10 Reasons Why You Should Epilate – It’s Better Than Waxing

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I understand you have come across many articles all over the internet talking about what epilation is, giving lots of advantages and disadvantages about different types of epilators others have gone ahead to give detailed reviews on specific epilators from different brands. But then what is the use of knowing all this without knowing why you are actually doing it. That is why I have come up with this post that will give you the reasons as to why you should epilate. Basically to take you through some of the things that make epilation the best hair removal method compared to all the rest for example, waxing, shaving and using hair removal creams. Most people think of the method as extremely painful but those are usually first time users who have not tried it out because those that are used to it will tell it was worth going through the pain at first. Okay…..Now we can get down to the reasons as to why you should epilate.

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  • Epilation gives you smoothness that is long lasting: like I said before when I was defining the epilation process, hair strands are plucked out from the roots which simply meaning that they will take much longer to grow back compared to hair removed by other techniques such as shaving or creams. In other methods hair is just cut either half way or three quarters from the roots that is why some people end up shaving daily. This is totally different with epilation because it will take about four weeks before hair grows back and for those that have really fast growing it will take at least two weeks so you get to enjoy a really long period of smoothness.
  • Epilators can be used on many parts of the body:different models of epilators come with different attachments that help remove hair on different parts of the body. These attachments are mostly common in silk epil epilators so if you are looking for an epilator to work on the legs, arms, bikini line, underarms and sometimes even the face, check out the different models of silk epil epilators. It is simply amazing how epilators fit in all those areas andremove every single strand of hair to leave your skin completely smooth. However before you go ahead and use an epilator on your face, be sure of how it will react with your skin to avoid surprises.
  • Hair does not grow back as coarse and dark as before:since hair strands are plucked out from the roots, when they are growing back they take different speeds since they are all not in the same stage of the hair growth cycle. As some are in the dormant stage others are in the growth stage which explains why they are almost not noticeable. The other thing is that hair tips grow back softer and narrower so they feel finer than they were before.
  • Does no harm to sensitive skin: for any contemporary woman out there who loves to epilate in the shower or get rid of un-wanted hair without getting irritated, wet epilation is the solution. With wet epilation, when tweezers or discs are plucking hair out they do not directly reach the skin so it is not affected in any way. On the other hand, some epilators have hypoallergenic discs, others come with an efficiency cap, all these are very ideal in protecting sensitive skin.
  • Removes even the shortest and flat lying hairs: with the latest technology, epilator are designed with lifting fingers or patented hair lift systems that help to lift up strands that are lying down and direct them into the tweezers for removal. This kind of system even removes hair as short as 0.5mm unlike waxing where flat lying hair are always missed out.
  • The process is gentle and comfortable: whether it is your first time to epilation or not, the process is very gentle due to the different features that epilators are engineered with to minimize discomfort. Some of these features include pre-epilation wipes that prepare the skin and reduce pain during the process, massaging rollers that stimulate and soothe the skin from the plucking sensation of tweezers and ability to perform in wet conditions so that the skin remains well protected.
  • Epilation is economical: most epilators cost between $30-$120 and work for about 3 to 6 years, some can even go beyond this if used well. Some customers said their epilators lasted 8 years now for all these years you will be having free hair removal. Unlike waxing which is very expensive yet it is just for a day and other methods such as shaving that involve buying replacement parts, shaving cream and many other things that become too costly.
  • Does not take up too much of your time: epilation is a very quick hair removal method. If your epilator has many tweezers it becomes even faster because the more surface area it covers and the more hair it captures so if it is your first time the entire process will take about 30 minutes. As you get more and more used the procedure becomes even faster.
  • Epilators are very portable: epilators are very comfortable and fit perfectly in the hands hence they become more comfortable to use as they do not easily slip out of your hands. For people who love to travel, epilators are very light to walk around with. Some even come with pouches to make carrying much easier.
  • The more you use the epilator the less pain you feel: when most people hear that epilators remove hair from the roots they become afraid of the pain. The best news is that, as you continue using the epilator you will stop feeling the pain.

In conclusion; epilation has been compared with waxing most of the time since they both remove hair from the roots but according to my analysis epilation is a better hair removal technique. This is simply because epilation gives more long lasting results compared to waxing and it is much cheaper than waxing. It also lifts up flat lying hairs to ensure a completely smooth skin yet on the other hand waxing leaves tiny hairs behind. Epilation is by far the best hair removal method.

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