What are the Pros and Cons of Electric Razors

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Electric-shavers were actually designed to help men trim their body-hair more comfortable and faster than never before. In fact, electric-razors make it so much easier for guys with a lot of facial-hair to keep their faces looking nice and clean. On the other hand, there are different kinds of electric razors on the market and people can easily find the right device that works best for their shaving needs. However, electric-shavers have both advantages and disadvantages but the fact is that the Pros outweigh the cons and listed below;


Advantages Of Electric Razor:

  1. Electric-shaver a very convenient: One of the main reasons as to why men prefer using electric-shavers is that they are very convenient to use whereby you don’t need to prep or lather your beards to use an electric-shaver. In fact, you will just have to grab an electric-shaver and begin shaving right away and afterwards you can simply place it into an automatic cleaning and charging station.


  1. Electric-razors are much faster: electric razors are far faster than manual-razors when it comes to shaving-time. In fact, electric-shaver are equipped with motor powered blades that can cut through hair at a fast pace and you can actually complete shaving your entire face under 5-minutes.


  1. They are very comfortable to use on sensitive-skin: When shaving with an electric-razor, you can achieve optimum comfort with minimized skin-irritations like; nicks and cuts. So, if you’re a type of person with a very sensitive-skin that is prone to irritations like; razor-burns, ingrown-hairs and bumps, then using an electric-razor will help achieve a more comfortable shaving experience.


  1. Electric-shavers don’t require shaving-products: with manual-razors, you will need shaving-products like; a brush, shaving cream or gel and a lot more. However, with electric-shavers you won’t need any of these shaving-products and you just need to shave right away thus saving you a lot of time.


  1. They can be used for wet-shaving and dry-shaving: Today, most advanced electric-shavers are waterproof and can be used under wet-conditions with shaving-cream in order to achieve a more comfortable shave or under dry-conditions to achieve a faster and more convenient shaving-experience.


  1. Electric-razors are cheaper and easier to maintain: Buying a good electric-shaver can be costly but it’s actually cheaper than buying manual-razor cartridges every week. In fact, an electric-razor can operate for over 2-years before requiring blade-replacements and up-to 5-years before acquiring a new shaver thus saving you a lot of money on shaving-products during that period.


  1. They are very versatile: electric-razors can actually be used for different shaving purposes like; sculpting/shaping sideburns, moustaches and chin-hair, trimming nose and ear hairs, trimming hairs on legs, arms and back and a lot more.


  1. They portable to carry when travelling: With manual-razors, you will need to carry a whole kit of shaving-products when traveling but with an electric-shaver you just need it alone as long as its battery is fully-charged or when the plug is available. Additionally, with an electric-shaver you can shave from anywhere because you don’t need to apply shaving-products in-order to use an electric-shaver.


Disadvantages Of Electric Razors:

  • Electric-razors don’t shave as close as manual-razors: Even with high-end electric shavers, you won’t be able to get closer shave like that of manual-razors. However, getting a more comfortable shaving-experience for a slightly less close shave is acceptable for most men. In fact, closer shaves tend to be uncomfortable because they cause several skin-irritations that can be painful after shaving.


  • The skin takes time to adapt to electric-shavers: The first time you will be using an electric-razor, you will get disappointed by the results. However, it’s recommended to allow your skin to adapt to an electric-razor for about 3-weeks before making a final decision.


  • It’s hard to get used to using an electric-razor: The learning-curve of an electric-razor is much higher than that of a simple safety razor or disposable razor. In fact, it takes practice to get used to electric-razors and with time you will get better. Additionally, electric-razors will tend to cause razor-burns or rashes until your skin gets used to them.


  • The purchasing-price and maintenance are higher compared to manual-razors: High-end electric shavers are expensive and even their replacement parts and cleaning cartridges can be costly compared manual-razor parts. However, you don’t need a top-notch electric razor to achieve a great shave and that’s why you will need to get an electric-razor that fits your budget and meets your shaving-needs.


  • They need power to operate: If an electric-razor loses battery-power or when it’s not plugged into a power-supply, it won’t work thus making manual-razors a better choice for use in regions without power-supply. However, some high-end electric-shavers can operate for a few days without a charge.


  • They can be hard to clean if they don’t come with a cleaning-system: A cheaper electric-razor model without a cleaning-station can actually be very hard o clean whereby it will consume a lot of your time compared to cleaning a manual-razor.

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