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Toast is a very delicious snack to have at any time of the day, on those days where making heavy breakfast is almost impossible because you are rushing out, making toast is one really first solution that will not let you start a busy day on a hungry stomach. With or without a toaster you can still make toast though one of the quickest and commonest ways to make toast is by using a toaster. This is where this post will show you many surprising things that you probably would never have known about how to make toast. I will definitely describe how to make using a toaster which many of you are familiar with and at the same take you through some other methods that you can use to make toast just in case your toaster is not in perfect working condition or if you simply do not have one, take a look.

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Prepare for toast making: you first of all have to have all the things you need during toasting ready before you go on to start toasting, preparation will make the whole process really first for you.

  • Get your bread slices ready, to avoid wasting too much time and going through too much trouble it is better to buy pre-sliced bread since it is always uniformly slices compared to bread that you can slice on your own at home. Some people say white or wheat is the best for making toast but that personally I think as long the bread is well slices then you are good to go.
  • Put all toppings nearby, if you are going to use jam then have it ready on your table or if you are going use butter then do the same so that it is cool by the time you need it.
  • Bet a table knife, and plate so that you are more than ready for your toast.

Making toast with a toaster

Like I said this is the commonest method that almost everyone knows for making toast that is why I will talk about it in the number one spot.

  • Carefully place bread slices into the toaster slots: make sure that the bread size and shape that you have perfectly fits into your toaster and if not then sleek out the corners to make it to a size that fits into the slots of your toaster.
  • Choose the browning setting:adjust the dial of your toaster to a browning setting of your choice, these usually range between light to dark. Therefore choose that browning setting depending on your bread type and how heavy your bread is. Choosing a dark browning setting sometimes will make the bread burn yet the toast is not yet ready so be careful as you decide on which browning setting you want to use.
  • Start the toaster: with some toaster you just to press a button while with other you have to push the carriage down until it fastens then the toasting cycle will begin. Do not just walk away, watch the bread as it toasts to prevent it from burning. When bread is ready the lever will lift high for to remove your toasts, but please remove the bread only after the carriage rises up. Do not remove bread while the toasting cycle is still on going, you will spoil the machine.

Making toast using a frying pan

  • Place bread into the frying pan: you can either use just plain bread or add some butter or oil to make it crispy or add that golden crust that makes the toast even more delicious
  • Heat the frying pan: use either medium or high heat while heating your toast. Start with one side as you watch to ensure that bread does not burn then turn the slice to the other side.
  • Keep flipping the sides: to ensure that neither of the sides gets burned, keep flipping the slice on both sides with a pair of tongs.

Making toast using grill fire

  • Preheat the grill rack: before you place your bread slices over the rack, it best that you preheat the grill over an open flame.
  • Directly put slices on the rack: for a more delicious toast you can marinate your slices with a few oil drops or spread some butter and then place them on grill rack without closing the lid. If you close the lid, bread will get burned very fast more than you imagined because the grill heats up too fast when the lid is closed.
  • Stand close by to watch the toast: toasting over the grill is very fast but bread can catch fire very fast or easily get burned if you do not watch closely so you need to be nearby to keep turning the slice from side to side until it is ready.

Making toast using an oven

  • Place your bread slices on to the oven rack: when making toast in an oven you can put the bread slices straight on the rack or if you can, use a baking pan for better toasting results.
  • Place the rack right and choose the heat setting:while toasting it recommended that the oven rack should be high enough then you can choose the heat setting.
  • Heat the slices: you have two options to choose from when heating bread in the oven, you can choose to use high heat setting or otherwise switch on the broiler that heats just the upper part of the oven. Some ovens have a timer that automatically turns off the oven after the set time or you can stand by to watch you bread toast and remove it when it has browned to the extent you want it.
  • Turn the slice on both sides: to keep your hands safe from the heat, use tongs to turn the bread to the side that was turning down. Do this as soon as you that bread has browned on the part that was facing up.
  • Get your toast out: immediately after the bread has browned, you should remove it and put it on a plate. If you used the broiler it is not a must that you wait until.

In conclusion, toast becomes even more delicious if try to spice it up with some toppings like butter or jams or whatever else you love to have your toast.

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