Best Mobile Apps for Students – Improve on Your Grades with These Apps

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Today, Smartphones have become a basic instrument for use in school. In fact, some schools allow Smartphones while others don’t but the fact is that Smartphones can be a great learning-tool just like textbooks and laptops. So, there are several Smartphone-Apps that designed to help students improve on their grades and below are some of the best studying mobile-apps for high-school students today.


List of the Best Mobile Apps for Students:

  1. School Assistant: This App is designed to help students organize their schedules or keep track of their daily agenda. This App also allows students to track grades in real-time and it even mutes the Smartphone automatically when in class. So, if you’re a full-time college or high-school student who finds a hard-time keeping track of your daily agenda, then you should consider downloading this App onto your Smartphone.


  1. My Homework: This is a free App that enables students to monitor class schedules and manage their assignments. In fact, this App is very useful to students who find it difficult to remember their assignments and deadlines. On the other hand, this App offers you with a simple approach to viewing your homework and includes a calendar-view that allows students to view their assignments by date and you can even click on particular date to view a listing of scheduled tasks. Lastly, you will need o download this App, register and then sync it to your Smartphone or computer in order to begin enjoying their services.


  1. Wabbitemu: This is an Android-App designed to help students in maths lessons like in algebra and calculus classes. In fact, you can easily install the Wabbitemu App onto your Android-device and this App will even guide you through adding most popular TI-series calculators that can emulate the interface perfectly.


  1. Evernote: This is a user-friendly App that allows students to take notes, record videos and even take photos in-order to help them learn more efficiently. This App also comes with additional features like; collaboration on projects, note-sharing with friends and classmates and even organizing content into folders (notebooks). Lastly, this App also allows you to tag your notes in-order to make them easy to search and readily available for reviewing.


  1. Wolfram Alpha: This App works almost like Google but it provides direct answers to students. In fact, this App uses curated data to provide you with an actual answer to almost any question of any given subject. However, this App is not for free and you will need to pay some little money to access all its functions.


  1. Dropbox: This is a multi-platform App designed to help students keep documents in a single easy-to-access location. In fact, this is a great App when it comes to storing documents that accumulate over time throughout your high-school or college years. On the other hand, this App allows you to access or sync data-files from different locations whether your using a Smartphone, tablet or computer as long as its connected to the internet. All in all, Dropbox uses an online storage system which makes it safe place for keeping your documents like; Assignments, Essays, Drafts, videos and Photos.


  1. PhotoMath: This app uses your Smartphone camera to process and solve math equations. With this App, you just have to point your Smartphone-camera at the difficult equation and then it will instantly process and solve it while providing you with a detailed break-down of how it arrived to that answer. So, if you get hard-time solving maths equations, then you should consider downloading this App on your Smartphones.


  1. iStudiez Pro: This App is designed to help students track assignments and due-dates for all their classes. Additionally, this App allows you to label and color code some extracurricular activities and then put them together with your class schedule. It also has a “Today feature” that displays your academic and extracurricular activities for a specific day. All in all, this App ensures that all the details of your class-schedule are in one location in order to help you conveniently plan responsibilities and organize your work-schedule.


  1. Slader: This App allows students to share their answers to questions in most popular text-books. However, to access the Slader-App you will need to its mobile-website (com) because it does not have an official mobile-App yet.


  1. iBooks: This App helps students to download multiple books onto their mobile-devices so that can easily access educational-content anywhere. In fact, iBooks is best for shorter-reading and it even helps to save students from carrying heavy backpacks when going to school. Lastly, this App allows you to easily download books from the iBooks store or transfer books from your computer by dragging them to the iBooks app icon under iTunes.


  1. AnkiDroid (Flashcards): This App provides students with crowd-sourced and pre-made flash cards that can cover more than 6000-topics and downloaded for free. Additionally, this App will also allow students to make their own flash-cards in simple steps while at school or home when using their smart-devices.


  1. Instapaper: This App allows students to save web-pages so that they can view them later even without internet access. In fact, this App saves web-pages as text only files and this makes them very easy to read on Smartphones and tablets. All in all, this is the most useful App when it comes to bookmarking pages and articles relevant to your class.


  1. LectureNotes: This is an Android-mobile App that allows you to take notes, add-images and graphs while in class. Additionally, this App can be synced across all your smart-devices and it’s available in limited free version and pro-version that removes an 8-page limitation.


  1. Wolfram Alpha: This App is designed to allow students input any maths question and then receive the correct answer and formula in real-time. On the other hand, this App also allows students to find answers to questions of various other subjects like, physics, chemistry, music and a lot more.


  1. Coursera: This App is designed to provide students with online classes from different top universities around the world. With this App, students can get complete courses from professors at universities like Stanford, Yale and Princeton which is actually a great move for learning new things faster than classmates.


  1. Scanner Pro: This App allows students to scan documents quickly and then add them to cloud storage providers such as Google-Drive and Dropbox or even to your camera roll. Additionally, this App can even find existing documents that you had previously photographed and then convert them into PDFs.

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