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Most people today own carpets in their homes but they actually experience a hard-time when it comes to keeping these carpets clean. In fact, in some homes you will find stained-up, dirty carpets and this is mainly because some people don’t know how to keep their carpets clean. However, if you do some deep-cleaning on your carpets for once in a while, this will help to keep them clean and feeling fresh for a good period of time but not forever and this is why you need to learn how to keep your carpet clean without having to deep-clean it regularly because can be tiresome. So, in this article are some of the valuable tips on to keep your carpet clean and free of health-hazards hence you should take a few minutes to read through it.

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  1. Know your carpet-type: first of all, before cleaning your carpet you actually need to know what it is made of. There are actually loop-pile, cut-pile, plush shag and embroidery types of carpeting or upholstery choices and each of these carpeting-types has its own unique benefits and drawbacks. However, all the carpet-types can cause health-hazards since they can trap dust, moisture, dirt and odors thus providing a perfect breeding-ground for mites, bacteria and mold-spores. So, routine sweeping and vacuuming of your carpet will help to remove so of the dust and dirt while professional-cleaning at regular intervals will help to thoroughly clean your carpet. However, if professional carpet-cleaning isn’t done responsibly by a reputable firm, then it can actually be harmful just like doing nothing.


  1. Take proper care of the carpets, rugs, upholstery and tapestries: you actually need to ensure proper care of your carpets and upholstery by simply having them professionally-cleaned for once every 8-12 months because this will help to keep these items clean, healthy and even lengthens the life of your investment. Likewise, purchase a welcome-mat for each entrance on the house because this will act as a receptacle for large particles and dirt that get stuck on your shoes. Additionally, prevent the pile of the carpet from being crushed and becoming worn prematurely by simply placing a throw-rug or small-carpet in front of heavily traffic-areas like; in-front of a favorite chair.


  1. Sweep and vacuum your carpet on a weekly-basis: try to sweep and vacuum the carpets weekly in order to remove any superficial dirt and dust. In fact, you should do this on all items with upholstery-surfaces like; sofa-chairs, wall-hangings, rugs, throw-rugs and carpets but do this thoroughly while using back and forth movements. However, remember to thoroughly clean your vacuum afterwards so as to keep it in a perfect condition for a longer period of time.


  1. Move furniture in order to reach in-accessible spots: you will need to adjust some furniture placements for even an inch or 2-inches every time you vacuum-clean your carpets and upholstery. This will actually allow the spots crushed by furniture-ends to recover.


  1. guard the carpet with a carpet-protector if you going to have a serious task at home: in case you’re going to paint or have a party at your home, then make sure that your carpets are guarded with a carpet-protector or protection-film in order to prevent tough-stains and dust from entering into the carpet since this may permanently damage it.


  1. Treat any spots on the carpet immediately: you really need to treat spills/spots immediately that fall onto your carpet or they are most likely to set-in and become permanent stains which are much harder to remove. Additionally, avoid using chemical-treatments that may be damaging over your carpets when cleaning-off any stains. So, it’s recommended to begin with cold-water and then use a little baking-soda so as to remove the stained section.


  1. Get to know more about the carpet: before making a purchase, ask whether it’s treated with a moth-repellent or if its soil and stain resistant. Additionally, ask if the carpet does require dry-cleaning or not, its warranty-period and what it contains. All this information about a carpet will help to guide the user on how to properly handle the newly purchased carpet so that it last for a long period of time.


  1. Have your carpets professionally-cleaned for at least once in a while: you should consider having all your carpets professionally-cleaned for at least once every 8 to 12 months and more often for carpets in high-use areas. Additionally, check the manufacturer’s recommendations concerning on how often you should have a carpet professionally-cleaned.


  1. Know the deep-cleaning method perfect for your carpet: the most efficient and effective way to clean-up, disinfect and sanitize carpets, rugs and upholstery is by using the high-powered water extraction method. In fact, deep-cleaners are powerful units that steam-clean and then remove any remaining water from your carpets. Deep-cleaners are actually quicker than most traditional cleaning-processes and they don’t even leave chemical-residue behind but only a cleaner, fresh-smelling and newer looking results. So, consider deep-cleaning your carpets for at least once in a while but consider using the best deep-cleaning method for your carpet-type.


  1. Seek for a professional carpet-cleaning company that knows how to handle your carpets: make some research in order to find a professional carpet-cleaning company for carpets and also get to know the cleaning methods they use and check for customer-satisfaction. Additionally, you should insist on having your carpet steam-cleaned with proper equipment else you will have a looking clean on the surface but due to inefficient drying because of using low-quality steam-cleaners, mold will breed/develop beneath the carpet-surface.



  • It is always recommended to professionally clean your carpets, rugs and upholstery using high-powered steam extraction in order to keep them in a perfect condition for a long period of time.
  • Remember to vacuum-up your carpets before having them deep-cleaned. Vacuuming is very important because it helps to remove any dust and dirt before the carpet is finally washed clean.

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