How To Make Orange Juice – Using a Juicer or Hands

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Fresh orange juice is actually a healthy recipe for your body because it offers you with a variety of minerals and vitamins. Orange juice is good supplement that can be taken in-between meals compared to artificial juices with sweeteners and coloring which are not good for your overall health. Likewise, taking a glass of orange everyday is good for the skin because oranges are packed with vitamin-c and antioxidants. Oranges will even improve on your system and the fact is that the benefits of orange juice are many and that is why you should try to fix it into your daily diet. However, creating orange juice may take a bit longer than you expect but the taste of this juice is worth that effort and below are some of the methods you can use to extract your own orange juice:

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  • Begin by softening the orange: you will need to first soften the orange by tightly squeezing or rolling it firmly using your hand-palm. Additionally, you can gently hit the orange over the kitchen counter or table in case you don’t have the energy to squeeze it with your palm. This process will make the outer and inner sections of the orange soft enough to ensure quick and easy juice extraction.
  • Cut the orange: after softening the orange, slice it into a half and then try to remove any seed within. On the other hand, you can purchase navel-oranges in case you want to go seedless.
  • Extract juice from the orange: grab one of the orange halves tightly and then it using your hand to extract any juice out of it. Additionally, you can even use a plain juicer to coax all the remaining juice out of the orange. But remember to place jug or anything under the orange while extracting juice out of it and make sure that this juice-collector is wide-enough to prevent any spilling while juicing.
  • Add some pulp: try to scrape the orange using a spoon to remove some pulp and then add this pulp directly into juice in case you had been using a hand-juicer for juice extraction. In case you prefer taking clear juice, then just pour the extracted juice through a strainer before consumption. Additionally, you add a pinch of black-salt or sugar in order to add more flavor to your juice.
  • Drink or store your orange juice: after the entire juicing process you can now enjoy a cold glass of freshly squeezed and unpasteurized orange-juice which is more nutritious for your body. On the other hand, you can decide to store your orange juice in a fridge and take it at preferred period of time.



  • Prepare your oranges: begin by preparing the oranges and this will involve peeling the oranges and after cut them into smaller quarter sections. In case you are working on mandarins or smaller-oranges, then you only need to break them into half for best results.
  • Place the oranges into the feed-tube: process the oranges by passing them through the feed-tube. However, make sure that you put jug or plastic-bowl under the juicer in order to catch all the delicious juice being extracted from the juicer. Also make sure that there is also something that the pulp gets collected while extracting the juice. Additionally, a reasonable amount of orange-pieces into the feed-tube until all the pieces get extracted.
  • Drink your orange-juice: you can now place the extracted juice in to a glass and then drink while it is still fresh and natural. Additionally, you can even store some the orange-juice in the fridge for consumption later.
  • Clean the electric-juicer: it is recommended to clean your juicer immediately after extracting orange-juice because oranges are acidic and can lead to staining on the inner parts of the juicer if not cleaned immediately after juicing.



  • Prepare the oranges for blending: before you do anything, you need to first peel the oranges then cut or tear them into smaller pieces or chunks. In case the oranges are seeded, then try to remove all the seeds in order to get quality juice.
  • Place the oranges into the blender: put your oranges into the blender and then begin to pulse them a little in order to break them up. Try to do this process continuously until the oranges turn into a liquid mixture.
  • Add some water: try to taste the juice and if it’s too dry, then add some water. Additionally, you can also add any sweetener for an extra taste in case you noticed that the juice does not taste nice.
  • Run your blender again: after adding some water and a sweetener to the juice. Run the blender again in order to dilute the mixture and saturate the sweetener throughout.
  • Use a strainer: leave the juice-mixture settle and then use a strainer to separate the juice from the pulp. After collecting your orange juice, you can serve it or drink it when it is still fresh for best results.
  • Clean the blender: remember to clean the blender immediately after using it to extract the orange-juice because oranges are acidic and can stain the inner-section of the blender if not cleaned immediately after usage.



  • Try to extract juice from different types of oranges in order to find a type that works best for you when it comes to orange-juice. These types include; Valencia-oranges which have seeds but are very juicy, navel-oranges are large and have no seeds yet they are also easy to get, cara-oranges which are very sweet and much more.
  • Always make sure that the oranges used for extracting orange-juice are fresh because this will to increase on the taste and even all the vitamins or nutrients will be active hence making the juice more nutritious.
  • You may consider extracting juice from Moro or blood oranges in case you don’t want to get regular-standard orange juice. This is because Moro-oranges have a bold color and flavor that goes perfectly with any spicy omelette.
  • Make sure that the oranges going to be extracted are kept at room-temperature because this will make it easy for you to squeeze juice out of them compared to frozen oranges.

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