Tips On How To Style Hair With Hot Rollers

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Today, some women still use hot-rollers to style their hair although this seems to be an old-fashioned technique. In fact, rollers help to create natural-looking curls that can flow elegantly to the shoulders and this is why using rollers has been around for decades. So, in this article i will list for you some of the methods and steps that you can follow in order to create classic-curls, ringlets and bouncy-waves while using hot-rollers.

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  1. Prepare the rollers: get your rollers and then plug them into a power-source so that they become fully heated-up and ready for use by the time you need put them into your hair. In case it’s your first time to use a set-of-rollers, then consider reading the manufacturer’s instructions in order to ensure that rollers are used in a proper way.


  1. Spray hair with a hold-hairspray: after cleaning and drying-up your hair, consider spraying a hold hairspray all-over it because this will help to define the curls well as hot-rollers go to work.


  1. Divide hair into 3-sections: dividing hair into sections will actually help you manage rollers more easily and even ensure that all hair gets curled properly especially if it’s very thick and long. So, divide hair into 3-sections which include the middle, left and right sections while using a comb and then use hair-clips to hold the hold the different sections apart.


  1. Roll-up the middle-section: while beginning at the front, take a section of your hair and wrap it around the hot-roller. Gently roll hair back towards the crown-section until the front-section of hair pulls hair from the forehead. Afterwards secure the roller into place using a roller-pin of an appropriate size. You should then continue rolling-up hair into rollers until the entire middle-section of hair is rolled-up. On the other hand, you may consider rolling hair in different directions in case you don’t want create uniform-curls. Additionally, if you want to create tight and small curls then use smaller-rollers and you can use medium-rollers to create large and classic curls.


  1. Roll-up the side-sections: you will need to begin at the top of the head and then wrap one-section of hair around the roller. Roll hair tightly towards the head so that it can rest horizontally above the forehead and then pin it up. After, continue to roll other sections-of-hair while working down the head to the neck. Do the same process on the side of the head until the entire head of hair has been rolled-up.


  1. Spray over hair and let curls set: while using a firm-hold hairspray, spray the entire head-of-hair and make sure that every roller is covered during the process. This actually helps to ensure that the curls stay intact when the rollers are removed. On the other hand, consider keeping the rollers within your hair for about 20-minutes or until they become completely cool.


  1. Remove all the rollers: this involves first taking-off the pins and then let the curls fall-off from the rollers. Afterwards, use fingers to separate and fluff-up the curls and for added hold you will need to spray all the hair once again with hold hairspray.



  1. Heat-up your rollers: you will have to plug-in the roller-set into a power-supply and then let it heat-up thoroughly while prepping hair for rolling. Additionally, use the biggest rollers if you want to create loose and bouncy waves.


  1. Apply a mousse throughout hair: afterwards, you have to run a hair-mousse between the palms and then apply it into your hair but after drying it up. Hair-mousse will actually help hair retain its shape as hot-rollers are at work.


  1. Separate hair into sections: use a comb to separate all hair into 3-sections which include the left-section, middle-section and right-section. Additionally, hold-up these 3-sections apart by using hair-clips.


  1. Roll-up the middle-section: this will involve taking the front section-of-hair and placing it over a big hot-roller. Begin rolling hair back towards the forehead so that it pulls away from the forehead. Use roller-pins to hold the rolled-hair into place and then continue rolling all the hair in the middle-section until you reach backwards to the nape of your neck.


  1. Roll-up the hair on the sides: while working from the top of the head, gently roll-up a section-of-hair using hot-rollers and then pin the rolled-hair into place. Continue rolling-up hair in the section just below the roller until you reach the bottom or hairline. Repeat the rolling-process on the other section the head until the entire head-of-hair is completely rolled-up.


  1. Mist hair using a hairspray: get a gentle hold hairspray and then use it to mist all your hair as the rollers set. Leave the rollers to stay within hair until they become completely cool and this may take about 20-minutes.


  1. Remove all the rollers: you will have to remove all the pins form the rollers and then loosen-up your hair. Afterwards, use fingers or gently brush-out your curls to create waves. Additionally, you may also have to apply mousse throughout your hair in order to keep the bouncy waves in shape/place all day long.



  1. Start by heating up the rollers: plug the roller-set into a power-source as you prepare your hair for styling. However, you need to use the smallest-rollers in case you’re going to create ringlets.


  1. Dry-up your hair and spray it: after washing and drying-up your hair, spray all over it using a styling hairspray for best results. In fact, this spray will help to keep your curls tight they are being created over the hot-rollers.


  1. Divide hair into several sections: this will involve dividing hair into 3 different sections in order to make it much easier to create ringlets within the entire head-of-hair. So, create a the middle-section, right-section and left-section while using a comb and the use hair-clips to keep these sections apart in order to ensure quick and easy styling.


  1. Roll the hair in the center-section: begin by rolling the hair in center-section up or vertically. In fact, you should consider gathering a small-portion of hair just from above the forehead and then place hot-rollers at the tips of hair. Start rolling down hair towards the top of the head and the repeat the same procedure with the next portion of hair until you reach down to your neck.


  1. Roll-up the hair in the side-sections: you will have to roll the hair at the sides in vertical-rows while extending from the top of the head towards the ears and down to the neck. Roll-up all the hair on both sides but in vertical-rows for best styling results.


  1. Leave your curls to set: here you will have to use an extra-hold spray to gently mist all your hair and leave the rollers on for about 20-minutes in order for your hair to completely set itself.


  1. Remove all your rollers: gently remove all the pins holding the rollers into place and then let the curls fall-off your head. Additionally, consider scrunching through your ringlets with some hair-gel and you may even apply some hold hairspray for optimum hold. However, never brush-out your styled-hair because all the ringlets will be lost or fall-apart.

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