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For so many years now, technology has greatly influenced most of our daily activities with the key activity being communication as we shall focus on it in this article. The methods of communication today include using emails, texting services, social medial channels, mobile phones, video chart-rooms, faxes and video conferences. As years pass by, there are newer technologies that keep rising up and it’s up to all of us to take them on or not. Communication technology has a way in which it can appreciably influence the performance of a task and then make certain prompt and a trustworthy communication between the team members. When an organization is dealing with their partners, clients and stakeholders, they will definitely use emails as a standard mode of official communication. The advantage of emails is that just a single one can be sent to all the interested parties. However this is just one of the types of communication as we shall discuss more. Now, am going to explain to you the use of technology in communication on not just an individual but even on the businesses.

One thing you should remember is that technology has the ability to provide a real-time interaction or a delayed response which is asynchronous with gaps that time between the moment when the sender broadcast a message and when the receiver processes it. The use of technology in communication is able to sustain unidirectional information sharing or interactive as well as two-way work.

Use of technology in communication to a business

Now first of all we shouldn’t forget that business communication has a very high dependency on the use of technology in order to assist it be connected to clients, partners and so on and this technology will greatly make possible the flow of information. The most kind of technology used in communication in this area is mainly through emails, video conferencing, messaging and finally document sharing.  Most of these organizations have been fully integrated into how work is conducted and also how people do interact.  Now here’s the use of technology in communication to a business;

  1. Through product to service surveys: it used to be very hard for business to conduct surveys before the era of the internet and therefore majority of the organizations would end up spending a lot of money paying the magazines, place survey forms and even provide gifts to the people that helped them fill in the survey and then mailed them back to the organization. You should note that it is very helpful for every kind of business to take a survey because this is the only way in which you can learn about your client’s interests and even in which particular areas you can improve on the product or service. Now I know you must be wondering how technology comes in and this is when I come in to remind you that through technology you no longer have to waste all the money going to magazines or looking for people to fill in those forms but rather you can make use of the social networks. Through these social networks like Facebook and so on, you can also provide ‘gift cards’ incentives to attract more people. This kind of survey will not only be less cost effective but it will also produce a much quicker response, save time and reach people from all areas in the world that have access to internet technology.
  2. Through use of digital networks: in the past there was a lot of hindrances’ in communication because of the telephone lines but it’s no longer the case today through the printers and phones that have been digitized. Like for example in the past, the telephone lines would at times go off especially during terrible weather conditions, but today there is the introduction of the satellite and broadband transmissions that lets you be able to communication easily and clearly while using a mobile phone with anyone be it at work or off work. Through these digital networks, we are also now able to send files to a printer regardless of where you are be it home or elsewhere and the person who is at the other end where you have sent the file will be able to receive it and then obtain it through printing.
  3. Through easy product launch: launching products today just got easier as compared to in the past before the use of technology in communication. Previously you would find that in order for an organization to successfully launch their products, they had to spend a lot of money performing door to door marketing to their customers and yet even sometimes this wouldn’t yield any fruits. But thankfully today, it has become a lot simpler through using technology like email subscription and this is much easier to launch the product to consumers. What the organization or business usually does is they draft a single email with all the details about the new product or service and then send the message that is able to reach all the different consumers quickly. Through this kind of use of technology in communication, there are now some companies that are online and particularly specialize in this kind of communication like for instance the ‘mailchimp’. This ‘mailchimp’ have a massive mal submission and through them all your clients will be able to receive the same kind of message within a minute through an email communication technology.
  4. Through social interaction with clients: another form of use of technology in communication in a business is through this social interaction with clients. In the last few years, there have been interventions of very many social networks with the popular ones being twitter and facebook in which a company that create a business page and get very many followers on them. The advantage of using these social Medias is that the process is very simple and even free of charge. So now through them some businesses have been able to create a budget for building a fun base for their pages and then be able to use such pages to communicate and update their followers. One very good example is ‘Nordstrom’ which is actually one of the largest fashion retail businesses in America that always makes use of its social medial Facebook page to update its followers about the latest items as well as discounts. The good thing with these social media pages is that they are usually very easy to obtain followers especially when your page is very active as a friend can always recommend another friend throughout the entire globe
  5. Video conferencing: the most exciting thing about technology is that it gets better and better as the years pass by making life a lot simpler to live. Take for instance the video conferencing technology that you can use as a means of communication in the business. In this day and era, through video conferencing, people no longer have to be in the same room for a meeting or presentation to go on but rather you get them involved even from far away. With video conferencing, it involves conducting a video conference using a set of telecommunication technology that accepts two or more locations to be able to communicate by a simultaneous two-way video and audio transmissions. This way regardless of where the people involved are, you will all still be able to have a presentation almost as if you were seated in the same conference room.

Use of technology in communication among individuals

As family, friends, partners and so more, you will also find yourself using technology to communicate with each other at one point or the other, after all communication is very essential in the personal growth of a relationship between different individuals. Today you will find that technology has greatly changed the way in which we interact and communicate with one another. Now the use of technology in communication among individuals is as follows;

  • Social networking platforms: the rise of these social networking platforms has made it very simple for individuals to remain connected regardless of how far they are from each other. Through these platforms people have been able to search and find their friends especially the old school friends and also make newer friends that are based on the same interests and even religion. Through these social networks individuals are now able to share their lives like pictures, videos, messages with their loved ones easily which wasn’t the case in the past before this technology. Some of these social networks include the likes of facebook, twitter, instagram and so much more. The good thing about these platforms is that, opening accounts are free of charge and information sharing over them is very cheap.
  • Free internet calls: another use of technology in communication among individuals is through the free internet calls that you can now find which was not the case in the past before this technology. Well, now individuals can make calls to their loved ones all over the world using some of these free internet call centers like Skype. All you have to do is make sure that you have the software installed on your laptop then you will be able to enjoy a free way of communication to the people that also have the same kind of software installed on their laptops. It is also not limited only to laptops, because they can also be used even on the smart phones in the same way. However you have to make sure that you have a steady broadband connection and then now you can freely enjoy communicating with your people throughout the world.
  • Text messaging services: the text messaging services are probably one of the most common ways in which technology can be very useful when it comes to communication. This texting services has greatly solved the issue of communication in a way that you can easily text even in places where you can’t loudly speak on the phones. There are very many mobile apps today that are used for texting that will allow you be able to text all your friends on an instant and yet they are almost free of charge saving you lots of money. A perfect example is the popular ebuddy that lets you be able to chat with your loved ones through a text at no cost. Another example is through the what’sapp that lets you text, exchange pictures and videos with all your close ones easily.
  • Use of emails: emails are not only for official use alone but even a means of communication that can be used by friends and family to communicate with one another. In the recent years however most people have resorted more to communicating through social media but the thing is that these social media are not as entirely private as the emails and there are some things that can’t be shared to it. Living the next alternative as the emails technology in communication. There are quite a number of email services that you will find on the internet like yahoo mail, Gmail and hotmail that you can freely create accounts on and be able to communicate easily with all your loved ones. It is because of these email services why letter writing it a little bit dying out because its process is quiet long like posting it to a postal office and then again having to pay for the delivery fees. This is not the case with the electronic emails that are almost free and even instant.


I can only conclude by telling you that there is no doubt that technology has greatly changed the way in which we communicate today through providing a very big impact on organizations that are now able to interact with their clients and also individuals are able to communicate with each other. It is something that we can no longer want to run away from and in one way or another will determine the kind of relationships we have.


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