Latex Mattress Pros And Cons

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Latex is one of the newest materials being used in create mattresses, pillows and mattress-toppers. Latex rubber is actually made from a milky-liquid that comes from a rubber-tree and this form of latex is known as natural-rubber. However, latex can also be made synthetically from a chemical called Styrene Butadiene. But although the actual latex molecule in both natural and synthetic latex is similar, natural-latex features more complex chemistry and desirable qualities than synthetic-latex. Likewise, the softness or firmness of a latex-mattress can be varied by simply changing the amount of raw-materials used in production and changing the size, shape and pattern of the pin-core holes in the latex. All in all, in case you have been thinking of purchasing a latex-mattress then there are a lot of choices to pick from and even latex has been found to be more hygienic, earth-friendly and very durable compared to other types of mattresses on the market. So, below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of latex mattress.

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  • Very comfortable: latex-mattresses actually deliver the user with ultimate comfort when sleeping and this because of the natural springiness of the latex-material which makes the mattress extremely flexible and comfortable. In fact, once you lie down on a latex-mattress, you will feel like sinking into the bed but with a supportive sensation.
  • Ensure pain relief: a latex-mattress is actually an ideal choice for people experiencing back-pain or joint-pain. In fact, many health-professionals usually recommend latex-mattress for pain-relief and this because these mattresses have comfort and cushioning properties as well as promoting the natural spine alignment. So, if pain incase interrupting your sleep then try switching to latex-mattress because it could help you significantly.
  • Promote natural spine alignment: another big-advantage of latex-mattresses is their ability to promote a proper spine-alignment. In fact, the heavier parts of your body will left to sink into the latex while the lighter-sections will strongly be supported in order to align spine naturally. Likewise, the ability to support the natural-curvature of the spine is great advantage for health as well as reducing on back-pain. On top of that, the good posture offered by latex-mattresses ensures improved blood-circulation compared to other types of mattresses.
  • They are made of natural-materials: latex is actually a natural product that is produced from the sap of a rubber-tree called Hevea-brasiliensis. This milky-sap is later processed in order to create comfortable latex-foam mattress. In fact, the springiness the user feels when sleeping over this mattress is entirely due to the natural-properties of latex. Additionally, since latex in a natural material, you won’t have to worry about toxic-chemicals or a metal being present in your latex-mattress and this makes it safe to use at home.
  • Allergen-free: latex-mattresses are naturally allergen-free because they are naturally resistant to dust-mites and mould and this implies that they don’t contain any allergens. So, people who tend to suffer from allergies all the time should tryout a latex-mattress because it will offer them with some relief.
  • Naturally resistant to dust-mites and mould: latex is naturally mould and dust-mite resistant without even applying any other chemicals. This makes latex-mattresses perfect for use in warm and humid climates. Likewise, latex-mattresses are an ideal choice for naturally healthy and hygienic sleeping-environment.
  • Environmentally-friendly: these mattresses are made out of 100-percent natural latex which is grown without use of any pesticides. Additionally, when someone purchases a 100-percent latex-mattress, then he/she is supporting growth of rubber-tree since tapping and collect latex-sap from these trees won’t kill them.
  • Don’t contain metal-substances: latex-mattresses don’t contain metal-substances and this means that there is no amplification of electromagnetic radiation. In fact, the zero metal-content of latex-mattresses makes them a perfect choice for people who wish to sleep safely.
  • Improved air-circulation: latex features a natural open-cell structure and this actually allows for excellent air-flow. Additionally, a series of pinholes are added during the latex-processing and this improves airflow further so that the user can achieve a cooler night’s sleep which is a great advantage especially for people living in warm-humid environments. Likewise, airflow of latex-mattresses also offers a hygienic-benefit whereby these mattresses never feel damp and don’t even linger.
  • Don’t transmit movement easily: the natural-resilience of the latex-material implies that movement on one-side of the mattress won’t be transmitted easily to the other side. This means that you won’t feel any movement while sleeping with your partner thus achieving a more comfortable sleeping-experience.
  • Extremely durable: latex-mattresses are one of the most durable mattress-types on the market today. In fact, latex-mattresses last extremely longer than other types of mattresses before someone requires a replacement.



  • Heavy: latex-mattresses tend to be heavier than other types of mattresses. This means that you will need a little more effort to lift or move a latex-mattress. However, this is not a huge drawback since you don’t have to frequently move a mattress.
  • Costly (expensive): latex-mattresses are usually more expensive than a cheap spring-coil mattress or polyurethane foam mattress. However, this is understandable because the extra-cost reflects extra-value of the latex-mattress. In fact, a latex-mattress is more durable and offers improved performance compared to other types of mattresses.
  • Difficult to find: latex-mattresses are also hard to find because they are fairly distributed in retail-stores and online-stores. In fact, it you need a full-latex mattress, then you need to some online shopping.
  • Hard to maintain: there are some maintenance-issues associated with latex-mattresses whereby the user has to turn-over/rotate this mattress from time to time in order to help keep its foam even throughout the surface. Additionally, they are also a bit heavy and difficult to move compared other mattress-types.
  • It gives-off a little motion-transfer: latex tends to give-off a bouncy feel and this can actually transfer some motions to partner when sleeping making him/her feel uncomfortable.

In conclusion, latex-mattresses are very durable, supportive and temperature-sensitive compared to other forms of mattresses on the market. In fact, little drawbacks of latex-mattresses can be mitigated by using other materials alongside the latex-mattress like memory-foam.



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