How To Have Non Bumpy Teeth

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Some people especially children have bumpy teeth which are also referred to as mamelons. Bumps don’t actually harm your teeth because they are just an esthetic issue. In fact, your teeth can naturally wear them away while biting as you eat but at times you may need to go for dental examination in order to get a better solution. All in all, having non-bumpy teeth is very possible and all you need to do is going for routine visits to the dentist and ensuring proper oral hygiene.

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  1. Check-out the type of health-insurance you have one: in case you have a health-insurance, then get to know more about the treats you can go for with this insurance. This is mainly because most health-insurances facilitate for dental services like; dental-implants, teeth-whitening, braces, veneers, root canals, dental-crowns, dental-bridges and much more. This means that you will able to dental-care in order to get rid of those bumpy-teeth but in case you don’t have a health-insurance, then tryout other solutions.
  1. Consult a professional dentist: try to find or consult a decent dentist in order to find a perfect solution for removing those bumps away the teeth. In fact, don’t be scared because nothing can go wrong as long as you cooperate with your dentist.
  1. Braces or retainer may be required: you may actually need braces or retainer in order to align the teeth in proper positions and to get rid of the bumps on them. In fact, braces look somehow neat when placed on your teeth and you will only have them on for limited period of time but not for a life time.
  1. Filing may be required: the dentist may even consider filing your teeth in order to remove the bumps but this usually works on newly erupted teeth. Additionally, you may even consider teeth-whitening treatment so as to keep them clean and to get rid of those bumps but don’t do this at home because you may end-up damaging the enamel.
  1. Maintain oral hygiene: always brush your teeth using good toothpaste, quality-toothbrush and even try to floss in-between your teeth to remove any food and plaque which escalate bacteria development. Cleaning your teeth actually keeps them strong stronger and less vulnerable to bumps or cracks at the edges which can lead to teeth-bumps. In fact, dentists recommend brushing teeth for at least 2-times a day and flossing before going to bed daily. Additionally, you can even use a mouthwash to rinse your mouth because keeps plaque from building-up.
  1. Avoid eating hard foods: try to avoid consuming hard-foods like nuts and other crackly-foods which require using too much force to chew with your teeth because these can actually crack the teeth-edges in the long run causing teeth-bumps. This means that you should try to eat foods that are soft in order to keep your teeth in a good condition.



  • Talk to your dentist in case you grind teeth when stressed or sleeping so that you can preventive measures because if you don’t stop grinding teeth, then they will develop bumps and other oral-complications in just a short while which is not good.
  • Floss your teeth every night after eating foods that stick into your teeth. This will help to remove all the foods in-between teeth hence hindering the development of plaque and bacteria which leads to teeth decay. You can actually use a small string or floss to clean in-between teeth but try to be careful and gentle so that you don’t damage the gums.
  • You should try to use a mouthwash at times because it’s very important when it comes to preventing plaque build-up. In fact, a mouthwash will be of great use in case you are in a hurry and you don’t have time for brushing your teeth.
  • Consult your dentist in case you have teeth-bumps or a cavity in order to get proper treatment and get advise on to prevent such problems from happening again. Never try to solve serious dental problems by yourself because you may end-up serious oral complication that can even lead to death.
  • Always keeps your teeth by brushing them every day. In fact it is recommended to brush your teeth for at least twice daily or after each meal in order to prevent bacteria development which is the major cause of tooth-cavities.
  • In case you have a bad breath, then try to consult a dentist in order to get a perfect solution to that problem because bad-breath is actually caused by several factors. In fact, bad breath can actually make people around you feel uncomfortable and it’s for this reason that you should work upon it.



  • It is extremely dangerous to keep or use the same toothbrush for a long period of time. This is because the toothbrush bristles will bend and this may end-up damaging your gums and compromising a thorough teeth cleaning experience. So, try to replace your toothbrush every 2-3 months for best results.
  • Avoid buying or using toothbrushes with hard bristles because these can severely damage your gum which is not good for your oral-health. Try to purchase toothbrushes with soft bristles because they will be gentle on the teeth and gums while brushing.
  • Don’t use products with abrasive elements to clean or whiten your teeth because you may end-up weakening the enamel and the gum hence leading to serious oral problems. It is recommended to go to a dentist in order to get advice on how to clean whiten your teeth and also try to user quality toothpaste or mouthwash to clean your mouth not just any product you come across.
  • Taking too long without brushing your teeth is the major cause of most oral problems like cavities, bad-breath, gum-disease and others. So you should to clean your teeth on a daily basis in order to remove any foods and plaque which lead to bacteria development which is the major of oral-problems. In fact, it’s recommended to brush teeth for at least twice a day and if not, then you should try to use a mouthwash because it also helps to eliminate bacteria.

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