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We help you setup a WordPress Website for FREE – so that you focus on growing your business not Web design. We install all essential tools to help your website grow

What You Will Get With Our Free WordPress Website Setup Service:

You don’t have to make your own website from scratch – it’s a lot of work. We can help you setup a website for free using WordPress. Below is a list of things we can do for you.


We install a self-hosted WordPress software on your domain name and setup your website in less than 40 minutes. WordPress is 100% so don’t worry about extra charges from us. Its all free.



We work with you to choose the best ”Free / Premium” theme for your Website. A premium theme will make your website look professional thus win you more customers.



We help you optimize your website so that it ranks well in search engines. People can only discover your website if it ranks in search engines. So it is very important to optimize it.



You can easily customize the functionality and look of your website with WordPress plugins. So our job is to install them all for you and teach you how to use them.



After installing WordPress on your domain name. We shall go an extra mile and customize the functionality of WordPress by editing all default settings thus making your website faster & safer.



We don’t stop at setting up your website. You get access to our ”Free WordPress Courses” to help you create the best website using WordPress.



Follow the steps below to complete your free WordPress website setup application. You have to complete these steps for your application to be verified.


Domain + WordPress Hosting:
Your website needs a domain name and a WordPress hosting service.

A domain name is the address of your website and WordPress is installed on a hosting service. So people get to access your WordPress built website through your domain name.


  I recommend  for both domain registration and WordPress hosting. You can get a free domain name for 1 year if you use their service. 



So Why? ”Bluehost” not any other web hosting company.

They have designed and built their servers to run WordPress like a dream. Their exclusive technology gives you the proven performance, reliability, and functionality you need.


In addition to that; Bluehost is #1 recommended WordPress hosting service by WordPress.org24/7 WordPress Support, 1-click WordPress Installation, Money-Back Guarantee.


DISCLOSURE:- Apparently, we’re working as affiliates for Bluehost, so any purchase you make through our links earns YOSAKI a small commission. That money works as fuel / blood for Yosaki – it enables us do things for free (such as ‘free WordPress blog installation & publishing content on WordPress customization).


In this case, It is a WIN WIN WIN situation. You get something for free from us and your partnership with Bluehost guarantee’s you with high quality WordPress hosting yet at the same time it finances what we do.

Note: Please be faithful and buy through our links. If you use coupons from other sources we shall not setup your website.

Submit the Form Below:

After signing up with a Web host we have recommended above. Go ahead and fill out the form below. Once we receive your application, our team will get down to work.


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