10 Steps on How To Find Gifts For Your Techie Dad

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Today, some dads actually prefer tech gift than other gift like ties, cuff-links, suit or anything else for their birthdays or father’s day. in fact, if you have a techie-dad then consider getting him an awesome gadget because it will make him excited and happy since he can play around with it. However, finding the right tech-gift for your dad is not an easy task because it actually requires you to know what he likes most coupled with some research. so, it is for this reason that i have decided to list for you some of the tips and ideas that will make it easy for you to select a good tech-gift for your dad on that special day.

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  1. Try asking your dad the type of gadgets he likes: it is always a good idea to first ask your dad about the sort of gadgets or other technological things he loves currently before going out to get him that tech-gift. Try to act natural when asking him and also get to know why he likes such gadgets in form of a conversation. After, take note of all the things he has listed and later make some research on then online and in local-stores. With this trick, you will actually be able to find the best tech-gift for your dad on that special day.


  1. Focus on tech-products your dad already loves: you can also consider looking at the gadgets, apps or other tech-items that your dad is already having and loves them then notice where there is something missing or the gadgets that need an update. For example, in case he loves music but he has an older version of an iPod then consider getting him the latest iPod as a gift for his birthday of father’s day. Additionally, you may also decide to buy a cover for the iPod he has incase it’s the latest.


  1. Get something that your dad does not have: you should also try going beyond what dad normally has in case you notice that he almost has it all covered in regard to his tech-interests. So, consider introducing him other tech-related products that he may like yet he did not know a lot about them. For example, you can get him a slim power-bank that can charge his iPod or phone when travelling, a new game for his best gaming-gadget, purchase for him some cloud storage-space in order to upload his files and photos.


  1. Try updating you dad’s hardware or software: in case your dad is an old-fashioned techie, then consider getting him latest versions of hardware or software as gift on that special day. However, you should try to first explain to your dad the importance of new technologies since old-fashioned techies actually love the way old things work.


  1. Consider getting techie-books if your dad is a reader: In case your dad really loves reading about technological advances, then consider getting him a book about his favorite techie-products like a book featuring techie-themes, a guide explaining his best techie-toys and a lot more. This can actually be a creative and great gift to your dad for his birthday.


  1. Get him clothing with some techie message or images: consider looking for clothes with techie symbols, messages or images that you know your dad will absolutely like. in fact, such clothing is readily available on online stores they always feature awesome geek or techie symbols that your dad loves. On the other hand, you may also consider making your own t-shirt design featuring your dad’s favorite techie-gadget and then print it out as a gift for that special day of your dad.


  1. Consider DIY hacks or projects as a gift to your dad: try not to get stuck in a mindset of purchasing something as the only solution. so, consider coming-up with a DIY solution that your dad will love as a gift on that special day. for example, you can sew for him an ipod carry-case, build him a laptop stand or bag, bake him a cake in form of his best gadget.


  1. Offer him a gift-card of apps downloads: incase your dad likes downloading apps, then offer him a gift-card that enables him to download certain amount of apps. This will make him happy because he will be able to download different apps without worry. Additionally, you may even make some suggestions for the apps your dad should tryout by writing or printing them on a card.


  1. Consider taking your dad for a trip: in case you really want to give your dad a big gift, then consider offering him a travel-ticket to techie-conference that you know your dad is interested in. you should also try paying for the conference entrance and accommodation but make sure that your dad will be free during that period before making arrangements. Additionally, you may also accompany him incase the tech-conference is of interest to you.


  1. Consider setting-up a techie-tinkering with your dad: you should consider setting-up a techie-tinkering with your dad in case you’re also a techie. You may actually decide to reverse-engineer any gadget that has been disturbing you both for a while in order to see if you can really fix it. You may also decided to build something new with your dad and this will actually give you time to be with your dad hence making it one of the best techie-gifts on that special day.



incase your dad is getting interested into a new techie-area like creating bio-fuel for the car, blogging and much more, then consider purchasing for him a book that covers all topics his interested in in-order to make his techie-development process much easier.

if ordering the techie-gift for your dad online, then make sure that you order it within time so that this item can be delivered before his birthday or father’s day.

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