How To Grind Coffee Beans Without A Grinder

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In case you have been given whole coffee-beans or you accidentally bought whole-beans instead of pre-ground coffee yet you don’t have a coffee-grinder, you can still grind these coffee-beans easily with some of the methods that i have listed in article in order to enjoy a great cup of coffee. In fact, nothing else smells good as an aroma of freshly-ground coffee and even people who don’t like coffee tend to love this fresh aroma/scent. All in all below are some of the ways to break-down your whole coffee-beans without using a coffee-grinder and I’m very sure that you be able to choose a method that works best for you.

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  1. Prepare your coffee-beans: remove the coffee-beans from the package and get a quality mortar and pestle ready by making sure that they are also well-cleaned.
  1. Pour the coffee-beans into a mortar: pour the coffee-beans to be ground into the mortar and then use a pestle to grind these beans until you reach a desired texture (fine or coarse). However, its start grinding with just a few beans at a time in order achieve a more gentle grind without beans flying across the room. In fact, you may have trouble grinding the coffee-beans at first because these beans will tend to leap from the mortar with every pound of the pestle but try to practice in order to become perfect.
  1. Remove the ground coffee: use a spoon to remove the ground coffee from the mortar after reaching the desired grind-level (coarse of fine). However, with this method you may not achieve perfectly ground coffee like with a coffee-grinder but the coffee will be good enough for drinking.
  1. Prepare you tea: you may decide to pour the ground coffee directly into you cup or use a sieve to filter out the grinds then add some sugar or milk to your tea in order to enhance on its taste and flavor.



The major purpose of grinding coffee is to reduce the coffee-beans to a coarse or fine textures in order achieve perfect coffee-grinds for French-press or espresso. But the easiest way of grinding your coffee-beans is by use of hammer. Below are some of the steps that you can actually follow during this grinding process:

  1. Prepare the beans to ground: begin by placing your favorite coffee-beans into a high-quality plastic-freezer bag or between sheets of parchment paper.
  1. Place the sealed beans into towel: place your packaged coffee-beans between towels or in a thin cloth.
  1. Grind with a hammer: begin grinding the coffee-beans using a hammer or meat-tenderizing mallet but try to crush these beans with short and even strokes. However, you should know that the ground coffee will not have a consistent size unless you have a very steady hand.
  1. Remove the coffee from the cloth and plastic-bag: after grind your coffee-beans, remove them from the cloth and later from the plastic-bag then use a spoon to pour then into you cup or you even use a sieve to separate the grinds from the coffee to be taken. In fact, this method will not result into the finest espresso but it still produce coffee-grinds fine enough for creating good cup of coffee.



Using a rolling pin to grind the coffee-beans is just similar to using a hammer and below are some of the steps that you can follow while grinding the coffee-beans with a roller:

  1. Put the beans into a plastic-bag or parchment-paper: begin by placing your coffee-beans into a heavy Ziploc-bag, parchment-paper or between a thin towel.
  1. Grind the coffee-beans with a roller: begin grinding your beans by simply rolling the pin over the plastic-bag containing the beans while using enough pressure in order to crush through the coffee-beans. On the other hand, you can use a sturdy round bottle or food-can as a roller for grinding your coffee-beans.
  1. Roll the beans to desired grind: continue rolling your coffee-beans until you reach the desired grind-level (coarse or fine texture) then stop the grinding.
  1. Unpack the ground coffee: remove your coffee-grinds from the plastic-bag using a spoon and then begin preparing your coffee ranging from fine espresso to a coarse French-press.



An old-style hand grinder/mincer can actually do a great job in terms of grinding your coffee-beans and you can actually follow the steps below to grind your coffee-beans with a hand mincer/grinder:

  1. Unpack the coffee-beans: begin by removing your coffee-beans from the package and then measure the amount of beans you want grind. Prepare your hand mincer/grinder at this point too.
  1. Pour the coffee-beans into the hopper: a hand-mincer/grinder actually has a hopper or section where the user should pour the beans to be ground. This means that you have to pour you well-measured coffee-beans into this hopper before you actually begin the grinding process.
  1. Grind the coffee-beans: use the hand twisting mechanism placed onto this mincer to begin the grind process. Gently twist this handle or lever until your coffee-beans reach a desired grind-level. Additionally, the ground-coffee will be extracted from an outlet while grinding and this mean that you should actually place a container below that outlet so that the grinds can be collected easily.
  1. Prepare your coffee: use the extracted grinds to prepare a cup of coffee. In fact, this hand-mincer is capable of creating coffee-grounds good enough for a French-press or espresso.



A blender is actually great at multi-tasking and will make grinding your coffee-beans quick and easy. Follow the steps provided on how to use a blender grind the coffee-beans so as to achieve a perfect cup of coffee.

  1. Prepare and measure the coffee-beans: unpack you coffee-beans and then measure about a tablespoon per cup of coffee you would like to make.
  1. Grind the beans: pour the coffee-beans into your blender and then begin blending these beans using the pulse setting. In fact, grind these beans until you reach a preferred grinds texture for either a French-press or espresso.
  1. Remove the coffee-grinds: the ground coffee from the blender using a spoon and then begin preparing your cup of coffee. However, remember to thoroughly clean your blender after using it to blend coffee in order to get rid of the strong scent of freshly ground coffee.

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