GermGuardian AC4825, 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System Review

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The GermGuardian AC4825 air cleaning system is that one product that will provide you with several benefits, infused with a 3 in 1 true HEPA filter, this air purifier is an ideal choice for any one suffering from allergy. The true HEPA filter removes 99.97% of dust and the smallest allergen that are 0.3 microns and this is why doctors have gone ahead to recommend HEPA filtration to get rid of all those particles that are likely to trigger asthma from indoors. In addition to the special filter, it is also has a UV-C light which kills germs as well as a charcoal filter that eliminates all odors.

GermGuardian AC4825 -3-in-1 Air Cleaning System with True HEPA

The air purifier quickly cleans the air due to its 100+ CADR and the lightweight makes it easy to shift from one room to another. It also features a filter change indicator to save you the burden of guessing when to change the filters together with a UV-C control. With 3 different speeds you can have a completely personalized experience more so the low speed which is very quiet.

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  • It can be run even in the night without any interruption to your sleep as it operates very quietly so even when you are asleep you can still have peace of mind knowing you are breathing in clean and pure air.
  • It does not only eliminate allergen and toxic particles loitering in the air but also kills bacteria and germs that can be very dangerous to you as well as your family members.
  • It is very effective is eliminating and undesirable odors like smoke, chemical fumes and even odors from the pets you keep inside your house.
  • It utilizes doctor recommended filtration, this filtration removes all allergens including the smallest up to 0.3 microns leaving you with the freshest and cleanest air to inhale.
  • It is designed with such a lightweight so it is very easy to transfer from one room to the other, you will no difficulty carrying the air purifier to any room you wish to purify.
  • It alerts about when to replace the filters and UV-c light bulb, with this you do not have to bother struggling to remember when you have to change  the filters again.


  • After a certain period of use the air purifier eventually starts to become loud so when you need to use it in the night, it becomes kind of a problem as it produces noise. In the beginning though all customers that have tried this air purifier credited it for its quiet operation.

GermGuardian AC4825 -3-in-1 Air Cleaning System with True HEPA - Review 2



Features overview:

  • True HEPA filter:the AC4825 GermGuardian has superior quality when it comes to removing all those allergens from the air as it is infused with a true HEPA filter. This kind of filter has been found to eliminate 99.97% of allergens that are airborne for example mold spores, pollen from plants, that tiny pet hair, dust and the smallest particles up to 0.3 microns. If you want to breathe in the freshest and purest air then you will quickly get yourself this air cleaning system.
  • UV-C light:this light destroys the life of bacteria and viruses that loiter in the air like E.coli, streptococcus, rhinovirus among many others. It is completely damages the DNA of germs making them die since it penetrates through their thin cell wall. The number one reason as to why the UV-C light is used in very many hospitals is because it sanitizes leaving the area very safe.
  • Doctor recommended HEPA air filtration: in order to reduce the rate at which people get exposed to asthma triggers from indoors, doctors have greatly advised the use of HEPA filtration. This is according to the American academy of pediatrics Allergy and Immunology.
  • Extremely quiet operation: even in the night you can still operate the GermGuardian air purifier as it remains very quiet all through, you will still inhale fresh clean air all night long without any interruption to your sleep.
  • Energy efficient: the reason as to why this particular product is rated energy star is simply because it meets strict energy efficiency guidelines that were put up by the US EPA. Its ADR is 100+ and measuring this ratio with the electricity that the air purifier consumes is what makes it achieve the energy star qualification.
  • Light indicators for filter UV-C bulb change: the last time you changed your filters is not an issue of concern anymore as the AC4825 takes away the need for guess work. As soon as your filter or UV-C bulb require to be changed it will blink to let you know, however if the indicator is lighting when you have just began using the air purifier then you will have to reset the system to have it perform as it should.
  • 3 speed controls: these include a low speed that remains very quiet during operation but you have other speed options to choose from and have your air purifier performing just the way you want it to.
  • Pre-filter and charcoal filter: these are very helpful in trapping all the larger particles that are likely to get in to the air purifier and also help to get rid of odors. These further help to lengthen the life of the HEPA filter by blocking large particles from clogging it.
  • Eliminates odors:household odors and smoke do not have to be a problem for you anymore because the GermGuardian air purifier is infused with carbon activated filter. For homes with smokers, staffed kitchens where most of the smoke comes from or have pets in your home then this AC4825 air purifier has been manufactured for you as it quickly removes all those strong and irritating odors.

GermGuardian AC4825 -3-in-1 Air Cleaning System with True HEPA - Review

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Product quality:

From just this one product you can achieve a variety of benefits that you would rather have to get from many different machines. The AC4825 GermGuardian air cleaning system features the only doctor recommended filtration which is the HEPA filtration which utilizes HEPA filter to eliminate 99.97% of all allergens in your household for example mold spores, dust, pollen from plants, pet hair and many more. Even the smallest particles of 0.3 microns are not left behind with this unique air purifier while the charcoal pre-filter helps to capture any large particles. For all the smoke coming from the kitchen, odors from pets or tobacco smoke from the smokers in your home, the AC4825 has a carbon activated filter that removes all those unbearable odors leaving the air completely clean and fresh.

This 3 in 1 air cleaning system is further designed with UV-C light one that you will even find in hospitals because it is sanitizing, by penetrating through the cell wall of germs it completely kills germs and bacteria. The fact that it is energy star rated leaves you no worries about very high electricity bills reason this qualification means it meets the energy efficiency guidelines which are set by the US EPA. For that clean, fresh and pure air in the environment the AC4825 GermGuardian 3 in 1 air cleaning system is absolutely the way to go.

Who does it benefit?

  • It is made for those suffering from allergies: the AC4825 GermGuardian air purifier features a true HEPA filter which has been proven very efficient even by doctors to remove 99.97% of all the airborne allergens and particles as small as 0.3 microns in your household. From dust to pollen, mold spore, pollen and all other asthma trigger and allergy irritation trigger this air purifier is the perfect choice.
  • It is ideal for medium size homes:this air purifier has specially been designed for those homes that are not too small and not too big at the same time, approximately it circulates air in 155 square feet so if you have this side of a room then be sure to have excellent results from this cleaning system.
  • It is also recommended for homes with toddlers and school going kids: with a UV-C light that complete kills the generic structure of germs and bacteria school children and toddlers who move around often are very safe.

What else do you need?

GermGuardian FLT4825 True HEPA GENUINE Replacement Filter B: this genuine replacement filter is a combined filter made with both a true HEPA filter that eliminates small particles of 0.3 microns and the carbon activated filter which helps in getting rid of odors. It generally keeps your filter in perfect shape.

GermGuardian AC4825 -3-in-1 Air Cleaning System with True HEPA - Review 1

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