How To Clean Your Epilator

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Epilation is one of the most efficient methods for long lasting skin smoothness because it removes hair strands straight from the roots so hair take a much longer period of time to grow back. It is mostly used by women and with a high quality epilator, you will be able to get rid of that unwanted hair for four to six weeks. We have seen different types of epilators and how they work but then most people do not really how to clean their epilators yet it is very important. For every new epilation process you need to use a very clean epilator to prevent bacterial infections and irritations. Both dry and wet epilators must be cleaned regularly, besides reducing the risk of infections, cleaning your epilator also keeps the epilator new and makes it last longer. In this post you will learn how best to clean your epilator, it is very easy and won’t take up much of your time.

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  • Necessary items: Before you go ahead to clean your epilator there are some things that you will need and these include;
  • A small bristle brush: in most cases, epilators come with their own cleaning brushes this is will help you remove any hairs that get stuck up in the epilator’s tweezers during epilation. Alternatively you can use an old tooth brush as it will do the same great job a bristle brush does.
  • Cotton balls: A brush alone will not thoroughly clean the epilator, so you must have cotton balls that you will use to wipe the tweezers clean.
  • Rubbing alcohol: for more hygienic purposes you are advised to use rubbing alcohol it helps to kill the bacteria in the head of the epilator making it very safe for next use.
  • Towel or can of compressed air: these two help to dry the epilator, the can of compressed air will also help to blow out any hairs that may have remained after brushing the epilator.



Now that we know what you must have ready for use when cleaning, it’s high time we looked at the steps you should follow to have your epilator clean.

  • Remove any stuck up hairs: for easy hair removal, most epilators on the market today come with their own brushes for removing those hairs but just in case yours does not have you alternatively use a tooth brush. Start brushing in between the tweezers to get all hair out. Keep manually turning the head in different directions until you see that they are finished for more thorough results. There is a button on the side of the epilator that you press to open the end, press it open and also brush inside because a lot of that hair gets stuck in there.
  • Blow out any stubborn hairs with a compressed air can: this is optional since not everyone has a compressed air can but just in case you happen to have one make use of it. Use its straw attachment to blow out even the smallest hairs that will be stuck in your epilator.
  • Hold the epilator under running tap water: rinse the epilator’s head under running tap water to remove any dirt and even wash out some of the remaining hairs.
  • Get rid of any bacteria: if you are wondering how this can be done, do not worry because this is very simple. Deep the cotton balls into rubbing oil and start wiping the tweezers, keep turning the tweezers by doing this you will be making the epilator thoroughly clean. Don’t only concentrate on the tweezers, the whole surface must be cleaned so clean it as well. Alternatively pour one or two drops of antibacterial soap in water then put the head of the epilator in water for a few minutes.
  • Dry the epilator: use a dry clean towel or cotton cloth to wipe off the water or wait for some minutes as you leave it on the towel so that all the excess water can slowly evaporate.
  • Store the epilator well:always remember to put the epilator back in its cap and keep it in a clean place or drawer. With this protection your epilator will never get contaminated by dust or dirt.


To avoid damaging or spoiling your epilator, there are certain things that you must not do for example;

  • Avoid using cleansers that contain too many chemicals because they will spoil the epilator and stop it from performing the way it performed before.
  • Do not completely soak the epilator in water, if you feel like the epilator is extremely dirty just wipe it clean with a damp cloth but do not deep the whole epilator in water.

Those are the few steps that you should follow to have a clean epilator, why suffer infections when it is this simple to prevent them. I don’t even think it will take more than 5 minutes.


Maintain your epilator:

Cleaning the epilator is just one of the things that should be done to maintain your epilator but below are some other things that you must do for the epilator to work and look brand new for a longer period of time.

  • Always have the necessary items to keep your epilator clean, I listed these items just after introducing this post. The moment you purchase an epilator you also have to buy the items you will need to clean it.
  • Replace any spoilt parts after the specified time, after a while some parts of the epilator will be spoilt and need replacement especially if you have an epilator uses batteries. Replacement parts are available in many stores so you should look for replacement parts for your epilator to keep it in good condition.
  • Ensure to charge your epilator before keeping it, if you are using a rechargeable epilator ensure that it is charged before storage, this keeps it new. Do not keep the epilator if it is out of battery.
  • Use the epilator the way it should be used, every epilator comes with its own set of instruction, so do not ignore them always read carefully and follow those instructions as given. You will never go wrong on how to use the epilator if you are careful with those instructions.

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