Remington FR-730 Pivot and Flex Shaver Review

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Remington FR-730 Pivot and Flex Men's Rechargeable Shaver with Two Flexing Foils and Intercept Trimmer 1

In case you are searching for a shaver capable of shaving well without affecting your budget, then the Remington FR-730b is actually an ideal choice and this is mainly because it’s of high quality, efficient and effective. in fact, many people underestimate Remington electric-shavers  but you will notice that some of their Remington’s latest shaver are of good quality and even offer great value for money.

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This is where the Remington FR-730 comes in because it’s one of the best shavers amongst their latest creations. It comes with amazing technologies like: an advanced 3-stage cutting-system, full-flex pivoting head, pop-up trimmer and much more. In conclusion, in case you have an average-thickness beard and you need an electric shaver with decent features to in order to groom this beard and any facial-hairs, the Remington FR-730 will actually impress you and even its price tag is amazing.


  • The Remington FR-730 shaver offers a close enough shave because it’s equipped with a 3-stage cutting-system coupled with flexing steel foils and an intercept trimmer between these foils for optimum closeness.
  • This electric-shaver provides an irritation-free shaving experience and this mainly because it is equipped with surgical, stainless foils that ensure zero irritation while shaving. In fact, this shaver will not irritate you sensitive skin even if you shave the same area more than 2-times.
  • Additionally, this shaver is not too loud compared to other foil shavers. In fact, it is quieter than most expensive foil-shavers on the market today thus offering the user with comfortable shaving experience.
  • Lastly, the Remington FR-730 is very easy to clean whereby you simply have to rinse it under a bathroom faucet filled with water and you can even remove the shaving-heads for a more thorough cleaning routine.


  • This electric-shaver has an exterior that is mainly made of plastic and this makes the entire shaving-unit to look cheap or of poor build-quality compared to most high-end shavers.
  • Secondly, the Remington FR-730 will not give you closeness like that of a razor-blade shaver or that of other high-end, top electric-shavers. But considering its price tag, it offers a good shave.
  • The Remington FR-730 is also a little bit hard to maintain because it is recommended to replace its screen and blades for once every 6-months actually increases the maintenance costs compared to other shavers which require head-replacements after a full year (12-months).

Remington FR-730 Pivot and Flex Men's Rechargeable Shaver with Two Flexing Foils and Intercept Trimmer 1


Features overview:

  • Steel foils: the Remington FR-730 Pivot and Flex features 2-foils that are made from surgical-steel in order to facilitate for a close and consistent shave with smooth results. These durable and flexible foils adjust to the contours on face, chin and jaw line and in fact the front-foil is designed with 6-directional patterns thus making it capable of trimming hairs that grow in any direction. Additionally, there is also an intercept-trimmer between these 2-foils which ensures that no hairs are left behind while shaving.
  • Full-Flex and Pivoting Neck: The Remington FR-730 Rechargeable-Shaver is integrated with full-flex technology that enables it to curve comfortably around the contours of the face for a close and smooth shave. The neck on this shaver also pivots freely in multiple directions in order to ensure a precise and clean shave.
  • An ergonomic shape: This Remington FR-730 shaver features an ergonomic design that makes it very easy to handle while shaving around all parts on your face or body. In fact, your hands will not feel uncomfortable even when you shave for long periods with this electric-shaver.
  • Pop-Up Trimmer: The FR-730 Pivot and Flex shaver includes a pop-up trimmer which is ideal for detailing work on sideburns, facial-hair and trimming at the back of your neck. This precision-trimmer even helps to cut longer hairs while offering maximum speed in order to achieve that exact look.
  • Washable electric-shaver: this electric-shaver is fully washable under clean water for optimum convenience. Additionally, the entire shaving-head snaps off so that it can be rinsed easily in water in order to ensure thorough cleaning. All in all, this makes this shaver very easy to maintain and clean compared to shavers that come with cleaning stations or systems.
  • Rechargeable and Cordless: It comes with an in-built, rechargeable battery that charges fully in 60-minutes and lasts for over 10-days of shaving. This Remington Pivot and Flex shaver even features a cordless option and this makes it great for usage when traveling or at the gym. Additionally, this shaver can also be used to shave with the power-cord that is included which can easily be plugged into any standard outlet because it supports an automatic voltage conversion feature.
  • LED battery-gauge: the convenient, easy-to-read, LED battery-gauge on the Remington FR-730 lets the user know the status of the battery and when you need to recharge this shaver.
  • A good packaging: the Remington FR-730 Pivot & Flex Men’s rechargeable Shaver with 2 Flexing-Foils and Intercept-Trimmer comes well-packaged with a charging-cord, travel-pouch which is very useful when it comes to keeping the shaver in good shape while travelling and an instruction-guide that teaches the user on how to use this shaving-unit.

Remington FR-730 Pivot and Flex Men's Rechargeable Shaver with Two Flexing Foils and Intercept Trimmer 4

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Product Quality:

The Remington FR-730 is good quality men’s shaver that utilizes 2 surgical-steel foils to adjust comfortably to all  the facial contours while the intercept trimmer between these foils helps to eliminate longer hairs as you shave to ensure optimum closeness. This shaver features pivot, flex and arc technology that enables the neck to pivot freely coupled with 2 independent flexing foils that adjust to all the contours on the face for a closer and consistent shave.

Additionally, for detailing work on sideburns, beards and other facial-hairs, the integrated pop-up trimmer will accomplish the job perfectly well with maximum speed and precision. On the other hand, this shaver can also operate in a cordless mode because it has an in-built rechargeable battery that can last for about 10-days of shaving after charging it for an hour. This shaver can even be used when plugged into a power outlet and it also supports a worldwide voltage conversion feature that makes it compatible to use in any part around the world. The Remington FR-730 is very to clean because it can be immersed into water for quick and easy cleaning. In fact, the entire shaving-head snaps-off to ensure a more convenient and efficient cleaning routine. In conclusion, the Remington FR-730 is a good electric-shaver that will work well for men with moderate beard and facial hairs yet it has nice price tag.

Remington FR-730 Pivot and Flex Men's Rechargeable Shaver with Two Flexing Foils and Intercept Trimmer 5

Who does it benefit?

  • Good for men with moderate facial hair: in case you are a guy with light to medium length beards and facial-hairs, then the Remington FR-730 electric shaver will offers you with wonderful shaving experience because it’s equipped with some of the best features that ensure someone gets a close and comfortable shave.


  • Works for men searching for an irritation-free shave: the Remington FR-730 foil-shaver ensures an irritation-free shaving experience because it’s built with surgical stainless-steel foils that slide smoothly over the skin hence ensuring zero-irritation while shaving. For those with extra-sensitive skin, this shaver will not irritate it even when you shave the same area for more than twice.

Remington FR-730 Pivot and Flex Men's Rechargeable Shaver with Two Flexing Foils and Intercept Trimmer 2

What Else Do You Need?

  • Remington FR-730 Dual Foil Head Replacement Screen and Blades: the Remington FR-730 shaving-head needs to be replaced every 6-months to ensure optimum performance. These blades can be found on any local store around your area or bought from an online store and their price is fair.
  • Shaving gel: it is always recommended to apply a good quality shaving gel in case you want to enjoy smooth and comfortable wet shave with less skin-irritation. In fact, there are many brands of shaving gels on the market and this means that the user has a wide range to choose from depending on your budget.

Remington FR-730 Pivot and Flex Men's Rechargeable Shaver with Two Flexing Foils and Intercept Trimmer 3

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