Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Lawn Mower

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If you have yard/compound to lawn, then you will have to find/choose a proper lawn-mower to do the cutting-job for you as required. However, some people today prefer hiring a service-company to trim their lawns for them but it’s actually less-costly to purchase your own lawn-mower and do the mowing yourself. On the other hand, choosing a perfect lawn-mower to use isn’t an easy task because it requires considering several essential factors which may include determining the landscape and size of the yard, type of lawn-mower, your budget and a lot more. However, in this article I have decided to list for you some of the steps that you can follow when choosing a lawn-mower to use either at your home or commercially and I think they will be of great use if followed carefully.

SECTION-1: How to Evaluate Your Yard/Compound Before Choosing A Lawn-Mower:

  1. Determine the size of the yard/compound: before choosing a lawn-mower, you will need to know the size of the yard/compound that you will be mowing. In fact, the size of the yard makes a big difference in the type of lawn-mower you will have to choose inorder get the mowing-job done. So, try to calculate that width and length of your yard in square-feet. After, multiply the length by width and then divide by 43560 inorder to determine how many acres you’re having. In fact, small-to-medium lawn-mowers work on yards under ½ an acre while lawn-mowers work on yards larger than ½ an acre. Note: 1 acre is equal to 43560.


  1. Take note of the slope of the yard/compound: you actually need to observe the slope of your yard/compound before choosing a lawn-mower. So, if you own a yard on hilly-area then a self-propelled lawn-mower will be a perfect machine to help you get up the hill easily. On the other hand, if you have a flat yard/compound then a walk-behind or push lawn-mower will work perfectly for you. However, you should know that ride-on mower can at times be dangerous to use on hilly areas/yards.


  1. Determine the type of grass in your yard/compound: determining the type of grass you’re having in your yard is a very important factor when it comes to choosing a lawn-mower. In fact, if you have a well-maintained yard with few weeds then a small, standard lawn-mower can easily clean it up but if your yard has overgrown-lawn with different weeds then you will need to choose/use a larger size lawn-mower inorder to achieve effective mowing results.


SECTION-2: How to Determine and Choose A Lawn-Mower Type:

  1. Choose a type of lawn-mower your prefer or need: there are actually several types of lawn-mowers available on the market today and the type of lawn-mower you need will depend on several factors which include landscape and size of the yard, maintenance-costs, motor-drive strength, warranty-policy and a lot more.


  1. Make research of different lawn-mower brands: there are actually several brands on lawn-mowers available today and this means that you will need to choose a brand that manufactures the most durable and effective lawn-mowers. On the other hand, some lawn-mower service-places only repair certain brands and this actually means that you need to get a lawn-mower that can be repaired in your local service-stations in case it gets damage.


  1. Choose a manual-reel-mower for small and flat yards: in case you have a small or flat yard, then consider choosing a manual-reel-mower because it will do the mowing job efficiently and effectively. However, since these lawn-mowers are manually-powered they may leave some clippings unevenly distributed around the lawn but the good thing with manual reel lawn-mowers is that they are affordable and environmentally friendly compared to gas-powered mowers.


  1. Choose an electric push lawn-mower for small yards with thick-grass: if you own a small yard but with thicker grass, then consider choosing or buying an electric push lawn-mower that runs on electricity or battery-power. In fact, these lawn-mowers may come cordless or corded depending on the design and the good thing about them is that they can easily be maintained. However, you should know that electric lawn-mowers a heavy and more expensive than gas-powered lawn-mowers.


  1. Choose a gas-powered lawn-mower for a yard that reaches ½ acre: if you have a yard that measures a ½ acre then consider buying/choosing gas-powered lawn-mower for best mowing result. In fact, these lawn-mowers are available in 2-types which include a push-mower or self-propelled mower. So, a self-propelled gas lawn-mower is good for lawns with hills but these mowers have to be regularly maintained in-order to keep them performing effectively. On the other hand, push gas-powered lawn-mowers are good for use on flat lawns/yard but they are a bit noisy than electric lawn-mowers.


  1. Try using robotic lawn-mower on smaller yards/lawn: if you have a very small yard then you may consider using a robotic lawn-mower on them inorder to achieve effective trimming results. In fact, robotic lawn-mower are designed to move themselves around the yard and within a perimeter indicated around the yard/compound. However, robotic lawn-mowers are a bit expensive yet they at times tend to offer a less-quality cut than conventional lawn-mowers.


  1. Choose a ride-on lawn-mower for larger yards/lawns over ½ an acre: if your yard/lawn measures more than ½ an acre, then consider using a ride-on lawn-mower in order to achieve effective and efficient mowing results. In fact, there are several types of ride-on lawn-mowers which include; lawn-tractors and zero-turn-radius riders. However, ride-on lawn-mowers are more expensive than walk-behind lawn-mowers and they even require regular maintenance in order to remain in good operating condition.


  1. Check the warranty-policy of the lawn-mower: before choosing a lawn-mower, makes sure that it’s backed by a great warranty-policy in order to protect you from anything that may happen to it when being used under the specified warranty-period. In fact most lawn-mowers come backed with warranty that covers any breakages, damages and engine-problems within certain time-period but make sure that you read the warranty-policy thoroughly before buying/choosing a lawn-mower for home or commercial use especially if it’s still brand new. Lastly, you should know that different lawn-mower brands offer different warranties so take note of this when choosing a lawn-mower.

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