How To Keep Your Body Healthy and Strong

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Keeping the body healthy is actually your duty because this plays a huge role when it comes to keeping your mind clear and strong. i think you all know that one of the most important things in life is being healthy and not just physically but also mentally and emotionally as well. In this article, i have decided to present you with some of the ways that one can follow inorder to achieve a well-balanced and healthy life. These steps are many but you should try to pick out those that can be of help to you incase you really wish to live a healthy life.



  • Make sure you keep the mind active or limber: staying mentally active is emotionally rewarding and this means that you always try doing mentally challenging activities and never try to stop learning new things. in fact, there are many simple ways of exercising your mind and these may include: taking a different route when going for work, alternating between the novels you read, solving puzzles and playing games of strategy.
  • Try to strengthen your relationships: try to prioritize on developing meaningful relationships on top of simply being social. Always surround yourself with people who enrich your life and make you feel happy. Also practice self-disclosure by simply sharing your thoughts, fears and favorite things with people you trust. This will actually help create deeper interpersonal connections and even make you feel validated emotionally. Likewise, try to learn how to have a healthy relationship, make some time to stay connected to your friends and even try to enrich your sex life.
  • Pursue or chase your passions: spare some time to practice a musical instrument, do an art project, build models, take some photos or do anything else that you feel that it enriches your free time. In case you feel like learning something new, try to take an evening or weekend class. But if you can’t think of anything interesting in your mind, then take some time to find a hobby.
  • Learn to understand your emotions: it is always important to be aware of what you feel because when you are in touch with your emotions, you will be capable of recognizing when you act out because of emotions and to empathize thoroughly with others. The fact is that knowing yourself is part of having a good mental health because it is very important to know when something is making you unhappy inorder to solve it or keep it out of your life. Likewise, it’s also worthy to recognize things that actually make you happy because surrounding yourself with good energy promotes and happier and healthier mind. You can achieve this by focusing your mind on positive things, through meditating, learning how to cope with emotional pain and also dealing with emotional abuse.
  • Enhance your karma points: you should know that doing good makes you feel good and this because when you set positive energy out into the universe, this positive energy will also come back to you. Making the lives of others better will in turn improve your mental state because your mind knows that you have done something good for some else. Try to allocate some time to help others, work in a community garden or even simply help a friend out in some way.
  • Stay aware of stressful factors in life: stress is something unavoidable and it’s always normal to feel stressed out. But you can actually reduce on your stress levels or even learn how to manage your reactions on stressful things. Try to always be aware of things that stress you out and try to avoid what triggers them. This can be done getting involved in stress-free activities, taking a few moments everyday to release on any stress you have and may be having a cup coffee to relax before going for work.



  • Sustain healthy eating habits: try to avoid fad diets because they tend to often be incredibly unhealthy. Just maintain a balanced diet in order to provide your body with all the nutrition it needs. This will in turn help your heart and brain healthy as well as a fully functional immune system. Having a balanced diet will even help to insure that you get all the vitamins, minerals and oils that the body requires. But try to avoid skipping meals and in case you work on your body-weight, eat more of low energy-density foods like fruits and vegetables.
  • Take more water: drinking more water actually helps to flush metabolic wastes in order to keep your metabolism in good shape. Water also helps to make you feel fuller, so you should drink atleast 2-litres of water or more daily in order to keep the body healthy. But try to take water that is purified to keep your body healthy.
  • Make sure you sleep well at night: adults are recommended to sleep for about 7 to 9 hours daily whereas children should sleep for about 10 to 11 hours daily. You should also know that one of the ways of improving on the quality of your sleep is by sleeping in complete darkness because even the smallest amounts light interfere with the chemicals that command the body to rest. Incase you can’t eliminate the light in the room, try wearing an eye mask. Another good way of improving your sleep is by exercising regularly. In fact, sleep is a good method of preventing over eating.
  • Stick to an exercise routine: this can even be through a strength-training at home incase in case you don’t want to pay for gym membership. Exercising is actually a good thing because the muscles you develop during the process help to increase the metabolism rate. This implies that bodies of muscular people tend to burn more calories even when resting. But inorder to stick to your exercise-routine, try to keep a workout journal. Also keep your heart healthy by doing cardio exercises like interval-training by alternating between high and low intensity activities.
  • Try to limit your vices: this actually means that you should quit some bad habits that put your life at risk like smoking, drug addictions and try to stop drinking if necessary. Also avoid risky behaviors like fighting, over-speeding, unsafe sex and many others.
  • Keep hygiene: this involves washing the hands thoroughly after using the toilets or anything else that could actually make you sick. Try to brush the teeth and tongue for atleast twice a day so as to limit any harmful bacteria from developing in the mouth. Regularly take showers and always schedule doctor’s appointments inorder to ensure that everything in the body is functioning properly if wish to live a healthy life.
  • Make simple and little lifestyle changes: never try to make large changes towards health without addressing the small issues too. This means that you should probably get the new stick by simply tracking them at the grass-root level. Remember to do all things in moderation and try to give yourself healthy rewards in case you happen to complete a week of your new workout routine or healthy-eating plan.

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