Husqvarna 961450011 HU800AWD All Wheel Drive Auto Walk Mower Review

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The Husqvarna 961450011 HU800AWD is an All-Wheel-Drive, AutoWalk Lawn Mower that was designed to provide the user with optimum balance, power and control when mowing on uneven terrain, hilly-areas and under tough mowing-conditions. In fact, this lawn-mower features a 22-inch heavy-duty steel deck that is very durable and rust-resistant while the integrated powerful 190cc Honda engine provides the lawn-mower with enough power to trim any type of grass until you complete. on the other hand, the Husqvarna 961450011 HU800AWD mowers features a 3-in-1 cutting system that allows it mulch, bag and side-discharge while the included side-bumper acts as a grass-rake and even protects the users feet when mulching. Additionally, this lawn-mower cutting-height levels inorder to enable the user achieve a desired grass cutting-length the integrated deck-wash with a water-hose connector facilitates for quick and easy cleaning of the deck after mowing. Lastly, the Husqvarna 961450011 HU800AWD also features a comfortable grip-control bail and a variable-drive-speed system in order to enable the user to mulch comfortably and adjust the mowing-speed prior to the needs and conditions of the lawn.

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What We Like:

  1. A Honda GCV-engine: the Husqvarna 961450011 HU800AWD AWD Auto-Walk Lawn-Mower is equipped with a premium Honda-GCV 190cc 4-cycle engine that is very durable and powerful. In fact, the Honda-GCV facilitates for a longer engine-life, powerful-performance and even ensures easy starting of the lawn-mower thus making it very convenient and effective to use at home.


  1. A 3-in-1 cutting-system: The Husqvarna 961450011 HU800AWD lawn-mower also features a 3-in-1 cutting system that offers versatility through providing several cutting-options to choose from in order to achieve optimal-results. In fact, these cutting-options include; collection for a tidy-lawn, mulching for lawn-fertilization and ejection for less-frequently cut areas.


  1. A 22-inch heavy-duty steel deck: This lawn mower features a 22″ heavy-duty steel-deck that is very durable and rust-resistant. This means that you will able to use this lawn under the toughest weather-conditions and on rough-terrains without experiencing any build-quality issues since its deck is very strong, solid and long-lasting.


  1. 8-inch Front and Rear Wheels: the Husqvarna 961450011 HU800AWD Auto-Walk Mower is equipped with 8-inch Front and Rear Wheels with an aggressive tread-pattern on top inorder to facilitate for optimum-traction while mulching. In fact, these premium-wheels with new rugged treads provide excellent traction without even tearing the grass while mowing.


  1. All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Technology: this lawn-mower is also integrated with All-Wheel-Drive technology that provides simultaneous-power to all the 4-wheels thus offering the operator with maximum control and maneuverability on all terrains. In fact, this AWD-technology ensures optimum-traction on uneven-terrains, wet/slippery areas and even on steep-slopes while mowing.


  1. A 3-position height-adjustable handle: the Husqvarna 961450011 HU800AWD Auto-Walk Mower features a 3-position height-adjustable handle that facilitates for quick and easy adjustments in 3 different heights inorder to fit the user’s desired holding-length while mowing. This implies that both tall and short people will be able to comfortable use this lawn-mower to complete their mowing tasks.


  1. A Water hose connection and deck-wash: this lawn mower features a water-hose connection that facilitates for quick and easy cleaning of the cutting-deck. in fact, you will just have to attach the hose onto this connection, turn on the water, start the engine and then the lawn-mower will start to clean-up the deck automatically thus saving you a lot of energy and time that you might have spent on cleaning the deck manually. Additionally, it’s recommended to clean the lawn-mower’s deck immediately after use inorder to achieve optimum results.


  1. An Ergonomic and Foldable handle: the Husqvarna 961450011 HU800AWD lawn-mower also features an ergonomic handle with a curvature in-between inorder to help keep your hands and wrists comfortable when under operation while the foldable-design of this handle facilitates for easy storage and transportation of the lawn-mower.


  1. A Crown Cut Blade: this lawn-mower is equipped with a uniquely designed cutting-blade that facilitates for improved performance while bagging, mulching or side-discharging. In fact, this premium crown-cut blade outperforms any standard cutting-blades while mowing and even creates much smaller clippings.


  1. 4 cutting-height levels: the Husqvarna 961450011 HU800AWD lawn-mower is equipped with a premium, quick-pin 4-point adjustment for different cutting-height levels. This means that you will be able to achieve a desired cutting-height thus keeping your yard/compound looking neat and even at all times.


  1. A Dual Trigger Drive Control: This dual-trigger activation system allows for convenient variable-speed-control with either hand while mowing. In fact, with this variable-drive-speed control the operator will able to mow more comfortably and adjust the mowing speed according to the needs and conditions of the lawn.


  1. An Ergonomic bushel-bag: the Husqvarna 961450011 HU800AWD auto-walk mower also features an ergonomic bushel-bag that can be easily accessed through the handle with DT-Drive. In fact, the uninterrupted space between the handle makes bushel-bag removal very easy and quick thus reducing on the time you would have spent emptying the bag mid-mow.


  1. A side-bumper: lastly, this lawn-mower is even integrated with side-bumper that doubles as a grass-rake inorder to pull-in the grass for a clean trim and even protects the users-feet from the blades while mowing.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It’s a bit heavy and bulky: since this lawn-mower features a 22″ heavy-duty steel-deck, it actually feels heavy and even looks bulky thus making it very hard to move or transport when it’s not under operation.
  • It’s expensive: this gas-powered lawn-mower is actually more expensive than most gas lawn-mowers in its category on the market. In fact, this lawn-mower even consumes more fuel than most gas-powered mowers and this means that only a few people will be ready to go for it.

Our Verdict:

The Husqvarna HU800AWDH is a high-performance All-Wheel-Drive, Auto-Walk lawn-mower that was designed to provide the user with optimum balance and power while mowing on uneven terrains and under tough mowing-conditions. In fact, this lawn-mower is equipped with some of the best features on the market today but these come at particular price. In fact, some of these features include a 22-inch heavy-duty steel-deck, a 190cc Honda engine, a Self-Propelled All-Wheel-Drive system, a height-adjustable handle, 4 cutting-height levels and a 3-in-1 cutting-system.


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