3 Steps On How To Curl Hair With A Curling Iron

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Most women love curling their hair and one of the tools used during the curling-process is a curling-iron. In fact, curling-irons can be used to produce different types of curls which include; formal-curls, tight-curls, bold-waves, big-curls, thick-tube curls and thin-spirals. So, from big-to-small you will be able to get whatever curls you wish but depending on the type of curling-iron you’re using and below are some of the methods you can use when it comes curling your hair while using a curling-iron.


  1. Start by heating-up the curling-iron: you start by turning-on your curling and then heat it heat it up to 320-dgrees if you have fine-hair and 430-degrees if you thicker-hair. In fact, you may try experimenting in order to find the right temperature for your hair but consider using the lowest-temperatures because they do best in terms of curling hair and also lessen on hair-damage during the curling-process.


  1. Thoroughly brush your hair: you will have to brush all your hair thoroughly in order to remove any tangles so that curls can be generated properly. Additionally, you should make sure that all the hair is completely dry before you begin curling it and this can simply be done by blow-drying any damp sections. Lastly, use hair-brush to comb long-hair and a comb to brush very short hair before curling it.


  1. Apply a heat spray/protectant into hair: after drying and brushing your hair, you will need to spray it with heat-protection hair-product in order to protect hair from any excessive heat during the curling-process. In fact, a heat-protectant will help to create a buffer between your hair-locks and the curling-iron hence preventing hair damage at higher temperatures while adding shine to your hair.


  1. Separate all the hair into sections: you should consider separating your hair into sections of about 2-to-3 inches wide while creating about 3-to-4 sections from the bottom to the crown area of the head. Use clips to separate these sections so that the remaining hair hanging is either curled already or is in the next section-of-hair that needs to be curled.


  1. Begin curling your sectioned hair: while working in sections start curling your hair using a wand and then wrap each section of hair around the curling-iron barrel. However, make sure that you don’t overlap your hair because this will on heat from the curling-wand hence resulting into limp-sections. Additionally, consider using your fingers to hold the edges of the section-of-hair that is closer to barrel without burning hair. In fact, using fingers to hold your hair is better than using a clamp because it prevents development of crimps within the curls. Lastly, try to alternating the curling direction between clockwise and counter-clockwise in order to generate a more natural effect within your curls.


  1. Quickly pin the curled-hair once it drops down: when you finish curling your hair and letting it lose, consider pining it up. So, grab the bottom of curled-hair and then compact this hair in order to create perfect and nice-looking curls. Afterwards, use a bobby-pin or a hair-clip to fasten your curled-hair over the head.


  1. Carry-on until all the hair is curled and pinned-up: make sure that all your hair is curled and pinned-up and then wait until all the curls are no longer hot. Take-off the clips and let your hair fall freely below your head.


  1. Shake-out the curls and do some final-touches: after your curled hair has cooled, remove all the bobby-pins and then gently shake it out and try fixing any curls that have been messed-up by using your curling-iron.


  1. Consider manipulating your curled-hair if necessary: unless you prefer leaving your curled-hair in its current-state, there are actually more formal ways you actually ways you can arrange it by simply tousling it using your fingers or teasing it abit. In fact, tousling larger-curls is the best way of creating waves within your styled-hair.


  1. Lightly spray the curled-hair a finishing hairspray: lightly spraying over your curled-hair helps to provide the curls with extra hold and shine but make sure that you don’t over-spray your curled-hair this can make hair feel crispy and even weigh it down.



  1. Prepare your hair for curling: you need to first prepare your hair for curling by first washing it thoroughly, dry it up using a dry towel and then brush all the hair using a brush in order to remove any tangles.


  1. Grab sections of hair for curling: try grabbing smaller sections of hair for curling. In fact, if you love tighter-curls then curling hair in smaller-sections is the best way of achieving such curls.


  1. Place the curling-iron next to the top of the sectioned-hair: consider squeezing your curling-iron open and then place it next to the top of section-hair and then get ready for curling.


  1. Wrap the entire section of hair onto the iron-rod: you will need to manually wrap the whole section-of-hair around your iron-rod and then begin to gently heat-up your hair at appropriate temperatures.


  1. Clamp hair inside the curling-iron for about 10-seconds: you should consider clamping your hair inside the curling-iron for at least 10-seconds. However, the actual time your hair spends in a curling-iron may vary depending on the type of curling-iron your using and the heat-settings. So, if you wish to experiment on your hair then consider using a curling-iron set at lower heat-settings.


  1. Loosen-up your hair and repeat the curling-process all-over your head: after curling your hair, loosen it and leave it to drop gently below your head and repeat the curling-process onto the next section-of-hair that needs to be curled.



  1. Grab the section-of-hair to be curled: you will need to grab one section-of-hair to be curled. So, if you want tighter curls then consider grabbing smaller-sections and if you want large-curls then take-up bigger-sections.


  1. Place the curling-iron at the bottom of sectioned-hair: after, squeeze your curling-iron open and then place it next to the bottom of your sectioned-hair. This will help you to loosely clamp hair high-up and after slide it down. In fact, angling the curling-iron slightly will make hair easier to curl and even prevent curls from sticking far-away from the side of the head.


  1. Shut the curling-iron and twist hair into spirals: shut the curling-irons clump and then twist the section-hair into spirals around the curling-iron. In order to achieve full-length curls, you will need to twist the curling-iron until it approaches the scalp but very carefully. Additionally, try curling hair away from the face and not towards it in order to ensure optimum safety.


  1. Hold hair inside the curling-iron for about 10-seconds: consider holding your hair inside the curling-iron for about 10-seconds so that it take-up a curled shape. However, the actual time your hair will spend inside the iron will vary depending on the type of curling-iron and its heat-settings.


  1. Loosen-up your hair and curl the next section: loosen-up your hair and leave it to drop gently below your head and then repeat the curling process on the remaining sections of your hair. Finish by applying hold and shine-enhancing hairspray in order to give your hair optimum hold and shine.

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