Memory Foam Mattresses Vs. Spring Mattresses

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Choosing between foam mattresses and spring mattresses is more of an individual choice however some people are not even aware of what makes these two mattress types different or what makes one better than the other. And this is exactly what this post is about to clear out for you, sometimes it is your condition that will determine whether you should go in for a foam mattress or spring mattress. I will simply be briefing you about what each of these mattresses are, their advantages and disadvantages and lastly make a conclusion on which of the two is a better mattress type.

Foam mattresses

I will begin with foam mattresses reason being they are the newer used type of mattresses. Each and every day that goes by foam mattresses have continued to gain more and more popularity mainly because of the wide variety of features that are made with. These types of mattresses are usually designed with layers that have diverse densities of foam, they therefore use these types of foam to provide maximum support. Some are even designed to correspond with a person’s body weight, balance sleep temperature and provide the most ultimate comfort by contouring the shape of an individual’s body.

Best conditions: for people that tend to suffer from chronic fatigue, usually have muscle pains as caused by the type of work they do through the day or if you find it really problematic to get sleep then foam mattresses are absolutely the best decision for you. however if you happened to suffer from back pain this might as well not be the right mattress type for you as it may instead elevate your back pain instead of solving it.

Advantages of foam mattresses

  • They offer a more individualized or personalized sleep because of the wide variety of features and overly advanced technology they are engineered with. This is number one reason that makes them more preferable to spring mattresses.
  • They are not a solution for back pain but rather a prevention for it because they provide natural support, mold to the shape of your body hence greatly cutting down on the risk of you suffering from back pain or any other body pains.
  • They are perfect mattress type for people that tend to suffer from different muscle and body pains because they minimize pressure points that would rather have resulted into such pains.
  • They usually have more durability and longer period warranty due to their exceptional and really high quality which is not the same case with spring mattresses.
  • They provide the most peaceful sleep as they absorb all those irritating movements from partners, tossing and turning will therefore not be a problem for you.


  • They tend to make your feel extremely hot which very comfortable this is specifically due to the fact they contour to your body shape and they temperature sensitive.
  • They are more expensive, this is because they have a great deal of features put together and last much longer which makes them unaffordable for some people.
  • They also produce and unpleasant odor that you will have to give some really good time before it goes away and in some instances you will have to wait for the mattress to expand after getting it from the package.

Spring mattresses

Even after the evolution of foam mattresses spring mattresses have continued to be the most commonly used mattress type all over the globe. These mattresses deliver their support with help of coil springs where by you will find some mattresses with many springs joined up into a single unit while other mattresses have individually hemmed in coil springs. The reason for wrapping springs in to make sure that the mattress can stand years and years of use without protruding out of the mattress. To ensure that spring mattresses are extremely comfortable, they are designed with layers or material that are places over the springs, it at times fiber memory foam, latex or pillow so it is all up to you to choose which one best works for you.

The number of coils in the mattress could be an issue of concern while for other it really does not matter but it is known that when a mattress has more springs it delivers more support points which to me makes sense.

Best conditions: people suffering from obesity or overweight usually get more support from spring mattresses compared to the support they would have got from foam mattresses. These mattresses are also overly recommended for people that tend to suffer from back pain, they are a more perfect solution for any back pain issues. Some doctors even say that these are best mattress types for absolutely anyone whether you suffer from back pain or not.


  • They are overly affordable, as people spend fortunes on buying foam mattresses you only need a little of your saving to enjoy the comfort of a spring mattress. These mattresses are cheaper due to the fact that they are built with less technology and features unlike foam mattresses.
  • They are less consuming as they do not require you to wait for the mattress to expand into the right size, springs always remain in their right size.
  • They are more reliable when it comes to temperatures, such mattresses will never make you too hot while you are sleeping.
  • They are very easy to access and according to what you are looking for, there is a very wide of spring mattresses all over the market which makes it very simple for you to get one at time you feel like having it.


  • Their warranty period is usually not that long so do not expect them to last much longer than foam mattresses and the little or basic technology used to make them their quality is not that high.
  • They require a lot of maintenance to keep in perfect shape, getting a spring mattress to last long will need you to change and flip springs often.
  • They are of no solution to people that tend to suffer body pains, if this an issue for you then better save up enough money to buy a foam mattress because spring mattresses will not be of help.

In conclusion, for the reason the technology keeps advancing every other day, foam mattresses are what everyone would want to have in their homes only that they are not easily affordable yet on the other hand spring mattresses can be afforded by anyone. If you are not the luxurious kind of person then a spring mattress is a also a good mattress type to choose.

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