How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Carpets

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Fleas are very common insects and if you have a carpet especially if it is feathery they will hide in there. Many homes experience the invasion of fleas and have completely no idea about how to get rid of them so if you are one those, this post will of great help to you as it provides some of the most effective ways in which you can get rid of fleas. By the way getting rid of these little insects may not be that simple especially if you have never done it before since they come and go. Today you will treat them to chase them away but they will back after just a few months which is very frustrating so check out these very helpful ways of how to get rid of fleas in carpets.

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Make a flea trap and use dish washing liquid soap: a flea trap is very effective because it will help you spot areas where fleas are in your carpet, instead of simply guessing the areas that could be infected with fleas it is better to accurately trace using thee flea trap. Add dish washing liquid and water into a bowl and put candle lights next to the bowl because fleas are attracted by light the will rush towards the light and as soon as the get close to the light they will be trapped into the bowl of soap and water.

Spray the carpet with a pet safe insecticide: apply the insecticide evenly on the carpet ensuring that each and every part of the carpet is sprayed and close the room to allow the carpet dry. After the carpet has dried you have to vacuum every two to three days so that you do not get rid of only the fleas but also their eggs. Insecticides contain poisonous chemicals that are harmful to children and pet therefore restrict your children and pets from getting into a room that has been sprayed until the recommended time by the manufacturer.

Make use of fine grained salt on the carpet: pets are of the reasons as to why you have fleas in your house so master areas where your pets usually be and sprinkle some salt on that area of the carpet, ensure the salts sits into the carpet fibers. You can also sprinkle some salt around the door and furniture because fleas to stay in such areas. Wait at least a day or two before you vacuum.

Use vinegar: fleas cannot stand the smell of vinegar and if it comes into contact with any adult fleas they will die immediately. So make a solution of half water and half vinegar in a spray bottle mix it up by shaking the bottle and there after spray the carpet. Pay more attention to areas around furniture and areas where pets love to spend most of their time.

Using borax: the same way you used salt is the same way you should borax, simply sprinkle it into carpet fibers and wait until the next day to vacuum. If you have spread borax into the room in the night just wait until the following day and then vacuum but keep pets and kids away from the area because it is not yet safe for them to hang in the area.

Try getting the best out lemon: there are so many things that you can use lemon for besides just adding flavor to your juice. I guess you did not know that lemon can help in getting rid of fleas but it is very effective in getting them out of carpet. To use it boil water on a stove with three thin slices if lemon in, after it has boiled take it off and wait until the next morning to use it. To make your job much easier, pour the solution into a spray bottle and apply to the whole carpet.

Steam clean the carpet: the beast thing about using steam is that it kills both fleas and their eggs so you will have shot two birds with one stone. This method is safe enough for your pets and children so buying steam cleaner will be a good purchase. As high temperature of steam is pumped into the carpet it kills the eggs and adult fleas. If you have never used the machine before, I am sure it comes with a manual so the directions to know how to use a steam cleaner.

Carefully vacuum the carpet: put more effort in the way you vacuum the carpet, really close stripes ensuring not to miss out a single area. Concentrate more on the corners of the carpet and around furniture because that is where fleas are most likely to hide. Also put a lot of focus on those parts where pets like to stay.

Always throw the vacuum cleaner bag away after cleaning: do not put your efforts to waster by keeping the bag of your vacuum inside the house because fleas can easily escape and get back into the carpet. As soon as you are done vacuuming dispose the bag away outside and far away from the house. If your vacuum cleaner has a dust cup then ensure to empty it out of the house as soon as you are through with vacuuming your carpet.

Shower your pets with warm soapy water: fleas come from your pets on to your carpet and since warm soapy water is known to clean the kill fleas together with larvae and eggs. Therefore show your pets how much you love them by showering them on regular basis this will help to reduce the fleas that they leave on your carpet.
In conclusion, since you know how hard it is to get fleas out of your carpet it will be much better if you try some prevention measures before they can actually get into your home. It will be less of a burden to prevent them before they get into your home. Some of the things you can do to keep fleas away is to always check your pets to ensure that they do not have fleas and if they do treat them before pets enter your home. Also bathe and brush pets regularly, and give them some flea medication

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