How To Clean Pet Vomit From Carpet

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I know how hard and disgusting it is to find pet vomit on your carpet but if it is not cleaned away as soon as you spot it,  it will become even harder to clean up and filthier. Getting pet vomit off your carpet immediately will not just make the chore easy but will also take away that ugly smell and also prevent the possibility of your carpet getting stained. Pet vomit also contains acids that are enough to harm the carpet so by cleaning up quickly you be preventing the chance of your carpet getting damaged. You will therefore need to have the right cleaning agent and procedure to completely get the vomit off the carpet.

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Necessary items:

  • An old rag or paper towels
  • Corn starch or baking soda
  • Bucket or basin
  • Vacuum
  • Dust pan
  • Warm water
  • Enzyme based cleaner

Use a cleaning agent bought from the store

If you have never cleaned pet vomit using a homemade cleaner may not be easy for you but that should be no excuse because they are very many good cleaners that you can get from the store. Below are steps that you can follow to clean pet vomit away from your carpet.

Pick up the vomit with paper towels:wear gloves and have a couple of paper towels ready to carry off vomit from the carpet, you need to be very careful because if you do it hurriedly you will end up squeezing vomit particles deeper into the carpet and making them even harder to remove.

Rub away the remaining vomit: after picking away most of the vomit, you will notice that the carpet will still have some small chunks left. This is when the rug becomes useful, use the rug to rub away all those vomit bits and dissolve off most of the moisture. In case you are using paper towels, just one will not be enough if the vomit spread to a wide area on the carpet, prepare many of them.

Mist some baking soda or corn starch on the area: the rag or paper towel will not absorb all the moisture but baking soda or corn starch will that is why you are required to sprinkle some to the dirtied area. Try as much as possible not leave out any area uncovered.

Wait for baking soda or corn starch to dry and vacuum: give the baking soda or corn starch about two or three hours for it to dry and clamp up. Pick up the clamps with your hands and use a vacuum cleaner to suction away any remainder clamps or particles.

Spray the area with an enzyme based carpet cleaner: besides getting rid of the odor-causing proteins that may cause your carpet to stink, the enzyme carpet cleaner also helps to prevent your carpet for getting stained. Just apply it on the area until it is almost wet. You however need to be very careful when buying such cleaners because there are many carpet cleaners but not all of them contain enzymes.

Stay away from the carpet for not less than two hours: you and your pets should leave the carpet alone for some hours until the cleaner you applied dries up totally.

Make your home-made cleaner to clean pet vomit from the carpet

You surely do not need any kind of experience to know how to make your own home-made carpet and with the steps that I am about to provide, it will become even much simpler. But more interestingly this will save you the dollars that you would have spent on buying a cleaner from the store.

Necessary items:

  • White vinegar
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Detergent
  • Warm water
  • salt

Pick vomit away from the carpet first: put your gloves on and remove most of the vomit, an old rag and paper towels will help you in getting the vomit off but make sure that you do not press vomit particles into the carpet fibers as they will become difficult for you to remove.

Spray water to the dirtied area to clean off any remaining vomit: to avoid pouring too much water on the carpet you should use a spray bottle making it just damp but not wet. Thereafter grab a rag or paper towel to rub any remaining vomit particles. Keep rubbing until you remove most of the dampness away, also be careful so that the whole area is cleaned up.

Clean the carpet with warm water and salt: at this point most of the vomit will have gone but you want your carpet to be sparkling clean like it was before so use this homemade cleaner to avoid any stains. Mix a table spoon in two cups of water but the water must be warm it is not advisable to use cold water. Mix it very well until all salt crystals have completely dissolved.

To the mixture add some white vinegar, rubbing alcohol and detergent: warm water and salt are not enough to thoroughly get all the odor and stains that pet vomit can cause to your carpet so to make the cleaner more effective add in half cup of white vinegar, a table spoon of detergent plus two table spoons of rubbing alcohol. Blend all you ingredients well to ensure that each of them has dissolved up completely.

Use your mixture to rub more on the dirtied area: soak a kitchen sponge into the solution and scrub the whole are. Keep scrubbing until you notice that the carpet is as clean as it was before then you can stop.

Mist baking soda to the area:sprinkle the whole area that you just clean with baking soda, the reason for this are to take any irritating smells that may be left behind and also help out in drying the carpet much faster.

Allow baking soda to dry and vacuum: it will take a few minutes for the baking soda to dry up and immediately after it has dried you can go ahead and vacuum the areas to suction away those particles.

Keep pets out of the room: try as hard as you can to prohibit pets from getting into the room because it is not yet safe for them to do so until some hours later.

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