3 Best Website Builders Reviewed – I Tested Them All

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After writing a detailed course on How To Create a Blog and Make Money? – One of my readers sent me an email asking for a simple website builder online rather than WordPress. So I replied them with a list of 3 Best Website Builders that I have tested and these include Wix , SiteBuilder & Sitelio . However, of all these 3 site builders, Wix & Sitebuilder seem to have the best structure and lots of templates to choose from. You don’t have to pay to create a website – it’s all free. But you might need to upgrade if you want more features.



#1st Best Choice
***** 9.8/10

Easy to use
Fully customizable
No tech skills needed
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Honestly, hiring a website developer is more expensive than using an online drag & drop website builder. In terms of costs, you will pay $1000 – $2000 for a developer to make a simple 10 page website. Since you hired a developer, you will need to rely on them for updates and that could cost you a fortune. Yet when you use a website builder, you will spend a few dollars ($100 or less) each year.

Website builders like Wix or SiteBuilder are fully packed with modules and Plugins to help you create a nice looking website in less than 4 hours. Everything has been created for you.

All you have to do is drag and drop features and get things done. No need of hiring freelancers to maintain / update your website – you can do it on your own.


#2nd Best Choice
***** 9.7/10

Easy to use editor
Great features
Affordable prices
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#3rd Best Choice
***** 8/10

Free premium templates
Easy customization
SEO Booster tool
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****NOTE:- I have noticed that the technology used by Sitelio is the same technology used by SiteBuilder – thus making no difference between these two companies….


Are Website Builders for Everyone?

Website builders are the best solution for individuals like you and small businesses with limited income (not willing to burn up their operational capital in hiring web developers). In a nutshell, below is a list of people who can use website builders:

  • Small business owners
  • Bloggers / Writers
  • Photographers
  • Small Stores
  • Artists and Designers
  • Non Profit Organizations
  • Entertainers

And so much more


Disclosure: A few links in this post earn me some commission if you make a verified purchase. This money helps me keep running – thus enable me create more free website development course for all my readers. I recommend products that I trust and some of them I have used them. I believe in being transparent to my readers.


3 Best Website Builders 2017 (Reviewed)


#1. WIX Review

(Easy to use, Reliable, Lots of modules and Affordable)

Time (20 minutes)



  1. Step 1:- Signup for free with Wix and Login into your account (you can use your email / facebook account)
  2. Step 2:– Click on -> Create a Website

  1. Step 3:- Choose the kind of website you want to create


  1. Step 4:- Choose a method to create your website:

(1) Create your website with Wix ADI – This is an Artificial Design Intelligence system which helps you create stunning websites.

(2) Create your website with Wix Editor – This is an easy drag and drop system with advanced features


  1. Step 5:- I opted for Wix Editor (method 2) -> Once clicked -> It takes me to Templates (here I choose a template for my business website I want to create.) – Majority of template are free just like it is in WordPress.

Choose a Template:

I choose ‘’Business CV’’ template – it’s totally free

Edit Template:

As you can see above, each and every section of this template is editable.

To view your website click ‘’Publish’’


NOTE:- Since your website is free….it will have a non-brandable sub-domain name just like this one  and Wix will display their adverts both at the top and bottom of the website. So to get a brandable domain name and to remove Wix adverts, upgrade your membership.


Below is a free website I have created using

Visit my free site here……




  • Get a Free domain name to connect to your site (year 1 is free – after that you will need to renew your domain name)
  • Enjoy unlimited bandwidth & extra storage
  • Connect your Wix website with Google Analytics to track visitors and website performance
  • Connect your domain name (that is if you already own one)
  • Customized Favicon
  • Remove all Wix brand ads
  • 1GB – Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Site Booster App
  • Form Builder App
  • Online Store
  • Free 10 Email campaigns per month


All Premium Plans Always Include:

  •  Free Hosting
  • Domain Connection
  •  500MB++++ Storage
  • Google Analytics
  • Premium Support
  • No Set-up Fee



  • Quick signup (instant)
  • Choose between Wix Artificial Design Intelligence / Wix Editor which is a drag and drop system with lots of advanced features
  • Clean interface
  • Free to use – you can upgrade to a premium plan later on. When you opt for a free package, your website will be hosted in a sub domain and you won’t have access to certain features)
  • Support section with FAQ’s and answers is easy to find & use (look at the top right Corner after loging into Wix)
  • Mobile friendly – your website will be responsive on all screen sizes. (this helps in your SEO as well)
  • Cheapest ‘Ad-free’ package ($4.50 a month)
  • Free Beautiful & Simple template – Via the template section, you can pick a template of your choice). Categories available include:

Business, Online Store, Photography, Video, Music, Design, Restaurant & Food, Accommodation, Events, Portfolio & CV, Blob, Health & Wellness, Fashion and Beauty, Community & Education, Creative Arts, Landing Pages



  • You can’t view website stats unless when you upgrade to premium and add Google Analytics to your website.
  • E-commerce package is quite expensive


Customer service:

Wix has a full database of frequently asked questions – so before sending an email to their support team which available 24/7 – check the FAQ database for a solution. If you fail to get a solution for your question email them and get a reply in less than 48 hours.


Do I recommend it? Yes

I managed to create a Business CV website in 30 minutes – I couldn’t. The Drag and Drop option is very easy, it is also very easy to add images and edit template. I give a 9.9/10 and I recommend it to everyone who would like to build their own website.

Go to

Example of my free wix website    (I did it in 30 minutes….)



2# SiteBuilder Review

(Quick signup, Easy to use, Great Templates, Fast)

Time (20 minutes)


Step 1:- Signup with for free with

Step 2:- Choose a template for your website (1,200 templates available)

There templates are 100% customizable, choose a template from any of these categories and create a stunning website.


Architecture & Real Estate, Beauty & Fashion, Blog, Business & Constant, Computers & Technology, Construction & Trade, Design & Creative, Hotels & Travel, Lifestyle, Musci & Entertainment, News, Nightlife, One Pagers, Online Store, Pets & Animals, Photography, Portfolio, Professional Services, Restaurant & Eateries, Sport & Leisure, Themes, Wedding


Step 3: Edit template (after choosing a template of your choice, Click on Edit)


My selected template before editing

SiteBuilder’s Drag and drop feature makes it easy to create beautiful site in less than 30 minutes. All templates come with default free stock images which you can use or replace.


My website after editing:

To view my free website go to



NOTE:- A free website will have ”Site builders Advert” and it will be hosted on a funny non-brandable domain like this one –  . So to remove SiteBuilder’s banner and to get a brandable domains and related features – you have to upgrade your website to a premium package.

While on the upgrade page, choose a domain for your website and continue to premium packages. Opt for a package which suits your needs.


Below are some of the packages from which you can choose from:


  • Domain Name
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • 1000+ Website Templates
  • Website Builder Tool
  • No Website Ads


Pro:  $ 4.99*

/month (cheapest website builder)

  • Domain Name
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • 1000+ Website Templates
  • Website Builder Tool
  • No Website Ads
  • Free Email



  • Domain Name
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • 1000+ Website Templates
  • Website Builder Tool
  • No Website Ads
  • Free Email
  • SEO Tools
  • Priority Support



  • Domain Name
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • 1000+ Website Templates
  • Website Builder Tool
  • No Website Ads
  • Free Email
  • SEO Tools
  • Priority Support
  • eCommerce Store



  • Smooth and very easy to understand (Great website builder for beginners)
  • Simple drag & drop editor
  • You can view website stats after publishing your website
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Pre-designed layout options
  • Domain names & professional email
  • Video backgrounds
  • Site stats
  • Create a blog
  • Suitable for e-commerce
  • Professionally designed templates (1,200 templates available)
  • Build responsive websites



  • Limited template designs


Do I recommend it? Yes

First, I was blown by the way they have structured their system. It is so easy to use – even a 10 year old can use I highly recommend this company. You can start with a free site and upgrade later.


Example of my SiteBuilder website   (I did it in 20 minutes…..….)



#3 Review

(I have noticed that the technology used by Sitelio is the same technology used by SiteBuilder – thus making no difference between these two companies….)

Step 1: Signup with for free

Step 2: Select a template for your website

Step 3: Choose a name for your website

Step 4: Edit your website’s template

(This is how my template looks before editing it)

Below is my finished website

I can’t show you a link for this site because Sitelio wants be to first pay for an upgrade to access my site. I don’t find this logical because my intention was to create a free site, test features and upgrade later.


  • Easy to signup
  • High quality templates
  • SEO tools to help you rank your website in top search engines.



  • Unlike Wix and SiteBuilder, does not allow me to publish my free website unless I upgrade. That is not cool at all.


Do I recommend it? NO

Much as they use the latest website building technology, I don’t like the fact of forcing us to upgrade to see our websites. So, I don’t give them a thumb-up.




We have tons of website builders on the market – but I did a manual test on each of them but and are the best options. The rest are terrible – so don’t waste too much of your time searching for a better service, just choose between Sitebuilder & Wix.


To avoid being biased, I had to register with each company and give you my honest review. However, I didn’t pay for any premium package because my intention was not to create a new website but rather learn the technology used by each company.


So, Which Website Builder Do I suggest – ” I gave you 2 options” – But You Need a Final Word?

Trust to be told, Go with SiteBuilder if you don’t want to waste your time and money. It has lots of features, templates, and affordable rates.




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