Remington F5790 Pivot & Flex Men’s Rechargeable Cord/Cordless Foil Shaver Review

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Remington F5790 Pivot - Flex Mens Rechargeable Cord-Cordless Foil Shaver 2

Get a consistent and clean shave with the Remington F5790 men’s titanium foil-shaver. The Remington F5790 is one of the recent foil shavers from Remington that has gained a significant number of funs who are appreciating it for the close and clean shave it offers.

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This great shaver is made up of 3-independent pivoting neck and flexing foils that adjust to the contours of the face, chin and jaw-line in order to offer any man with an ultra-close and clean shave. It has a sleek and stylish design that makes it able to sit into the hands comfortably while shaving and its wide head can open easily for better cleaning. This shaver even has an awesome battery that can last for about 60-minutes when fully charged with a LED light that keeps constant display of the remaining battery power so that you can always charge the battery before it drains out completely. With all these nice features, i think this men’s electric-shaver makes a perfect gift for your father or friend and at any time.


  • The Remington F5790 Pivot and Flex Men’s Rechargeable Foil-Shaver works flawlessly on male skin whereby it adjusts to all the unique angles and contours of every man body while shaving because its equipped with three independent flexing-foils that work closely to the skin in order to offer one with a close and comfortable shave.
  • This shaver makes shaving effortless and peaceful because it designed with a one button that you press to turn it on and off while shaving hence making the whole shaving experience convenient.
  • Lastly, the Remington F5790 has a good, long-lasting battery or charge and this makes it a perfect choice for travelers. It’s also very to clean since its head can easily be removed so that the inner parts can be cleaned without any trouble.


  • Though the Remington F5790 electric-shaver provides a close shave, it at times leaves the skin irritated especially for men with sensitive skin types. This means that in case you don’t use it properly, your skin will end-up getting cuts and nicks.
  • The other negative thing about this machine is that it tends to make quite a lot of noise while shaving hence it may not be a good choice for those of you who hate shavers that make noise when shaving.

Remington F5790 Pivot - Flex Mens Rechargeable Cord-Cordless Foil Shaver 4




  • A pivot and flex cutting system:The shaver features a pivot and flexing technology that offers any man with a close and complete shave. This system also has 3-folis that flex independently while adjusting smoothly to any curved surfaces of the face like the chin, jawline and neck hence offering one with a very close and consistent trim. In fact, with this Remington shaver, only the screens touch the face thus reducing on irritation and friction while shaving.
  • It has a sleek, multi-functional design: this shaver is designed to be quick, easy and very comfortable to handle while shaving. This is mainly because its body has a curved ergonomic shape which ensures that the shaver sits comfortably and securely into your hands when shaving. The shaver’s head also flips open effortlessly so that one can be able to remove dust or any loose hair easily when cleaning it.
  • A dual power system with a LED indicator: the shaver is built with a powerful battery that offers 60-minutes of cordless operation and this is also enough power to provide anyone with 20-days of shaving. This battery even gets fully charged in 2-hours and the LED fuel gauge on the shaver helps to display the remaining battery charge. The convenient 5-minute quick-charge offers enough power for one complete shave in case you are in hurry.
  • Titanium-coated blades: these blades have exceptional longevity that facilitates for a close shave even after a long period of use. In fact, these titanium blades will remain sharp after being used for several times and they even work very closely to the skin hence leaving it extremely smooth.
  • Titanium-coated foils: this shaver even has titanium-coated foils that are very strong and durable. These are designed to offer long-lasting performance with proper servicing and handling especially during the cleaning process or when packing the shaver for travelling purposes. The titanium coating on these foils helps makes them rust and water resistant hence this implies that the shaver won’t be affected incase its immersed into a faucet of water during the cleaning process.
  • Works corded or cordless: the shaver can operate in a cordless mode for about 60-minutes incase it has been fully charged for greater convenience. On the other hand, this shaver can be used with the power cord connected to a power supply incase it battery is completely down and this is a very nice option.
  • A pop-up side hair trimmer: the Remington F5790 includes a 3 position pop-up trimmer that allows any man to groom his sideburns and other facial hairs with fine detail. This trimmer is very sharp and you should be very careful when using it for best results.
  • It has a rinse-able design: it has a fully sealed body that can be rinsed clean quickly and easily under the faucet. In fact the shaver’s head can be removed and cleaned thoroughly with a cleaning brush and water but you should be careful reassembling the shaver during the cleaning process inorder to avoid causing any damage to its delicate foil.
  • An auto world-wide voltage: the F5790 is built with an automatic world-wide voltage that adapts to an outlet voltage ranging between 100-volts to 240-volts. so, this means that you don’t need to skimp on your shaving routine whether you are at home or travelling abroad since this shaver can be charged from anywhere around the world.

Remington F5790 Pivot - Flex Mens Rechargeable Cord-Cordless Foil Shaver 3

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Product Quality:

  • In terms of quality, i think the Remington F5790 is great high end shaver. This shaver has a bulky body that feels sturdy when held into the palm whereby its curved design also provides an effective grip while shaving since the shaver sits comfortably into the hands. In fact, this shaver is quite easier to handle than it may look. The ergonomic design of its head which enables the shaver to flex and pivot in order to follow the contours of the face and neck makes the entire shaving experience awesome.
  • This shaver is built with titanium coated foils and blades that are designed to provide long lasting performance when using this shaver. These blades and foil will last for quite a long period of time if serviced well and handled with care during the cleaning process. A powerful battery that keeps its charge for quite a long time when fully charged makes the shaver a perfect choice for any man out there and this is even enhanced by the LED light that provides a constant display of remaining power while shaving so that you will be able to charge the shaver before it becomes drained completely. This display even shows the battery level when charging so that you can know when to unplug the shaver from the power source when it’s fully charged. with all this this, i think the Remington F5790 is an awesome deal for any man to achieve a decent and smooth shave without any complaint whether you are at home or when travelling.

Remington F5790 Pivot - Flex Mens Rechargeable Cord-Cordless Foil Shaver 2

Who Does It Benefit?

  • Men with fine to medium beards: i would recommend this shaver to men with light to medium beard thickness because it will shave all the hairs off quickly and easily without causing any skin irritations. But if you have a tough beard or long hair, I’m simply recommending you to consider upgrading to a higher-end shaver.
  • Great choice for men looking for an affordable shaver and low price: this shaver will meet all your needs though you can get it at a cheaper price. In fact the shaver blades and motor perform just perfectly like any other shaver. However, you should know that this is not a high-end shaver and will not perform like one, but considering its price, the Remington F5790 is an awesome shaver.

What Else Do You Need?

  • A pre-shave powder stick: this powder helps to dry the face so that one can achieve a smooth and irritation-free shave. In fact, this product helps to enhance the shaving comfort and closeness hence it will make the shaving process much quicker and fun. However, you need to apply a little of this product to soak up the oils on the face and if alot of it is applied, it may clog the shaver blades quickly you don’t clean them shaver brush.

Remington F5790 Pivot - Flex Mens Rechargeable Cord-Cordless Foil shaver 4

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