How To Use A Toaster – Outlined Tips

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I know many people look at toasting bread as a very simple thing but there is definitely that percentage of people that will go through hell using a toaster. Proper use of a toaster is actually not that difficult for people who have used a it before or if you have a clear set of guidelines just like the one I am about to bless you with. I will first of all take you through the steps that you should follow and then what you should avoid while using a toaster to prevent any problems while using it.

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  • Know which heat setting is best for your bread type:most toasters are designed to accommodate different bread types so if you are going toasting fresh or whole milk bread then you must use a higher heat setting because they take longer to brown compared to light bread types. However if you like, you can use a low heat setting and you increase gradually to achieve what you want.
  • Plug the toaster into power: you first of all have to ensure that it is safe enough to start the toaster, if it has cord that is too long then first wrap part of the cord around the table on which you’re working. Place the toaster on a flat surface where it balances well, then you can go ahead and plug into power.
  • Put bread into the toaster slots: if your toaster has two toasting slots then put bread in both slots or if it has four then much better because you will be able to toast four slices of bread at once.
  • Set the timer and press the carriage down: set the timer to the setting that you wish and press the carriage down until it locks but do this very gently and wait for the toasting cycle to begin. If your toaster has an LED indicator, it will show you as soon as the toasting cycle begins. For a higher setting turn the timer control clockwise and for a lower setting simply turn the timer control anticlockwise.
  • Take out the bread: when the toasting cycle the lever will lift up as soon as the time you set is over and so you take out the bread with your hands or with a toaster tong.
  • Remove any remainder smaller items: if you the bread size you toasted is small or just in case there are other smaller items left in the slots then lift the lever to the highest level so that you can manually remove them to leave the toaster with no items left.
  • Unplug the toaster and clean it: switch the socket and plug out the machine. Allow some minutes for the toaster to cool then simply wipe the toaster clean so that it is ready for use the next time you need it.
  • Put the toaster back into its storage: when you are through with the toasting cycle, do not just walk away. Ensure to clean the machine and check it has been turned off then put it back into its cabinet. This will keep your machine functioning perfectly for a long period of time.


  1. It one thing knowing how to use a toaster and it is another thing learning how to use the toaster properly. When using the toaster there are some instruction that you must follow to avoid damaged both to yourself and to the machine and these are discusses below:
  2. Always press the cancel button if you by any chance feel the need to cancel the toasting cycle, do not force bread out of the toaster in the middle of the toasting cycle you will end up weakening the machine and in the long run it will completely get spoilt.
  3. Always remove the crumb tray carefully, if you feel that crumb has enough build up and needs emptying, first turn the toaster off wait for it to cool then gently slide out the crumb tray to clean and empty it. Do not forget to put it back after emptying.
  4. Avoid using the toaster near flammable items such as curtains, when bread burns too much the toaster may end burning other items near therefore you must be very careful. Use the toaster on a flat table in an open space.
  5. Make sure that you leave the machine uncovered after the toasting cycle, this will allow the machine to cool off all that heat and after it has cooled you can now cover and put it back in its storage.
  6. Only use accessory attachments that are recommended by the manufacturer, reason being using just any attachments you wish may instead damage the machine.
  7. Most toasters are made with metal bodies which means that when it is in use or immediately after it has been used it will be too hot therefore do not touch the toaster with bare hands it may end up burning your hands.
  8. Do not use the machine if you have noticed that it may have some damages, in case of leakages or cracked parts or just in case the machine makes any weird sound that you have not heard before please do not ignore it and just continue with the toasting cycle. This may actually be a sign of something very serious so leave the toaster alone until it is verified to be in perfect toasting condition.
  9. Ensure that the crumb tray is perfectly placed before you start the toasting, it would hurt for you to check out your toaster before using it, this way you will know that everything is in place so you can go ahead and toast. If you find the crumb not well positioned, first put it properly and there after you can begin your toasting cycle.
  10. Endeavor to store the toaster somewhere that children cannot easily reach to avoid any accidents and if you the toaster is being used by a child or anyone who is using it for the first time, it is very important to make sure that they are being supervised as the use the machine.

In conclusion, after learning how to use the toaster also keep the instruction that will guide you on how to use the machine at the back of your mind because such electric appliances can be really dangerous to life if not used well.

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