How To Thread A Sewing Machine – Follow These Steps

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For a first time sewer, threading the sewing machine is like their hardest task, yes it is even harder than sewing activity itself. Those machines cost quite a lot so you have every reason to get it out and let it do some useful work instead of it getting covered with dust in the store or basement. Once you get the threading done, everything else will be very easy for you, you will not have to waste more of your money taking clothes to tailors when you can have those damages worked on or even make your own clothing at home. Here are easy ways in which you can thread a sewing machine. No matter which kind of sewing machine you have the very first thing you must do before threading the machine is to wind the bobbin.

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  • Unfasten the needle: as you wind the bobbin, the needle will keep beating yet disengaging it will only take a second. On the side of the sewing machine there is a hand wheel so you just have to turn the hand wheel and the needle will be disengaged.
  • Remove the bobbin: this is just a tiny coil that is usually placed under the needle of the sewing machine so that it provides the behind part of any stitch. One thing you need to know though is that the bobbin does not come with any thread at all so you have to get it out of its slot first in order to wind thread to
  • Place your coil of thread onto the sewing machine: on top of the sewing machine is where you will find the spool pin and that is where you are supposed to put your thread. After that you can turn the spool so that thread can be unconfined anti-clockwise.
  • Start winding thread on to the bobbin: at the top of the sewing machine you will find a tension winding disc so you have to first of all pull the thread through the tension winding disc. Take up the thread with your hands and wind it on to the bobbin around three or four times.
  • Lock the bobbin to the bobbin pin to finish up the winding: the bobbin is a smaller or shorter pin just next to the spool pin and placing the bobbin onto it you have to clamp it place by sliding the pin over.
  • Run the bobbin winder: for some machines you just have to press the bobbin winding button while for others it is somehow manual and you will have to press the floor pedal with your foot. Hold a longer thread in your hand through the bobbin and wind thread to the bobbin depending on how your sewing machine does it. When you are done cut off any thread protruding through the side with shorter thread not the one you are holding in your hands.
  • Make the bobbin filled up with thread: you can either push the floor pedal with more pressure or pull the winder back to make sure that thread is winded to the bobbin to make it completely full. Please make sure that the bobbin still moves freely even being fully filled up with thread. With the thread spool and bobbin filled with thread you will be more than ready for the main activity which is threading the sewing machine.
  • Prepare the sewing machine for threading: this is simple, remember to wind the bobbin you had removed the needle, you now have to put it back first. After that you can you shouldn’t tamper with the spool of thread because it will already be in its right place.
  • Look for the bobbin slot: the bobbin is an area below the needle or just on the side but before you put the bobbin back you need to remove some few inches of thread off. Then pull the thread through the cutout and place the bobbin back into its slot, ensure that thread can unwind without any problem and finally cover the bobbin.
  • Start winding the thread: just on top of the machine, there is a silver piece protruding through, it is called the thread guide. After seeing the thread guide everything will easy, take a thread from the thread spool pull it all the way through the thread guide outward towards your face. From the thread guide, take that same thread through the tension disc that is down and then take it back up through the second thread guide.
  • Wind the thread all over the take up lever: after the thread comes out of the second thread guide, it will have reached the take up lever so take it round the lever and let it hang down towards the needle. On the take up lever is a cut out that you have to again take the thread through and you finally be through with threading that area.
  • Threading the needle: the eye of the needle is where you have to pull the thread through. Taking the thread through the eye of the needle is quite straining but with a well cut thread and attention it will not even take a minute of your time. Now take the thread through the metal presser foot just below the needle.
  • Show the bobbin thread off: at this point the bobbing thread is actually still held under the metal plate, just turn the round dial on the machine’s right side, turn around like three or four times till you see the thread peeping out. You can now pull out the thread with your hands.


  • Both modern and traditional sewing machines can be threaded in the same way and if you find one having a different procedure there will only be a slight difference that you can easily figure out on your own.
  • Don’t get stuck if you have no idea about the whole process, just spare a few minutes to read through the machine’s manual or better look on the internet to avoid any guesses.
  • Follow the labels on your machine very clearly they will help you go over threading the machine without too much effort. Don’t ignore them they will eventually lead you to the right thing.

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