Green Power Juicer – KPE 1304 Review

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Green Power Juicer - KPE 1304 Review

Twin gear juicers like the Green Power Juicer KPE-1304 provide the most nutrient-rich juice compared to other types of juicers. In fact, green power Kempo juicers emit infrared-waves and magnetic-field which help to ionize the extracted juice into the freshest form with all the intact.

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On the other hand, the patented twin-gears coupled with bio-ceramic and magnetic technology help to naturally prolong the storage-time and freshness of the juice and this means that you will only have to prepare juice once and then store it for up to 72-hours. Additionally, this juicer features powerful horizontal twin-gears that will allow the user to extract juice from leafy-greens, herbs, grasses stringy-vegetables, sprouts and any kind of fruit. All in all, the Green Power Juicer KPE-1304 will provide a great way of improving your diet and nutrition by enabling you to create fresh juice at home.


  • The Green Power Juicer KPE-1304 provides a great juice yield from fruits, vegetables, leafy-greens and more much more. This is possible because it’s equipped with stainless-steel twin-gears that crush and extract juice from almost anything.
  • This juicer has a great price compared to other twin-gear juicers on the market. In fact, most twin-gear juicers are over $500 but the Green Power Juicer KPE 1304 under this price and this makes it very affordable for people who have been searching for a twin-gear juicer.
  • It is a versatile juicer whereby you can use it to extract juice from different fruits, vegetables and leafy-greens. Additionally, this juicer can even extract nut-butter, sorbets, coffee-ground, baby-foods and much more from different grains.
  • The Green Power Juicer KPE-1304 is very quiet whereby it only produces 60-decibels while extracting juice compared to any centrifugal juicer. This means that you can use it even when other people are sleeping and it won’t wake them up.
  • Lastly, this juice-extractor produces less pulp and foam hence this implies that a lot of juice that is rich in nutrients will be yielded and you can even store this juice for up to 72-hours after extraction without getting spoilt.


  • There is a steep learning-curve when it comes to using it although it comes with a DVD and a user-manual. In fact, using the adjusting-knob on this juicer can be a little tricky to use until you learn to find the right balance.
  • The other drawback about this juice-extractor is the need to push the produce especially when it has a fibrous texture like carrots and celery while extracting juice.
  • This juicer has a medium-sized 1.5-inch feed-chute and this implies that you need to pre-cut or chop-up big items like apples, beets, cucumber and much more so that they can fit into this feed-chute.
  • Lastly, the Green Power KPE-1304 juicer is provided with a short warranty period on operational parts yet it’s these parts that can easily get damaged. This is not fair and some people not purchase this juicer because of such a warranty.


Green Power Juicer - KPE 1304 Review



Features overview:

  • Horizontal twin-gears: The Green Power juicer features unique horizontal twin-gears which are so versatile and rotate at 160-rpm. Such twin-gears will allow the user to juice leafy-greens, herbs, fibrous-plants, grasses, stringy-vegetables and Fruits with ease. These twin-gears don’t touch each other and this prevents the possibility of metal-scraps caused by friction from getting into the juice or pulp. In fact, the twin-gears can juice continuously without clogging.
  • Magnetic and Bio-Ceramic Technology: The Green Power KPE-1304 uses powerful magnets and bio-ceramic materials that are equipped in its Juice-Bowl and Twin-Gears and these help in the production of fresh juice with no loss of nutrition or oxidation and this means that the juice can be stored for longer periods.
  • Automatic Pulp-Ejection: This juicer features 2 adjustable pulp outlet-caps which allow for high-levels of juice extraction from a wide-variety of fruits and vegetables.
  • Medium-sized feed chute: this juicer has 1.5-inch feeding chute coupled with superior cutting-gears and this makes it the right choice for people who require less-preparation and easy-feeding. In fact, fruits and vegetables are thoroughly crushed and masticated with the need to first cut or shred them into small pieces. However, bigger produce like; carrots, apples and others will need to be sliced in order to fit into the feed-chute.
  • Powerful motor: the Green Power juice-extractor has a precision balanced ¼-horsepower 160-RPM motor which generates very little noise and vibrations compared to other juicers. This motor offers the twin-gears with optimum power to crush through any produce in order to extract a good amount of juice.
  • Automatic Overheating Thermostat: this juicer features an automatic motor-thermostat which prevents the motor from overheating while extracting juice. In fact, this thermostat automatically shuts-off when the motor is overheated and will commence operation again when the motor cools down.
  • Multi-purpose kit: the multi-purpose kit that comes with the juice-extractor will enable the user to make a variety of pastas, noodles and other foods. Additionally, this multi-purpose function will enable you to grind coffee, grains, seeds and nuts hence making the Green-Power Juicer a perfect appliance for life.
  • Low noise and High Quality Juice: The juice-extractor has a low-rotation speed of 160-rpm and a powerful twin-gear system which generates virtually no heat which could damage enzymes or nutrients hence leading to the formation of high-quality juice. This low speed of the motor also creates and almost silent juicer and this implies that you be able to use it when other people are sleeping.
  • Magnetized 1-liter juice jug: the Green Power Juicer KPE-1304 comes with a magnetized 1-liter juice jug that helps to collect and store juice after extraction. In fact, the strong magnets and bio-ceramic materials in this jug enable it to store juice fresh for up to 72-hours.
  • Good warranty period: the juicer comes with 10-year warranty on the motor and 5-year warranty on the operational parts. This means that incase the motor and any part fails within the specified warranty period, then you will receive a replacement or the juicer will repaired for you.
  • It’s made of quality materials: The body of this juicer is made of high-quality and food-safe materials which are non-toxic and easy to wash. Additionally, the twin-gears are made of stainless-steel coupled with Bio-Magnetic technology which helps to preserve juice for a longer period.

Green Power Juicer - KPE 1304 Review 2

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Product Quality:

The Green Power KPE-1304 twin gear juicer is a new, innovative appliance that will help in improving your nutrition and diet by allowing you to make high-quality- fresh juice at home. This juicer is equipped with a patented twin-gear coupled with bio-ceramic and magnetic technology which extracts work hand in hand to extract nutrient-rich juice while ionizing it so that it can be kept for a longer period of time.  Additionally, the horizontal twin-gears will allow the user to extract juice from grasses, herbs, leafy-greens, fibrous-plants, vegetables and fruits. Likewise, this juicer can juice continuously without clogging and even features a large feed-tube which requires less preparation of the produce before it placed into this feed for production.

On the other hand, this juicer comes with a multi-purpose kit which will enable the user to create a variety of pasta and even facilitates in the grinding of coffee, seeds, grains and nuts. On top of that, the juicer features a reverse rotation over-ride which immediately stops the motor before any damage occurs. The precision-balanced 160-rpm motor in this juicer also generates less noise and vibration compared to most juicers on the market and the Green Power KPE 1304 juicer comes with a 10-year warranty on the motor and a 5-year warranty on operational-parts. In conclusion, the Green Power KPE 1304 juicer will offer you with a lifetime noise-free and trouble-free juicing experience compared to most juice-extractors on the market today.


Who does it benefit?

  • The juicer benefits people who prefer making whole-foods at home: this juice-extractor is equipped with a crush-screen attachment which helps in the creation of baby-foods, jams, sorbets, nut-butter, pasta and much more. This actually the Green Power Juicer KPE-1304 a versatile and perfect food-mill for your home needs.
  • Great juicer for people who store juice for long: this juicer can actually extract nutrition-rich juice which can be stored for up to 72-hours. This is mainly because of the twin-gears which are equipped with magnetic and bio-ceramic technology which ensures extraction of more nutrients while reducing oxidation in the juice produced.


What Else Do You Need?

  • Epica Glass Beverage-Bottles: these bottles will help to store fro you any type of juice extracted using a juicer but you can even use these bottles to store water. They come in a set of six so that you can get enough space for storing your juice.

Green Power Juicer - KPE 1304 Review

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