5 Best Toasters 2019

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What Is the Best ToasterIf you’re reading this post, chances are high that you want to buy the best toaster on the market. Great, I have also invested 100’s of hours searching for them and I have compiled a detailed list featuring 10 best models on the market.

A good toaster machine can easily brown a bagel, warm artisan bread or toast a baguette the way you like it. These appliances differ in style and performance, some are programmable yet others are manual, also they have different number of slots.I personally prefer a model with wide slots because this can allow you to toast big slices of bread.

Top rated models on this list include; KitchenAid KMT4203CA, Breville BTA830XL, KRUPS KH734D and Cuisinart CPT-435.  You can save time by going through a brief list below.


5 Best Toasters 2019



Reasons why we recommend it: KitchenAid Pro Line Series four-slice automatic toaster is powered by smart and essential features for effortless toasting. It is a perfect toaster and it has a high quality build-up. You can toast 4 slices of bread at once (it an ideal toaster for a medium size family) – It competes with other 4 slice toasters like Breville BTA840XL & Cuisinart CPT-440 ; but it still stands out as the world’s best toaster on the market…..****FEATURES*****Automatic keep warm function (this one keeps toast warm for at least 3 minutes after toasting), Automatic lift and lower (this will automatically lift & lower the bread into the racks . **Best 4 Slice Toaster.

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When buying a toaster for the first time, you have to put a few factors into consideration and these include things like; features, price, performance and design of that toaster. For the sake of performance; a good toaster has to be in position to toast your bread in just minutes, give it the right browning and release it automatically from the slots. Toasters differ in style, some have 2 slots while others have 4 slots, so you should choose a model which suits your needs. For example, if you’re single, you can opt for a two slot toaster but if you have a family, a 4 slot toaster is the best solution. Let us go through a quick list of top 5 toasters as ranked on Amazon.

Best Toaster

  • NUMBER OF SLOTS & SLOT DESIGN:– The more number of slots your toaster has, the better – because you will do more in a less period of time. These number of slots – equate to the capacity of that toaster. For example, a toaster with only 2 slots can cast 2 slices per every given minute yet that with 4 slots can cast 4 slices in every given minute. Good models like Breville BTA830XL & KitchenAid KMT4116ER feature long slots which can taken large & long pieces of bread.


  • SHADE SETTINGS:– The more change settings a toaster has – the better. Premium feature between 6 – 7 shade settings from which you can choose from when toasting your bread. You can determine the shade of your bread by moving the knob on the toaster – if you want it to be very dark – always opt for the last shade. In additions to these shade settings, a good taster machine will also come with other essential features like Bagel, Defrost, Reheat and Keep Warm.


  • FEATURES:- You have to check all features on that toaster. Make sure they all make sense to you; other wise you might end up paying for a toy machine. A good model should have enough shade settings (as we have seen in the paragraph above), it should also have wide slots so that you get a chance to toast large pieces of bread. Some models are automatic while others are manual. An automatic model is very good because it can pull down that slice of bread inside the toaster and toast it very well, after that, it will beep (to alert you that your toast is ready) and automatically discard toasted bread. Manual models feature a lift lever which you can use to drive the bread down the toaster and lift it up when its ready. Another essential feature you should look for is a ”Keep Warm Feature” – this will ensure that your bread stays warm for some good hours after toasting – this feature will save you from repeating the all process – just in-case you forget to pick your toasted bread in time.


  • CORD STORAGE:- Much as this feature does not determine the quality of toast made by the machine. It contributes towards the neatness of kitchen counter-top. Premium models have under base cord storage sections – this is where your cord will go after using the appliance.





1.   KitchenAid KMT4203CA Candy Apple Red 4-Slice Pro Line Toaster 

KitchenAid KMT4203CA Candy Apple Red 4-Slice Pro Line Toaster

In position 1 we have KitchenAid KMT4203CA Candy Apple Red 4-Slice Pro Line Toaster. So far it has the best customer rating on amazon and it looks very nice. It comes in both red & black but the red version costs more than the black version. I have to admit, this toaster looks better in red, it will brighten up your kitchen. However, if color is not a big deal to you, opt for the black version, because both toasters have the same features and they offer you the same results.


UNIQUENESS:- KMT4203CA is an automatic bread toaster, equipped with various smart features hence offering you with effortless toasting. For those who want to eat their bread warm, you will appreciate the Keep Warm function because it automatically keeps your toast warm so you don’t have to re-toast every time you need something to eat.



KMT4203CA is a compact automatic toaster so you might not do any part replacement for quite some good time, however, you might need a few accessories and at least on kitchen appliance to help you have the right breakfast. Some of the products you need include; (1) KitchenAid KEK1522CA Kettle – Candy Apple Red Pro Line Electric Kettle, (it is automatic and well built just like KMT4203CA toaster) – you can use this kettle to prepare a quick cup of tea / coffee. (2) KitchenAid KHB3581CA Candy Apple Red Pro Line Hand Blender. You can use this hand blender to make a quick glass of juice. It is a nice option for people who don’t take tea / coffee in the morning.


DIGEST:- Since KMT4203CA comes at a huge price, you will also get a 5-year replacement warranty. So if some parts are not performing as described on the manual, you’re free to ship it back to KitchenAid and get a new KMT4203CA at zero cost. This warranty covers specific things, so you have be careful when handling this toaster, because damages caused by carelessness might not be covered. KMT4203CA is made of aluminum and finished with a chrome plate, this makes it durable and very easy to clean. It toasts 4 slices of bread at once, so if you have a big family you might consider this type of toaster.

KMT4203CA uses an automated feeding function to lower down that slice of bread as soon as it is inserted in the toaster, once the toast is ready, the same feature will push the bread up (ready for pick-up). The shade of toasted bread will be nice and appealing (better than what other toasters can make). Some of its toasting functions include; Bagel, Frozen, A Little Longer and Toast/Cancel. It also comes with 7 shade settings (LIGHT – DARK BROWN) from which you can choose from.


SUITABLE FOR BUSY PEOPLE:- By default we all get busy in the morning because we have to accomplish much in a very short period of time. KMT4203CA was designed in a very unique way, you don’t have to stand close to it to wait for your toast. It has a completion alert feature which notifies you when your toast is ready for pick-up. However, if you don’t pick-up your toast in 45 secs, it warms it up automatically so that any time you’re done with other activities, you find your toasted bread warm and ready to eat.


TIME:– KitchenAid KMT4203CA toaster is not as fast as other toaster, however, this delay in speed results into the best toast. Results are extremely perfect and the machine is very easy to operate. If you have a 7-8 year old in the house, they can operate this machine with ease. Always remember to adjust the toaster basing on bread type & thickness of bread, that way you will get the best results.



KitchenAid KMT4203CA toaster works on 4 slices of bread at a time, it has wide slots which can accommodate even the largest slice of bread. It is a user friendly machine; you don’t need to read a user manual to learn how to use KMT4203CA. Since its slots are wide, some slices might be thin so the auto down might not recognize them immediately. But the machine has a manual feature which you can use to lower down very thin slices for toasting. This is the kind of toaster you would love to buy over and over again / recommend to your friends.


MODELS: – If you can’t afford this 4 slice toaster, you can opt for 2 slice toaster called KitchenAid KMT2203CA Toaster, it comes at a lower price and it has the same features juts like KMT4203CA (4 slice toaster).



  • Automatic Lift and Lower
  • Manual Lift & Lower (for very small slices)
  • 7 Shade Settings (select the best shade)
  • 4 Toasting functions

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  1. Breville BTA830XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Long Slot Smart Toaster

Breville BTA830XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Long Slot Smart Toaster

In position 2 we have Breville BTA830XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Long Slot Smart Toaster. It also takes in 4 slices of bread, but the long decks can be used for long slices. The ability to accommodate longer slices makes it one of my favorite toasters. At least it competes very well with KitchenAid’s KMT4203CA .  Breville BTA830XL features a toast ready sound alert just like KitchenAid’s KMT4203CA. But what makes Breville BTA830XL different from KitchenAid’s KMT4203CA is a LED toasting progress indicator. This small feature makes Breville BTA830XL smart and user friendly. At least you don’t have to guess on the status of your toast as it is with KitchenAid KMT4203CA .

PRICE:- In terms of price,  Breville BTA830XL costs less than KitchenAid KMT4203CA yet both models yield the same results. So, if you can’t afford KMT4203CA, opt for this affordable toaster.


UNIQUENESS:- Not only does BTA830XL feature large / long slots, but it also has a Lift & Lock push button which activates the motorized carriage to push the bread up after toasting it. If your bread is not well toasted, you can press ”A Bit More” button to lower down the bread and give it a little extra toasting. This feature gives you full control of the all toasting process; you can easily customize the end results. On the other hand, if you don’t want to be bothered by the all process, BTA830X has an automatic raising and lowering feature and the LED light will also show you the progress of your slice.



Guys, if your wife is harassing you for having no toaster at home, surprise her with Breville BTA830X but make sure you don’t tell her how much you bought it because that could spark off a big fight especially if lacks other things. But the moment she puts her hand on this smart toaster, she will be the happiest woman because it’s fast and efficient. It has a quite motorized operation system and some handy features; bagel, frozen, a little bit more, momentary raise to see progress and a LED progress indicator which shows you the status of your toast. Since its automated, it will make a simple sound to alert you when the toast is ready. If you’re not impressed by the tone / color of your toast, you can adjust the knob to get the exact tone.



  • 4 slices (features long slots which accommodate artisan breads)
  • Wide & long slots (can be used to toast extra wide / deep bread)
  • Lift ‘n’ Look (one touch button to lift & lock your slice)
  • A Bit More Button (if you don’t like the tone of your toast when it comes up, you can use this button to extend the toasting time)
  • Browning Controls
  • Function Settings
  • Ready Indicator
  • Removable Crumb Tray (makes it very easy to clean toe toaster & the tray)
  • Onboard Cord Storage
  • Solid Construction
  • Voltage: 110 – 120 Volts


3.  Oster TSSTTRJBP1 Jelly Bean 2-Slice Toaster 

Oster TSSTTRJBP1 Jelly Bean 2-Slice Toaster

In position 3 we have Oster TSSTTRJBP1 Jelly Bean 2-Slice Toaster. It is among the most affordable toasters on the market . This is the kind of toaster I would recommend to beginners or college students, it will not strain your budget yet it offers you with the best results. Oster TSSTTRJBP1 is a 2 slice toaster so if you have a big family, it might not be the best option for you, instead opt for KitchenAid KMT4203CA / Breville BTA830XL Die-Cast. But if you’re single or leave as a couple with no kid / just one kid, Oster TSSTTRJBP1 will serve you best. It comes in two colors; Purple (the one in the picture above) and Grey.


Oster TSSTTRJBP1 features 7 toast shade settings from which you can choose from. But at the same time you can customize its performance by using its 4 function buttons which include; TOAST, BAGEL ,FROZEN, WARM, and CANCEL functions. It’s slots are quite large and they have auto-adjusting bread guides which lift up&down that slice of bread. The removable crumb tray makes it very easy to clean. Make sure you clean your toaster after use, this will guarantee you with good results every time you use it.



Even though it costs less, Oster TSSTTRJBP1 Jelly Bean 2-Slice Toaster is a very good toaster. Don’t expect too much from this simple kitchen appliance, but I guarantee you that you will have a well toasted slice of bread. It might not be in position to take in very large bread, but any mid-sized slice of bread will fit very well in the slot. It has a toast lift and anti jam auto shut off system which ensures that your slice of bread is evenly toasted and not burnt. You can as well use the 7 toast shade settings to increase / reduce on the brownness of your bread. May be the other thing I can’t skip without mentioning is the color of Oster TSSTTRJBP1, purple is a great color, it will brighten up your kitchen counter top.

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4.  KitchenAid KMT423CU 4-Slice Toaster

KitchenAid KMT423CU 4-Slice Toaster

Once again we have KitcheAid’s toaster in position 4. We have already featured their advanced model in position 1, but it seems most of their products are highly rated. Remember, this post is organized basing on customer rating, I’m sure that is the best stats to use to grade a product. KitchenAid KMT423CU is a 4 slice toaster just like KMT4203CA. This model comes at a very good price compared to KMT4203CA. If you can’t afford KMT4203CA featured in position 1, opt for KMT423CU. Both have 4 slots , you can control them via a simple control panel (which makes them easy to use even by an 8 year old child) and KMT423CU has an LCD display featuring digital progress bar so you will always know the status of your toast. I like this digital display feature and I truly wonder why it was removed on KMT4203CA.


QUALITY & DESIGN: – KitchenAid KMT423CU has an all-metal construction which makes it durable and strong. Its extra-wide slots of 1 1/2-inch can accommodate even the largest slices of bread. However, if I’m to compare KitchenAid KMT423CU with Breville BTA830XL Die-Cast which features long & wide slots (which  can accommodate big bread), my money & vote will go to Breville BTA830XL Die-Cast.

Dimensions: 11.5 x 13 x 8.3 inches; 9 pounds, it can fit very well on a small kitchen counter top.



I’m sure many of you are wondering if the metallic body does not become hot when using this toaster at a high voltage. This should not be of a big concern to you because the sides of this toaster are pretty cool even when the toaster is working under a high voltage. It has a heat insulating layer on the inside which prevents heat from circulating to the outside layer hence making the appliance safe and user friendly.


Even toasting:- Everyone needs a well toasted bread, not burnt on the sides or brown on one side and white on another. KMT423CU will toast your bread evenly. It beeps when your toast is ready. (Though some users say that it makes a loud noise when beeping, but since none of you sleeps in the kitchen, that beeping / alert sound should not be of a great concern.)



  • Capacity – 4 slices
  • Digital display
  • Extra-wide slots
  • One-touch Automatic Lower and Lift
  • Keep Warm, Bagel, Defrost, Reheat, Toast/Cancel Buttons
  • Under Base Cord Storage
  • Removable Crumb Tray
  • All-Metal Construction



No Manual High-Lift Lever.


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5.  Hamilton Beach 22811 Keep Warm 2-Slice Toaster

Hamilton Beach 22811 Keep Warm 2-Slice Toaster

In position 5 we have Hamilton Beach 22811 Keep Warm 2-Slice Toaster, it is an affordable toaster; anyone with a fixed budget can afford it. It is a 2 slice toaster just like Oster TSSTTRJBP1 (featured in position 3), however, in terms of beauty and simplicity, Oster TSSTTRJBP1 wins.  When you use Hamilton Beach 22811, it will keep your toast warm after preparing it, so if you take long to pick it up, you will find it warm and ready to eat.

Much as it’s cheap, it has some of the most relevant features which you will find on most premium toasters. For example; (1) Beeps when your toast is ready for pick-up, (2) keeps your toast warm, (3) Wide slots which take in big slices of bread, (4) Cool stainless steel wall, (5) Illuminated control push buttons to help you customize the functionality of the toaster, (6) Toast shade selector which you can use to determine the actual shade of your toast and so much more. With all these features, you will be in position to have the finest toast.



Hamilton Beach 22811 is not only popular (among our top 5 toasters), but it evenly toasts your bread. It is a small toaster so I recommend it to single families / singles and couples. It looks great, though it comes in just one color (metallic silver). You don’t have to wait for so long to have a good toasted bread, Hamilton Beach 22811 is quick and at the same time it keeps your toast warm. It can be operated easily and you can be able to toast both sliced thin / thick bread. You should place your order without hesitation.

SIZE:- It’s actual dimension is 7.75 inches x 11.88 inches x 7 inches, quite small – it can fit very well on a small kitchen counter top.


CON:- You should not expect too much from Hamilton Beach 22811 because it is an average toaster (which comes at a very good price), however, the only issue you might have with it is the front short cord.i It does not make sense to have a cord at the front, you have to make the toaster face the wall. Some users are also complaining about its beeping sound, but those alerts act as reminders (you can easily get distracted and forget about your toast).



  • Toast Boost which lifts toasted bread up for easy removal
  • Easy-push illuminating buttons
  • Stainless steel cool-wall sides
  • Keep warm setting which keeps your toast warm
  • Extra-wide slots
  • Toast shade selector
  • Under-base cord wrap for easy storage
  • Bagel, defrost, and cancel features


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At a glance, a toaster might look like a very simple kitchen appliance to use, but if you don’t get the concepts right,USE TOASTER
your bread will come out burnt & black. So to avoid getting disappointed, you need to know how to use that toaster very well.

  • Step1:- Start by plugging it into power, because majority of them use electricity.
  • Step2:-Insert slices of bread into the toaster. Some toasters can take up to 4 slices of bread while others can take only two slices of bread.
  • Step2:-Switch on your toaster and choose right settings. Some have digital control panels which you can use to determine the end product yet others have adjustment knobs so you have to operate them manually….continue reading………



6.   Cuisinart CPT-180 Metal Classic 4-Slice Toaster Cuisinart CPT-180 Metal Classic 4-Slice Toaster

In position 6 we have Cuisinart CPT-180 Metal Classic 4-Slice Toaster. Cuisinart as a company makes good & durable kitchen appliances so feel free when buying any of their appliances. This metallic – brushed stainless steel toaster can be used for more than 10 years; it also comes at a very good price. If you want a different color, you can get Cuisinart CPT-180 in Black chrome / Metallic Red. Since it is a 4 slice toaster, it has two control panels; each panel controls two slots, so you can use one side  to toast bread and other side to toast something else. The two control panels will also give you the chance to make different shades of bread  (it is a nice option for testing out different shades).. Each control panel has 6-setting browning dials, a reheat function, defrost and bagel functions (each with LED indicators to show you the status of the toast). The slide-out crumb tray makes it very easy to clean and it is always advisable to clean your toaster after use, this will guarantee you with high quality results every time you toast.



To get better results, you have to choose settings basing on the type of bread you want to toast. For example, if the bread is slightly dry, opt for a lower setting, dry bread can easily get burnt so opting for a lower setting will give it a good brown color. On the other hand, if the bread is slightly wet / very fresh; opt for higher settings. Also breads with uneven surfaces like muffins will need higher toaster settings; these tend to have a hard skin so they need too much heat to get toasted. Thick bread or muffins might take long to toast, so the best solution is to cut them thin. If a piece of bread gets stack in the slot, remove it by sliding out the crumb tray and discard stack slices of bread / crumb


CAUTION:- When you notice crumb (a small fragment of bread, cake, or cracker) in your toaster, don’t insert sharp objects into the slots to remove the crumb. Why? Because those sharp objects will damage the toaster’s slots hence affect its performance. You can easily remove pieces of bread / cake from the slots by turning the toaster upside down and gently shake it until that piece of bread is out.


WARRANTY:- After placing your order, you will get a 3 year warranty from Cuisinart. During this period, you will have a right to ship back the toaster and get a replacement.


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7.   T-fal 874600 Classic Avante 2-Slice Toaster with Bagel Function

T-fal 874600 Classic Avante 2-Slice Toaster with Bagel Function


In position 7, we have T-fal 874600 Classic Avante 2-Slice Toaster. It reserves a traditional design but its slots are big enough to take in a big muffin. These self-adjusting slots won’t limit you on what to toast. This is a great feature and no toaster on this list has this functionality. Most toasters have static slots, so they will require you to slice-up your muffin. Since the possibility of having crumbs after toasting are high, T-fal 874600 features a crumb-door which you can open and clean / remove crumbs. T-fal 874600 has metallic safe-to-touch exterior and a carrying handle which makes it easy to use. At the front it features various control features and these include; Bagel, Reheat,Cancel functions, Anti-jam function which prevents the machine from jamming when in use and a manual High-lift lever which you can use to lift-up toasted bread.


BROWNING:- You can choose from 6 electronic browning-control settings to determine the darkness / lightness of your toast. I know models like KitchenAid KMT4203CA feature more than 6 browning settings, but a cheap toaster with 6 browning settings sounds like a good deal to me.


DESIGN:- Unlike regular toasters which feature a leveled top, this model has a slanting top which exposes off its slots very well. You can easily see your slice of bread while it’s being toasted and this slanting design makes it very easy to remove the bread.

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8.  KRUPS KH734D Breakfast Set 4-Slice Toaster

KRUPS KH734D Breakfast Set 4-Slice Toaster

In position 8 we have KRUPS KH734D Breakfast Set 4-Slice Toaster. It has a brushed chrome stainless steel housing which looks smooth and nice. This is the cheapest 4 slice toaster on the market. So if you can’t afford KRUPS KH734D Breakfast Set 4-Slice Toaster / Breville BTA830XL Die-Cast opt for KRUPS KH734D. Its design is somehow similar to that of Cuisinart CPT-180 (featured in position 6). It has dual control panels to enable you customize each toast. Slots seem to be extra-wide to accommodate even a big muffin or slice of bread. KRUPS KH734D uses a high lift lever knob which you can use to lift / remove a finished toast. In case it gets crumbs, the crumb tray is very easy to remove and clean. Some of the notable functions found on this toaster include; Cancel Toasting, Defrost, Reheat and Bagel.


WARRANTY:- After making your purchase, you will get a 2 year worldwide warranty. This warranty covers various things like; failure to perform and part replacement.


BROWNING:- KRUPS KH734D has the same 6 browning settings like Cuisinart CPT-180 (featured in position 6). These settings can be used to control and determine the browning / color of your toast. You can adjust it from lighter – darker. Since it has a dual control panel system, you can set the left panel to be lighter and the right panel to be darker. In that way you will know what exactly tastes better. A dual control panel gives you the freedom to taste different toasting tricks. I give KRUPS KH734D credit on that.



Judging from customer reviews posted on Amazon in relation to this model, you should make it your next toaster. Its price has been slashed down – now you can afford it, at least it is worth risking. A good toaster should toast your bread evenly and it should give the option to adjust bread brownness and that is what KRUPS KH734D toaster does. It’s extra-wide slots can take in those English muffins with ease, so you don’t have to slice your muffins anymore.



  • Two separate heating zones
  • 4 Slice toaster
  • 6 level of browning levels
  • Defrost function which enables the toaster to toast your bread for a longer period hence offering you with consistent results.
  • Reheat function will enable you warm up your toast without making it browner
  • Bagle function is for toasting bagel
  • High lift lever feature makes it easy to remove toasts
  • Removable crumb tray – very easy to clean.
  • 1050 watts
  • Cord Storage

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9.   Black & Decker TR3500SD Rapid Toast Slice Toaster

Black and Decker TR3500SD Rapid Toast 2-Slice Toaster

In position 9 we have Black & Decker TR3500SD Rapid Toast 2-Slice Toaster. It is a very simple 2 slice toaster. This type of toaster is good for small families and single people because it can only toast 2 slices at a given period of time. So if you have a big family, you might find yourself making more toasts.  This Black & Decker TR3500SD model toasts 50% faster than other previous Black & Decker toaster models. It also has extra -wide toasting slots for English muffins. At the front, it features a Lift-up lever which you can use to lift a finished toast (saves you from burning your figures). You can use Bagel and frozen functions to customize your own toast.


SPEED: – I can’t compare Black & Decker TR3500SD with top models like KitchenAid KMT4203CA, but judging from its grade and price, you would expect it to be slow, however, that is not the case because it can toast an English muffin in 1 min & 40 seconds. That is quite fast because English muffins are thick compared to normal bread slices.



  • Extra lift lever
  • Extra-wide slots
  • Bagel and Frozen functions
  • Toast shade selector
  • Cancel Button
  • Bagel Setting
  • Defrost Setting
  • Removable Crumb Tray
  • 2 slice toaster
  • Toast Shade Selector

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10.Cuisinart CPT-435 Countdown 4-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster

Cuisinart CPT-435 Countdown 4-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster

In position 10 we have Cuisinart CPT-435 Countdown 4-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster. This model closes this list of 10 best toasters on the market. It is a 4 slice toaster just like KitchenAid KMT4203CA / Breville BTA830XL Die-Cast and KitchenAid KMT423CU. However what makes it related to KitchenAid KMT423CU (featured in position 4) is a LED digital display which shows you the status of your toast. Cuisinart CPT-435 is devided into two section, (each with two slots and a control panel to help you customize your own toast). Each side has 4 function buttons and these include; Bagel, Defrost, Reheat and Cancel button. Since it does not have a keep warm feature like KitchenAid KMT4203CA, you can always use the reheat button to reheat your toast.


SHADE SETTINGS:- Cuisinart CPT-435 features 7 toaster shade settings as well as Bagel, Defrost & Reheat options. We have already seen that Cuisinart CPT-180 features 6 shade settings so CPT-435 gives you more toast shade setting options than Cuisinart CPT-180.


CLEANING:- Cuisinart CPT-435 is very easy to clean, the crumb tray is removable, so you can get rid of crumbs easily. Please don’t remove crumbs from this toaster with a sharp object, it will damage the toaster and the warranty might not cover that damage. You can either remove the crumb tray and clean it via the sink or turn the toaster upside-down, shake it gently to remove crumbs. Cleaning your toaster on every-after use will guarantee you with high qulity toasts.



  • Not very good at toasting thick slices or English Muffins.
  • Some users say it does not toast evenly
  • Settings can change with no reason.
  • It does not fully lift-up as other premium toasters do.
  • Its side panel heats up when you use high voltage, so be careful when touching side panels.

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