in the process of troubleshooting your treadmill that is malfunctioning and they will be of great help if followed correctly.

METHOD-1: How To Troubleshoot A Treadmill That Has Failed To Turn On:

  1. Check for any problems at the power-source connection: incase your treadmill is not actually turning-on when you press it on-button, then consider checking-out the connection at the power-source in order to ensure that the treadmill is plugged into the electrical-outlet correctly and ensure that the power-plug is not distorted or bent in any way.


  1. Consider checking the outlet that the treadmill is connected to: try checking the power-outlet that the treadmill is connected to and if it has any issues, then consider plugging the treadmill-cord into a different power-outlet that works well.


  1. Try checking the connections between the power-adaptor and treadmill: some treadmills actually require a power-supply in order to convert power before it gets into the motor-system. Some you will need to make sure that the power-adaptor is properly plugged into the power-supply for best results.


  1. Consider checking for other powering-problems: if you try to troubleshoot the treadmills cord and power-source outlets but it still fails to turn on then consider unplugging the treadmill from any power-outlet and then try checking for any other internal-problems.


  1. Try checking the treadmill fuse: incase the fuse on the treadmill-cord is blown, the treadmill will not start but the good thing is that fuses are usually very easy and quick to fix. In fact, you can check out the fuses with a multi-meter tester and if you find out that they are not working, then you need to replace them with other fuses but with the same amperage-rating.


  1. Find out whether the problem is at the display-console: if your treadmill is failing to turn-on, then sometimes the problem may be a malfunctioning display-screen or switch-on button at the console. So, try to make sure that all the wires connecting the display-console to the treadmill are secured and also make sure that you’re getting power at the display-monitor. Use multi-meter to test all the connection-points to the display-monitor.


  1. Consider consulting a professional treadmill-repair person: if you fail to find the problem after taking all the above steps, then you just need to consult a professional treadmill-repair person. Additionally, you may even consider contacting the treadmills-manufacturer for more information on how to perform diagnostics on your treadmill and even get directions to certified repair-shops for treadmills in your area.


METHOD-2: How To Fix A Malfunctioning Treadmill-Belt:

  1. Check the running-belt to know its issues: you will have to first troubleshoot the running-belt to know its issues because this will help you to determine whether the problem is with the running-belt or with the belt-driving-system. So, if the problem is with the belt itself then you may consider making repairs yourself but if it’s a mechanical-problem then you may consider taking the treadmill to a professional mechanic.


  1. Always unplug the treadmill when making repairs: it’s high-recommended to unplug the treadmill for a power-source when making any repairs on the treadmill-belt because this will help to prevent any injuries in case the treadmill accidentally gets turned-on.


  1. Try cleaning-up the treadmill-belt: excessive dirt and debris can actually pile into the treadmill-belt and then slow it down or even cause operating-problems. So, it’s recommended to clean-up your treadmill-belt in case you notice that it’s very dirty using cleaning-solution. In fact, you will have to start cleaning form the top of the belt and then tug it firmly while moving it downwards until the entire surface is cleaned-up. Additionally, make sure that the treadbelt-surface is completely dry before you begin using the treadmill again.


  1. Consider centering the treadmill-belt: incase the treadmill-belt is not running smoothly then consider adjusting it so that it is centered in the middle of the machine. In fact, treadmill-belts can at times stretch and begin to lean onto one-side on the treadmill with frequent usage but this can easily be solved by gently pulling the treadmill-belt away from the slanted side. But if the treadmill-belt has severe operation-problems then consider hiring a technician to take look at it.


  1. Try lubricating the treadmill-belt: if the treadmill-belt is not moving smoothly when step over it, then you may need to lubricate it in order to reduce on friction and this even helps to lengthen on the life of the treadbelt. However, you need to buy a good treadmill-belt lubricant or any silicone-lubricant and then gently spray this lubricant into the thin-layer between the treadbelt and treadmill-deck.


  1. Check the treadmills speed-sensor: it’s actually the speed-sensor that helps to move the treadmill-belt and this means that if the tread-belt is not increasing on its speed then the issue might be detached or dirty speed-sensors. However, the speed-sensor is usually in the interior of the treadmill just next to the belt but this may require some technical knowledge or help.


  1. Consider replacing the treadmill-belt: in case you try repairing the treadbelt and it still fails to operate, then you may consider replacing the treadbelt. So, consider ordering for a replacement-belt from the treadmills manufacturer if you wish to-do the repairs yourself. However, you may consider taking a treadmill to a professional mechanic to replace the treadmill-belt.


Warnings To Consider When Fixing A Treadmill:

  • Avoid fixing a treadmill while it’s being connected to a power-source because you might be electrocuted or the treadmill-belt may could start moving unexpectedly and injure you.
  • It’s recommended not to use a treadmill that is not working properly because it can easily cause accidents that are highly harmful.
  • Always avoid opening the treadmill’s motor drive-system in case you really want to retain the manufacturer’s warranty.

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