How To Use A Microwave Rice Cooker

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Some of people actually find cooking rice a bit tricky and this is why i have written this article to show you how to cook perfect rice every time while using a microwave rice-cooker. In fact, Microwave rice-cookers came along some years ago and now they are actually competing regular electric rice-cookers. Additionally, a microwave rice-cooker is specially designed for safe and convenient cooking of different foods whereby it is equipped with safe-to-hold handles and a strong scratch-resistant door. On top of that, you can also use a microwave rice-cooker to steam vegetables and meat or as a warmer but this actually depends on what you prefer to use it for because it is multi-purpose kitchen-appliance. In conclusion, microwave rice-cooker is a great kitchen appliance that will produce fluffy-rice without overcooking and it will also enable the user to heat already cooked-rice and even steam vegetables so that he/she can enjoy a complete meal.

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  1. Measure rice: Grab a rice measuring-cup and then use it to measure the amount of rice that you prefer to cook. For example, 2-cups of raw rice will yield up to 4-cups of cooked rice. So it’s upon you to determine the amount of rice that you would like to cook depending on the number of people to be served in order to achieve the best measurement results.
  1. Clean the rice: after measuring the rice to be cooked, try cleaning it by simply washing it with warm-water and then drain all the dirty water from this rice. Continue pouring water into this rice until it becomes clear and then drain the water out carefully without spilling the rice.
  1. Add water to rice to be cooked: you will have to add 2-cups of water to the bowl filled with a 1-cup of rice. In case, you’re cooking 2-cups of rice, then add about 4-cups of water for best results. This actually implies that you can gradually increase on the amount depending on the amount of rice you are about cook.
  1. Cover the bowl: place the lids onto the bowl containing the rice to be cooked and then slide it into the microwave. But make sure that your cooking-bowl is small-enough to fit into your microwave so that it can easily rotate as the rice is being cooked. On the other hand your can also decide to microwave the rice without lid but you have to monitor it so that the water doesn’t spill inside the microwave which can be dangerous.
  1. Microwave the rice: after putting the cooking-bowl into the microwave, set the desired cooking-settings and then begin cooking rice on full power for about 12-15 minutes. In fact the cooking-time may depend on your microwave and this implies that you have to be extremely careful the first time you’re using a microwave to prepare rice.
  1. Switch of the microwave: when the rice has finished cooking for the recommended amount of time, switch-off the microwave and then remove the cooking-bowl. In most cases, there will be some boiled-over water on the floor of the microwave but you can simply wipe it off using a paper-towel. Likewise, remember to wear kitchen-gloves or use a piece of cloth to remove the cooking-bowl from the microwave so that you don’t get burnt during the process.
  1. Leave the cooking-bowl to rest: let the cooking-bowl containing the rice rest for about 5-minutes after removing it from the microwave so that the rice can cool-down a bit before doing anything else.
  1. Open the cooking-bowl: after the waiting time, open the cooking-bowl lid and then fluff the rice using a wooden-spoon or rice-paddle in order to remove any moisture from rice and to loosen-up the grains. But it is recommended to fluff beginning from the outer edge of the cooking-bowl while working towards the centre for best results.
  1. Serve the cooked-rice: begin to serve your cooked-rice using a rice-paddle and in case you wish to serve it later, then you will have to place it back into the microwave so that it can be heated-up again just before serving it. Additionally, one cup of raw-rice will provide you with about 2-3 cups of cooked rice.
  1. Clean the microwave: there will be some water and food spill at the top and bottom of the microwave after using it to cook rice. so this implies that you have to clean it immediately after cooking in order to remove the dirt so that it doesn’t stick inside this microwave because this may lead to rust in the long run. However, don’t use aggressive cleaning items to scrub inside the microwave because you may end-up removing the interior color/surface which helps to insulate heat while cooking so use a soft cloth coupled with clean-water.



  • Make sure that you don’t drown the rice to be cooked by applying a lot of water in proportion to the rice amount because this can result to soft and porridge rice. So, it best to have less water than needed than adding in a lot of water.
  • Applying at least one-teaspoon of white vinegar to the rice being cooked will help to make cooked-rice fluffier.
  • You can spice-up your rice by adding in extra ingredients like; mushrooms, butter, salt, pepper, garlic and much more in order to enhance on the texture and taste of the cooked rice.
  • Most microwave rice-cooker won’t be able to cook more than 3-cups of raw-rice at the same time. This implies that you have to cook utmost 2-cups rice using your microwave in order to achieve best results. However you can prepare more than 2-cups of rice incase your rice is extra-large and is capable of accommodating such amounts of rice.
  • Always check-out the microwave rice-cooker instructions/user-manual in order to get enough information on how to use it.
  • The cooking-time of a microwave rice-cooker depends on its power/wattage. So it’s recommended to do some cooking experiments on this microwave in order to achieve the results.


  • The process featured above only applies to white-rice but in case you’re preparing brown-rice, then apply a 1-cup of long-grain brown-rice in 2.5-cups of water and then cook for 30-minutes on full-power.
  • Always wait for the cooked-rice to cool before you place it inside the fridge. Additionally, to warm-up rice, try adding a few tablespoons of water and then heat for about 1-minute inside a microwave.
  • Overheating of food containing oil, fats and sugar may lead to fire outbreaks so you have to carefully monitor the food being cooked while using a microwave for best results.

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