How To Choose An Air Purifier

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There is a wide variety of brands and types of air purifiers all over the market lately which may be quite tasking for you to find the best air purifier. An air purifier is meant to reduce airborne impurities in your home therefore choosing one that will not work well will badly affect your health and that of your family members. Now that you the hazard that could come from poorly choosing an air purifier I will be providing with some of the best tips that you should be putting into consideration when you get into the market to look out for one. After the guidance you will be getting from this post, it will be much simpler for you to find yourself the best air purifier depending on what your needs may be.

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  1. The type of air purifier

You will either have to choose between a room air purifier and a whole house purifier because those are the two basic types but let us first of all find out what these two types are all about so that when you get into the market you will know specifically what to look out for.

  • Whole house purifiers: these are the more expensive types of air purifiers and they can be a really perfect choice in case you have a forced-air heating in your house. This type of air purifier is connected right inside the electrical system inside the house and they do such a remarkable job when it comes to getting rid of dust and particles of smoke existing in your home. The best ones come with a high-efficiency filter which explains why they can perform much better.
  • Room air purifiers: being less expensive compared to whole house purifiers, room air purifiers are more affordable so if your house lacks a forced-air heating then you surely have no other option than to go in for a room air purifier. These are more portable and can placed either on the floor, or table or wherever else you feel is more comfortable for you to place them. You will find some having an HEPA filter that helps in grabbing even the finest dust particles where by you have to replace the filter often or even wash it if it is washable in that case.


  1. The filter type

different air purifiers use different types of filters and each of those filters have pros that make then better than others so you will need to check what type of filter the air purifier has basing on what is in your house.

  • True HEPA filter: these are probably the best type of filters reason being they are manufactured to get rid of absolutely all the dust, allergens, dust mites and mold without discharging any toxins into the air. They however leave behind chemical fumes and smoke.
  • Iconic filter: these purifiers use electrical charges to remove even the smallest dust particles existing in the air and also sanitize micro-organisms together with fumes that may be toxic. Their draw back though is that they leave odor and have higher chances of releasing dust back into the air.
  • Carbon filter: these are the most permeable type of filters and they have been found very excellent when it comes to removing any gases, odor and chemicals fumes in the air without freeing off any toxins back into the air. The big disadvantage about them however is that they cannot remove dust, microorganisms and allergens.
  1. Cost and maintenance

When buying the air purifier it is not just about buying one with a lowest price tag because it could end up getting really costly for you in terms of how much energy it uses and how much you will have to spend on maintaining it. therefore besides just the price of getting the air purifier into your home, you must also dig deep into how long it will take before you replace the filters and the cost of the replacement filters so that in the long run a cheap air purifier doe s not instead get too costly for you.

  1. Size of the room in which to use the air purifier

Different air purifiers are designed to cleanse different space amount, some are too powerful to purify a really huge room while other are not that powerful to accommodate rooms that are too large. Therefore let the size of the room that you want to purify be your controller to finding the best purifier.

  1. Features

Below are some of the essential features that a really good air purifier must no miss out.

  • Servicing indicator: this simply shows you when the air purifier needs some service for example when the filter needs replacement or cleaning, you definitely do not expect a dirty and clogged air purifier to perform well. In that case the moment you see the light you will know that you must do some cleaning to the air purifier.
  • Fan: it is with the fan that your air purifier will be able to trap air in so much as such purifiers tend to be quite noisy they are also very excellent in cleaning compared to those without a fan.
  • Additional features: air purifiers with special features for example handles, remote control, wheel among many others are much more convenient and offer added control over your air purifier which makes them a better choice.
  1. Pre-filter

A pre-filter is what traps and eliminates bigger particles of dust and any other large contaminants like hair, you however need to make sure that the filter requires replacement at least after  one or two years to avoid increasing on the costs of maintenance.

  1. Clean air delivery rate

It is with this that you will be able to judge how effective your air purifier will be in making the air pure by getting rid of dust, allergens and fumes. So an air purifier with a high CADR will cleanse the area much faster compared to one with a low CADR.

  1. Your personal desires
    there are different reasons as to why you would to have an air purifier in your home so must consider before buying one. Some people have allergies while other have asthma which means that you must choose an air purifier that will perfectly satisfy you individual needs.

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