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Today, almost everyone has a mattress at home but mattresses tend to become dirty when spilled-on or even used for longer period of time and this implies that you will need to clean your mattress at some point in life. However, cleaning a mattress is not an easy task and you will actually first learn how to clean a mattress so that you can easily clean it without causing any damage during the cleaning process. In fact, there are several techniques that you can use to remove stains/dirt from your mattress in order to keep it clean and fresh. All these methods/ways have been listed below and you just need to take a few minutes of your precious time to learn how you can perfectly clean that stained/dirty mattress.

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  • Use a vacuum-cleaner: you can use a vacuum-cleaner to clean your stained/dirty mattress because this cleaning-machine helps to suck out all the dust from a mattress but you can also use it along a damp-cloth to remove the remaining stains if necessary. Additionally, try to use short, simple strokes while using a vacuum-cleaner to clean-up your mattress in order to achieve the best results.
  • Use an upholstery cleaner: try to use an upholstery cleaner to wipe off stain from your mattress because this type of cleaner is meant to clean surfaces that touch your skin like; mattress-covers, couch, etc. in fact, upholstery-cleaners also have an advantage of perfectly removing dust-mites and their refuse. However, an upholstery-cleaner may not work for people who are extremely sensitive to cleaners in general.
  • Use an enzyme-cleaner: enzyme-cleaners are very good when it comes to cleaning stained/dirty mattresses because these cleaners happen to be very effective in breaking-down the structure of stains and this will in-turn help to lessens stains on a mattress or completely remove the stains. Additionally, you may need to use a clean-cloth alongside your enzyme-cleaner in order to easy and quickly remove all the stains after they have been broken-down. In fact, you only need to spray a little portion of an enzyme-cleaner in a give mattress-section then rub with a clean-cloth immediately until you notice that all parts of the mattress have been cleaned-up.



  • Use a citrus-type cleaner: this method involves spraying your mattress with a citrus-type cleaner and then let cleaner set-out for about 5-minutes. Afterwards, blot-out the citrus-cleaner as much as you can while using a clean, absorbent, white-cloth. On the other hand, a mild dish-detergent can also be used to clean the unidentified mattress-stains.



  • Use hydrogen-peroxide: this is actually an effective cleaning-agent that will help to remove those stubborn blood-stains on your mattress. With this method, you will have to apply hydrogen-peroxide to stained section on the mattress and then blot it out while it is still bubbling using a clean-cloth. This may not remove all the blood-stains on the mattress but it will help to lessen them. However, always remember to blot the section where hydrogen-peroxide has been applied using a clean, white, dry-cloth in order to achieve the best results.


  • Rinse the stained-area with cold-water: with this method, you need to first rub-in meat tenderizer on the stained-area because this helps to remove the stains. Afterwards, rinse that area with cold-water and also try to follow-up per rust removal in order to remove the iron found in blood. On the other hand, you can also decide to add-in salt to plain cold-water and then pout the solution into a spray-bottle. This salty-solution is very effective in removing fresh blood-stains.


  • Use a baking-soda solution: this involves creating a baking-soda solution by simply mixing 1-spoon of baking soda and 2-spoons of cold-water in a large-bowl for a perfect solution. Apply the baking-soda solution over the stained-area using a clean-cloth and then let it sit for about 30-minutes. Afterwards, use a clean-cloth damped in cold-water to rinse the remaining solution and then blot with a dry-towel in order to absorb the moisture within the section being cleaned.


  • Clean the mattress with a detergent: this method involves mixing 1-tablespoon of liquid dish-washing detergent with 2-cups of cold-water in a bowl. Afterwards, soak a white-cloth into the solution and then apply to the stained section, gently brush the stained-area with a toothbrush and then rinse-off the solution by blotting with a wet-cloth. Finish by applying a cloth/towel in order to dry the stained section.



  • Spray-out the odor: you can use 2 large-cans of Lysol-spray (1 for each side) and then saturate them over the mattress. Leave the spray to dry for a couple of days and then follow-up with 2 large-bottles of febreze. Finish by placing a hypoallergenic mattress-pad/cover on.


  • Launder linen-clothes frequently: in case you’re a smoker, then you should try to launder your linen-cloths more often. This help to help to keep the odor from being transmitted into your mattress or being so pervasive.



  • Give the mattress a suntan: these 2 kinds of stains are actually caused by too much moisture and trying to take your mattress outside into a bright, sunny day and let the sun dry it will greatly help in the removal of excess mold and mildew. Additionally, you can also remove the excess mold and mildew by sweeping or wiping it off the mattress.


  • Vacuum the mattress on both sides: use a vacuum-cleaner on both sides of your mattress in order to suck-out any dirt and mold. When you have finished the vacuum-cleaning, dispose of its filter and bag because this will help to prevent the mold spores from leaking-out the next time you use a vacuum-cleaner.


  • Use isopropyl-alcohol and warm-water: mix equal-parts of isopropyl-alcohol and warm-water and then use a sponge to apply the mixture onto the affected mattress-area. Finish by rinsing that section with plain warm-water.


  • Make use of disinfectant: you can also use a common disinfectant to remove any mold and mildew from your mattress. In fact, a disinfectant like; Lysol will help to kill any spores that linger over your mattress.



  • Blot the mattress with a clean-cloth or sponge: try blotting out the excess fluid as much as you can while using a clean cloth or towel.


  • Use an enzyme-based spray: using an enzyme-based cleaning product over the affected mattress-section will help to digest the uric-acid crystals. So, you will need to spray over the stained section and then blot-out the products for best results.


  • Use baking-soda: once the affected area is dry, shake some baking-soda over it and then leave it to set overnight then vacuum it off the next day. Additionally, you may even decide to create a mixture of 8-ounces of hydrogen-peroxide with 3-tablespoons of baking-soda to clean the urine-stained area.



  • Apply a citrus-cleaner or vinegar: applying one of these products over stained mattress as a spray or with a white-cloth will help to remove stains caused by colored-drinks.


  • Use rubbing-alcohol: blot the stained section with a clean absorbent-cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol but don’t try to pour this solution onto the stained area because it will just carry the stain further.

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