Treadmill Workouts For the Beginner

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As a beginner, you should know that learning to use a treadmill requires almost the same principles of training that runner’s use when preparing for races. Additionally, running over a treadmill saves you a lot of time and even protects you form the harsh weather conditions that may prevent you working-out at any time of the day. On the other hand, you will need to increase on your stamina and endurance gradually in order to avoid getting injuries, dizziness, high blood-pressure and dehydration. So, in this article you will be able to find-out the different workouts that you can carry-out over a treadmill as a beginner in order to keep your body fit and healthy.

SECTION-1: Ways To Achieve A Great Treadmill-Workout As A Beginner:

  1. Do a 30-to-40 minute beginner treadmill-workout: if you’re actually new to using a treadmill, then consider starting-out with a 30 or 40 minute workout. this workout will combine both walking and jogging in order to get the heart pumping and if you feel like the workout is too hard or easy then consider playing around with the treadmill-speed for best results. On the other hand, once you feel like your body is ready for the bigger task, then tryout a 300-calorie treadmill-workout.


  1. Carryout a walk-jog workout: if you begin to feel a bit comfortable when over a treadmill, then consider mixing walking and jogging to your workout-routine. In fact, you should do this for about 60-minutes in case you plan on burning about 300-calories. But in case you in rush, then you may workout for about 30-to-40 minutes in order to achieve the best out of your workout.


  1. Consider switching to a sprint: if you feel like you have mastered the walking/jogging workout-combination, then consider increasing on your running speed/pace. In fact, a 30-minute interval-workout will be a great way to start increasing on your running-speed. Additionally, you should consider mixing your workout-routine with walking and sprinting in order to boost on your workout-endurance. All in all, once you feel ready for a tougher challenge, then you can tryout a 60-minute interval-workout.


  1. Tryout pyramid-intervals: you can also tryout a 30-minute pyramid-interval workout over a treadmill in order to get rid of boredom. In fact, pyramid-intervals involve changing your running-speed every minute and this will even help you to lose weight easily. All in all, trying-out a 25-minute pyramid interval-workout will help you become a better and faster runner gradually.


  1. Consider going for a more challenging workout in case you don’t have enough time: increasing your running speed and incline-level will actually enable you to get a more challenging workout within 30-minutes. In fact, you may event integrate an interval-training within this period of time in order to get your heart pumping and to increase on your metabolism within the shortest period of time.


  1. Tryout a 500-calorie workout: once you feel strong enough to go for a more challenging workout then consider trying-out high-interval treadmill workout in about 1-hour. This workout will actually help you burn up to 500-calories in just an hour and if you do it for about 4-times a week the you will be able to lose up to half a pound which is a great thing especially for over-weight people.


  1. Workout on an inclined-level: working-out on an inclined-level on a treadmill will actually make running on flat-surface easier. In fact, working-out on an inclined-level is like running uphill and this actually help you to burn more calories and even protects your joints from getting injuries as you workout.


  1. Go for a treadmill hike-workout: this is actually a 45-minute treadmill-workout that involves jogging and walking up the steep-inclines and it will actually help to strengthen your quads and even workout your butt. You can actually do this training for about 20-to-30minutes in order to achieve the best fitness results.


  1. Tryout a treadmill mountain-workout: once you begin feeling comfortable with the treadmill hiking-workout then consider trying-out a treadmill mountain-workout. In fact, a treadmill mountain workout involves mixing a high walking-speed with steep-inclines in order to heavily workout your body.


  1. Go for strength training workouts over a treadmill: a great 60-minute workout will actually involve alternating between interval-trainings and strength training-workouts. So, you may start with interval-trainings for about 45-minutes and then finish with a 15-minutes strength training workout.

SECTION-2: General Treadmill-Workout Tips To Consider As A Beginner:

  1. Consult the doctor before starting the workout-routine: you actually need to consult a doctor to know whether you have any joint or back problems before start working-out on a treadmill. In fact, the doctor will have to specify whether you must go for low-impact workouts or if you can also do high-impact workouts.


  1. Acquire comfortable workout-gear: workout gear actually involves running-shoes and sports-wear that make you feel comfortable while having a workout. In fact, you should consider getting running-shoes that feel well-cushioned and offer optimum-support to your arches in order to achieve an effective workout over the treadmill.


  1. Take enough fluids: you also need to drink about 16oz to 24oz of fluid 90-minutes before starting a treadmill-workout. This will actually help to keep your body hydrated as you work out over a treadmill and you can also bring a water-bottle along that is filled with about 16oz of water in order to replace the fluid lost as you work-out over a treadmill.


  1. Warm-up before stepping onto a treadmill: you will also need to warm-up for about 5-minutes before or even after each treadmill-workout by simply walking at slower speed of about 11.5mph-to-2mph. on the other hand, walking to the gym can also be a great warm-up that will to prepare your body for a bigger challenge over the treadmill.


  1. Always swing your arms as you workout: learning how to swing your arms properly while having a workout on treadmill actually helps to burn-up extra-calories. In fact, holding onto handles as you work out on a treadmill will hinder you from burning enough calories which is not good for your health.

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