How To Deep-Clean Your Carpet

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Carpets usually attract dirt, animal-hair, stains, mold and mildew hence this why you need to clean your carpet more often. In fact, properly caring for the carpet will help to prevent fleas, dust-mites and carpet-bugs from moving in and you will also need to do a deep-clean on your carpet for at least once or twice every month in order to remove dirt and stains that have gone deep into the carpet. So it’s for this reason that I have decided to list for you the steps you can follow when deep-cleaning your carpet and there are also other ways you can follow in order to keep the carpet looking clean.

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  1. Rent or purchase a carpet-cleaning machine: you actually need to get a carpet-cleaning machine because the deepest stains and toughest odors can only be removed with this cleaning-machine that uses hot-water and chemical-cleaners in order wash-up the fibers on the carpet. Carpet-cleaning machines can actually be rented from garden-stores and specialty-vacuuming or carpet stores. In fact, rented carpet-cleaners come with a cleaning-solution and stain-removal treatment hence it’s very important to know the type/kind of carpet you’re having before renting a carpet-washing machine so that you can get the proper cleaning-solution for that particular carpet. On top of that, you may also decide to hire a professional to come over to your house and use the carpet-cleaner in order to do the carpet-cleaning for you.
  1. Vacuum your carpet: you really need to vacuum the carpet in order ensure that it’s completely free of loose dust and dirt before you begin the deep-cleaning treatment. However, you also have to sweep the dirtiest parts of your carpet in order to raise the dirt before you begin vacuuming.
  1. Pre-treat the stained areas on the carpet: most carpet-cleaning rentals actually come with a solution/formula meant to be applied over the stained areas before a deep-clean is conducted. However, in case you’re the one going to do the deep-cleaning and you don’t have a stain-remover solution, then spray the stained areas of the carpet with vinegar instead.
  1. Add water and a cleaning-solution into a carpet-washing machine: try to follow the directions that came along with your carpet-washing machine in order to know the appropriate amount of hot-water and carpet-cleaner to add into that machine. In fact, at times the water and cleaning-solution are held in separate tanks so you need to follow the instructions to know the specific tank to fill with water or cleaning-solution. However, ensure that the tanks are properly fitted onto the carpet-washing machine before proceeding.
  1. Plug the machine into a power-source: plug the carpet-washing machine into a power-outlet and then begin running this machine slowly over the carpet while making sure that every inch is covered during the cleaning-process. In fact, you may even overlap sections that have been already cleaned in order to ensure that no spot is missed. Additionally, on some carpet-cleaning machines you will see dirty-water splash into the receptacle during the cleaning process in case the machine works properly. However, incase the carpet-cleaning machine runs out of water or cleaning-solution during the process, just turn it off, unplug it and then discard the dirty-solution, rinse the tanks and fill them again with clean hot-water and a cleaning-solution. Lastly, you may decide to pour the dirty solution form the machine into the toilet.
  1. Allow the carpet to dry: after the cleaning process, give your carpet some time to dry and within a few hours will look great and even smell good just like a new-carpet.



  • Vacuum the carpet regularly: you should invest in a quality vacuum-cleaner that is capable of sucking-up dirt from deep within the carpet-fibers especially if you live with pets or when you own a shaggy/thick carpet. Vacuuming regularly helps to keep the carpet looking great and smelling fresh but remember not to rush during the vacuuming process because even highly-powered vacuums require some time to grab dust, fur and dirt from the base of the carpet-fibers. Additionally, run the vacuum over your carpet for more than once in order to ensure that it’s left completely clean.
  • Protect heavily traveled-on sections of the carpet: In-case a carpet reaches the front-door, kitchen or any other place of your home that tends to get a lot of traffic, then consider try protecting such sections with plastic carpet-protector-mats or rugs. This will ensure that you don’t struggle with cleaning-up clots of dirt while using the vacuum-cleaner. Lastly, consider using carpet-runners in hallways that tend to have a lot of foot-traffic.
  • Clean-up spills on the carpet right-away: if you let spills soak into the carpet and dry, then this will make it more difficult to remove the spilled-residue. So, if you clean-up the spill right after the incident, then you be able to save a lot of time later. In fact, you should use a clean-cloth or paper-towels to absorb the spill from the carpet then pour some baking-powder over the affected-area and let it sit for about 15-minutes. After, the spill is completely dry, start vacuuming the affected area or you may even decide to vacuum the entire carpet in case you have time.
  • Use the right technique when it comes to removing older-stains: at times its impossible to remove a stain right-away especially if it’s an old wine or coffee stain. But don’t get worried because many are pre-treated with stain-resistant chemicals and this means that with some extra-effort you will be able to remove the stains. So, try using a spray-bottle full of vinegar to lightly spray the stained-area then wipe it up with a dry-cloth. But for deeper-stains, saturate the affected area with vinegar or carpet-cleaning-solution, sprinkle some baking-soda and then vacuum that section once the baking-soda has dried. However, don’t try to scrub stains away from the carpet because this may damage the fibers and make the affected-area look funny.
  • Use a lemon and salt solution: if you own a lighter-carpet, then it can be effectively cleaned by applying a mixture of lemon and salt over the stained-section. However, you should try doing a spot-treatment in a discreet-area to ensure that this solution does not stain your carpet to a different color during the stain-removal process.

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