Alen BreatheSmart HEPA Air Purifier with SmartSensor Review

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Alen BreatheSmart HEPA Air Purifier with SmartSensor and WhisperMax Technology - Review

Whether it is for allergies, dust, asthma or any other sort of respiratory concerns Alen Breathe Smart HEPA Air Purifier is the best choice you can ever make for your home. This is the only purifier that allows to modify it depending on what you need may be reason being it is comes with 9 customizable colors where you can choose a front color that appears most pleasing to your eyes or perfectly matches with your home décor as well as customizable HEPA filters. The smart sensors automatically adjusts to the environment in other wards this technology will automatically detect airborne allergens and pollen wherever you may be.

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With its quite operation you are never worried about any irritating noise that other air purifiers produce and filter life indicator to let you when you to replace your filter. Therefore if you have that large and open living room this will be a really perfect air purifier to try out.


  • It is the perfect addition to any living room since it comes in very many different colors allowing you to have a personalized appearance for your home when you wish. It is designed to perfectly combine with any style and décor that you have in your home.
  • It shows whenever there is a change in the quality of air you are inhaling with its built in air quality indicator light that changes color whenever the air purifier senses any pollutant in the air.
  • It perfectly and professionally cleans the air as it is infused with the best HEPA filters but different from other air purifiers it has four different filters that are customizable depending on the particles in the environment you are in.
  • It offers a very quiet and operation reason being it has been designed with a unique fan and air chamber which maximizes clean air delivery while maintaining a very quiet operation.


  • It has a really disturbing light and the fact that it keeps on lighting whenever it senses a change in air quality is a huge bother for some people. However this does not take away the fact that it perfectly cleans the air.
  • When on high setting it produces too much noise so if you want to use the high setting you will have to bear with the noise.

Alen BreatheSmart HEPA Air Purifier with SmartSensor and WhisperMax Technology - Review



Features overview:

  • Smart sensor technology: the Alen breathe smart air purifier is infused with smart sensor technology that uses an intelligent sensor which constantly assesses the kind of environment you are in at a particular time and thus control the functions of the machine accordingly. With this unique technology the air purifier has ability to automatically change from high speed to low speed and also change the color of the air quality indicator light accordingly. When heavy pollutants are detected it lights dark, for moderate pollutants it light a lighter shade of red and when air remains pure the light is blue. With this you are always at peace since you are very sure that all your family members and your home at large.
  • Built in air quality indicator:at any given time and environment, this air purifier always lets you know of the quality of air you are inhaling. This light indicators keeps you updated of any changes that may occur in your air as a result of particles coming in from outside or when you pick dust up from walking over the carpet.
  • Whisper max technology:many customers tend to get irritated by the noise that comes for an air purifier but that is not the case with the Alen breath smart air purifier. It provides you with the cleanest air while keeping the atmosphere very peaceful due to its specially designed air chamber and fan. Even with the peaceful and quiet operation that this air purifier offers it can still perform excellently.
  • Filter life indicator:you will always be aware when your filter requires replacement reason being the breath smart air purifier has filter life indicator. There is no more need for guess work on whether it is time for you to change the filter or not, it will always let you know.
  • Child-friendly features:you can always have your peace of mind when you are equipped with this Alen air purifier reason it does not just stop at cleaning your air but is also designed with great consideration for your family. It features a child-safe vent guard and locking control which ensure maximum protection of your little ones.
  • 4 HEPA filters:this is the only air purifier you will come across that allows you to choose the perfect HEPA filter basing on what your needs may be. Every home or environment has its own filtration needs and with such a versatile air purifier all sorts of homes are catered. It has 4 HEPA filters where the HEPA silver is excellent when it comes to bacteria and viruses, HEPA pure which is best for allergens dust, HEPA fresh plus that is great VOC’s and chemicals and lastly HEPA odor cell which is ideal for smoke and all other heavy odors. All these filters get eliminate 99% of particles that are larger than 0.3 microns
  • 4 speed fan:it is all up to you to select that particular speed that you feel is most ideal for you, generally with this air purifier you have such a variety of options to entirely have a personalized experience with the machine.
  • Automatic mode:in the automatic the air purifier will automatically adjust to different changes in the environment and instantly adjust to the different controls that this purifier has.
  • Handle:this makes movement of the air purifier much easier from one room to another so you can always have a purified and clean air in whichever room you wish.
  • Custom designer panels:this breathe mart air purifier is designed to perfect match any style of décor that you might have in your home. It comes in many different customizable designer panel colors so you can always change the panel according to your personal desires.
  • Life time warranty: as other air purifiers come with 5 year, this Alen breath smart air purifier comes with life time warranty that is number one assurance that this is an exceptional quality product.

Alen BreatheSmart HEPA Air Purifier with SmartSensor and WhisperMax Technology - Review 2

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Product quality:

The Alen breath smart is that one purifier that will completely clean your air especially if you have those large and open concept rooms. Coming with a wide variety of customizable panel colors, this air purifier does not just stop at cleaning your air but also matches perfectly with the style and décor in your house. In addition is also has customizable filters which you can change depending on the environment you are in at that particular time. It is uniquely infused with smart sensor technology that gives the air purifier ability to automatically adjust cleaning power after detecting the quality of air hence maximizing the life of your filter and limiting the energy used. Offering you peace of mind, it features a built-in air quality indicator which always keeps you updated whenever there is a change in the quality of your air. Whisper max technology delivers a very quiet and peaceful operation which is what many of the customers have been yearning to have. Its child friendly features that is to say the locking control panel and child safe vent will always assure you kid’s safety.

Alen BreatheSmart HEPA Air Purifier with SmartSensor and WhisperMax Technology - Review 3

Who does it benefit?

  • It is great for homes with large open living rooms: the breath smart air purifier has specially been designed to constantly and efficiently clean air in large and open room up to 1100 square feet. In just a period of two years you will have the purest and freshest air.
  • It is very great for homes with kids: if you have those little kids around your home, you will have peace of mind knowing you can leave them alone and have nothing to worry about because it has the locking control and child safety vent guard for child safety.

What else do you need?

Alen (BF35-Silver-Carbon) HEPA-Silver-Carbon Replacement Filter for BreatheSmart Air Purifier: the filter creates a really clean environment as it eliminates mold spores, pollen and dust from the air. It also helps to prevent the filter getting clogged by dangerous bacteria.

Alen BreatheSmart HEPA Air Purifier with SmartSensor and WhisperMax Technology - Review

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