How To Select A Food Processor

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With all the activities that a food processor does and the price you are going to pay for the machine, you must put some core considerations in mind if you want a device that will last really long. With thousands of types and brands all over the market selecting the best food processor might not be that easy unless you have a guide that will help you out. Selecting a regular food processor will only do the regular tasks but it will not accomplish task like the high quality food processor. The best food processor must quickly process food, perform highly over a long period of time and be really powerful. Those are just some of the things you must look out when selecting a food processor, below is a complete and well detailed guide on how to select a food processor.

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Design of the food processor: this is one of the most basic essentials that you have to look out for before making your selection of a particular food processor. This contains various components that you must look out for as we are going to discuss.

  • Easy controls: a food processor with several controls that are very complicated will instead become a frustration that is why before you rush into selecting a food processor with very many settings you should first of all check if they are user-friendly and will not be too hard for you to understand. Any one in your family must be able to use the device without too any difficulty.
  • Safety features: to reduce the risk of accident when you are using the machine, select a food processor whose motor does not start unless all parts have been perfectly attached. Also make sure that its lid can tightly fit and securely lock when placed onto the machine, if the bowl locks into the machine’s base then even much better.
  • Weight: a heavy food processor has the disadvantage of not being portable however the advantage of selecting a heavy device is the fact that it will not slide over the counter when in use.
  • Quiet operation: sometimes it is very hard to stand the noise that comes from a noisy machine that is why it is better to get one that remains quiet during operation especially if you have a small house.
  • Extra wide feed chute: selecting a food processor that cannot accommodate large items means more time wastage so it is best advised that you choose a food processor designed with a wide feed chute. This way you will saved from the burden of having to cut items into smaller pieces before you feed them into the machine since you do not have all the time in the world to waste.
  • Flexibility: a versatile food processor is definitely the best food processor to buy, this means that it should have several blades for different size and shape chopping, reason being different food have different shapes.
  • Speed settings: it is best that you select a food processor that has more than one speed setting but more importantly it must have the pulse speed setting which ensures that you are in perfect control of whatever is going on in your machine.

Capacity: the capacity of the food processor you want to select must go hand in hand with the number of people in your home and how much cooking you usually do. There will be no need for you to buy an extra-large food processor for only you and your wife because a four cup food processor will be just enough for you. If you have a family of over seven people then go in for a 16 cup or 20 cup food processor since you do more cooking and for a large group of people.

Storage features: even when you have enough space for storage it is still best to have a food processor that is very easy to put away, in this consider buying a machine with on board storage for the various attachments and space where you can store the cord.

Price of the food processor:if you are not planning to use the machine on daily basis then there is surely no reason for you to spend lots of money on it after all you will only be using it once in a while. On the other hand if you want to use the food processor for very many functions every single day then you should go in for a more expensive brand that is strong enough to stand performing daily but still remain very durable.

Cleaning and maintenance: a food processor that is hard to clean and maintain will absolutely be trouble for it is therefore best to select one with dish washer safe parts. Also choose a food processor that is not designed with sharp corners or edges because even the dish washer it will not get clean.

Power: buying a food processor means you want to use it for some preparations that are difficult to achieve with your own hands for example kneading stiff dough therefore make sure that you select one with a really powerful motor that get such tough tasks done without getting any damage. A powerful motor will also help when it comes to processing huge loads of ingredients.

Warranty: a food processor with warranty that is below one year is definitely not a good one to buy because warranty is a trick of proving how durable or quality a product is so a food processor with longer warranty time is surely the best to select.

Any additional attachments: a machine that comes with all the necessary attachments cuts down on how much you have to spend buying those extras separately. However if you are not considering using those attachments you can as well buy a food processor that does not have them since you will not need them so there is reason for spending for them.

Space: consider how much space you have in your kitchen, most food processors are really huge so they take up a lot of space so for those with small kitchens the appliance may instead become a burden for you. If you cannot do without one then go in for the mini food processors that are smaller.

Customer reviews: you may ignore what other people have said about the food processor you want to buy but sometimes they are really helpful and can save from any regrets.

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