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There is actually nothing in this world that smells quite good like an aroma of freshly ground coffee. In fact, even a person who doesn’t like coffee love this aroma or scent and that is why I have provided some the methods that you can use to grind your coffee. Likewise, in case your coffee-grinder fails and you still want to enjoy a cup of coffee, there are actually plenty of methods to grind the coffee-beans and all these will be listed in this article. All in all, grinding coffee is actually fun and simple but you should actually ensure that the coffee-beans are properly grinded in order to achieve a perfect cup of coffee.

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  1. Use a powered coffee-grinder: there are actually 2-types of coffee-grinders on the market and these include a blade-grinder (coffee-mill) and a burr-grinder. Blade coffee-grinders are very functional when it comes to extracting fine to super-fine grinds/coffee such as espresso and Turkish. In fact, blade coffee-grinders will get the job done for people who like making coffee in a drip-maker, toddy-maker or French-press. On the other hand, the burr coffee-grinders actually grind coffee precisely and accurately for any purpose ranging from French-press, espresso to Turkish. Burr coffee-grinders require pre-setting by the user to allow for accurate grinding any brewing method of your choice. In fact, burr coffee-grinders are versatile or multi-purpose because they will enable the user to achieve the desired coffee texture.


  1. Use a blender: a blender is actually an amazing multi-purpose kitchen appliance because you can even use it to grind the coffee-beans in order to create an amazing cup of coffee. However, try to use a strong and durable blender for grinding the coffee-beans because weak or poor-quality blenders may fail to crush the beans or even stop working.



  1. Use a pestle or mortar: this is a simple way you can use to grind coffee and the best way to do it is to start with a few beans at a time to flying-beans across the room when grinding. In fact, even the few coffee-beans will want to leap from your mortar with every pound of the pestle but try to do some practice in order to become perfect when grinding coffee-beans in a mortar.


  1. Hammer the coffee-beans: the major aim is to actually reduce your coffee-beans to a coarse or fine powder and the easiest way of accomplishing this task by using a hammer or something well-suited for the grinding job. This method will involve putting your coffee-beans into a high-plastic freezer bag or parchment-paper then place the package between the towels. Grab a hammer and begin crushing the coffee-beans with short, even strokes. However, with this method the crushed coffee-beans will not be of consistent size and don’t expect to get the finest coffee. But you will still get well-ground coffee which is just in-between a fine and coarse texture.


  1. Roll the coffee beans: using a rolling-pin to grind coffee-beans is just similar to using a hammer. This method will involve placing the coffee-beans into a heavy Ziploc-bag or parchment-paper and then place in a thin towel. Begin rolling the pin over the bag while applying some pressure in order to crush the beans. Continue rolling the pin over coffee-beans until you reach the desired grinding-level. However, in case you don’t have a rolling-pin, then you still use a glass-bottle or food-can to grind those coffee-beans.


  1. Use an old-style hand grinder or mincer: you may also decide to grind your coffee-beans using a traditional, manual mincer or grinder because these tools also produce good-quality coffee. However, these grinding-tools are manual and will require the user to apply some energy in order to perfectly grind the coffee.



  1. Purchase already ground coffee-beans: in case you don’t have the time to grind the coffee-beans and you actually don’t feel like grinding and cleaning-up the mess, you can decide to buy coffee-beans that are already ground because this will save you a lot of time and energy.


  1. Use a coffee-grinder at the local-store: if your favorite coffee-beans don’t come pre-ground and you don’t feel like grinding them at home, you can actually use a grinding-machine at that supermarket to conveniently crush the coffee-beans so that you can simply prepare a cup of coffee when you reach home.



  • Burr coffee-grinders are a bit more expensive than blade-grinder but burr-grinders really provide a superior grind ranging from coarse to fine coffee textures.
  • You should always store the ground-up coffee in an air-tight glass container and in a cool, dark place for best results. Additionally, avoid placing your ground coffee above or near heat-sources like the stove/oven because this actually damages the flavor and taste of your coffee.
  • Try to purchase a good-quality grinder and in fact most coffee-grinders are very affordable yet they can last for a long period of time if properly cared for.
  • Never store coffee in a refrigerator because of the low-humidity that will cause the coffee-beans to dry-out and even go stale quickly. In fact, don’t even dare to store your coffee-beans in a freezer because the same problem will occur.
  • Coffee-beans that have been coarsely ground are usually used for French-press, toddy-makers, vacuum coffee-maker and percolator.
  • Coffee-beans that are ground to a medium-texture are used for automatic drip-makers and drip-makers.
  • Super-fine and fine grinds are normally used in espresso machines, stove-top espresso pots, and in some drip makers. Additionally, a Turkish grind is for creating Turkish style coffee.



  • Never place your hand inside the coffee-grinder while crushing the coffee-beans because this may result in to fatal accidents.
  • Don’t add water to the coffee-beans being ground because will give-off the worst results. In fact, you should only use the ground coffee-beans to create a cup of coffee.

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