Tips on How to Stop Buildup Under Lawn Mower Deck

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A lawn mower cannot perform effectively if the deck is caked up with grass or any other kind of dirt. Grass builds up as a result of you not cleaning the mower after each use, the longer you take to clean the mower deck the more you give gap for grass to build up. In most cases blades are designed in a way that when they cut grass it falls away but with time that does not stay the same you will realize that grass will be getting stuck under the mower deck. To keep your lawn mower performing as excellently as it should, here are simple ways in which you can stop or prevent grass from building under the lawn mower deck. Whether you have a new model or old traditional lawn mower, the tips that I will be providing in this post should be able to help you out.



  • Scrape off all grass build up on the mower: this is the very first step to clearing your mower’s deck, start by turning the mower off with its spark plug. Turn the mower off and disconnect the spark plug and clear away all the grass on the deck by spraying water with a hose. If you do this immediately after mowing it will be easy for the grass and dirt to go off but if the dirt and grass is stiff and stuck on the deck then you will have to use a bristle brush to scrub it off until it is all grass has completely come off.
  • Remove rust scales and dust: it is not only grass that you should be worried about because also rust and loose dust causes grass to get stuck on to the mower’s deck. Attach a wire brush to a cordless drill, brush scrapper most probably one made of wire and a putty knife to clear off all rust scales and dust.
  • Spray the deck with graphite: just like you when painting anything else prepare the surface well, make sure it all clean and smooth and thereafter start spraying over the whole surface. The spray to apply to the deck is clean deck graphite and not just any paint that you have available. Cover up the whole deck in a layer of the spray, wait for it to dry a little before you apply the second layer of the spray and then leave to dry completely. It will take about 6 hours to dry well.
  • The main importance of graphite is that it gives materials a really smooth surface that makes grass fall off instead of sticking under the deck since there is no friction and the surface is just slippery.
  • Make sure you check the deck every after you are through with your mowing session so that if there is any grass under the deck you rinse it away using a hose before it becomes too much for you to clean off.
  • Avoid using the mower on wet grass: take note of the time that you mow, don’t just mow at any time because there are times when the grass is wet for example in the mornings and evening. When wet grass is cut it will definitely cling under the mower’s deck instead of falling off because it is sticky. That is why it is best advised that you mow in the afternoon and on day when the sun is out,if it rains you will have to postpone your mowing to another day when the grass is dry. Take of the fact that it is usually in the afternoon when the grass will be free of any moisture.
  • Check if the mower’s blade is sharp enough before mowing: one big cause of grass sticking under the deck is mowing with a dull blade. Besides tearing the grass, a dull blade also directs grass under the deck rather cut it off hence causing grass to build up. It is therefore advised that you endeavor to always use the mower only when you are sure that it is sharp enough to cut grass perfectly, this will be a good way to prevent grass from building up.
  • Don’t wait for grass to grow too long before the next mowing session: mowing on very long grass and weeds increases chances of grass getting stuck under the deck. Or better yet if the grass in your lawn has grown too long try to take multiple passes than try to cut very long grass all in just one pass. For those who of you don’t have enough effort to make multiple passes then save yourself the burden and don’t wait for grass to grow too long.
  • Use vegetable cooking oil: besides frying your best dishes, cooking oil can also be used to prevent grass from building under the mower’s deck. If you have cooking spray, good for you then just apply it under the deck and if you don’t you can use any cloth to apply oil evenly under the deck. If you are using a cloth, you need to pay more attention to avoid the blade or any other metallic parts from cutting you. Cooking oil acts like graphite spray, it creates a smooth surface to prevent grass from sticking under the mower’s deck.
  • Maintain a grass removal routine after mowing sessions: I have said this already and I will still say it because it is extremely important for you to remove grass that may be stuck under the deck after mowing.


Now that we have already looked at the solutions let us briefly look at the things that cause grass to build up under the deck. When you the cause it will be easy for you to implement the solution and keep your lawn mower in perfect condition.

  • Failure to remove grass under each and every mowing session
  • Using a lawn mower with a blunt or dull blade
  • Mowing when the grass is wet
  • Mowing after very long period of time when grass has already grown too long
  • Using a mower the already has rust flakes under the deck

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