How to Improve Your Mile Time (In a Month)

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I did a quick search about this topic in Google and I saw people searching for ways they can increase their mile time in a minute / in 2 weeks, in a week and so much more. Sometimes I wonder why humans want magic. I run just like anyone out there and I have done this for 10 years, but I doubt if you can increase your mile time in 30 seconds unless when you have been on the road for quite some time. Runners with experience and stable heart rate can do that, but if you’re a beginner, I suggest you give it 30 days. This is enough time for you to get used, once the body is ready, you can increase your mile time in a few minutes or days or weeks. In this post, you will learn how to improve your mile time.



  • Wear the right running shoes:- If you want to improve on your mile time, you have got and the right running shoes. My favorite brand is Nike & Asics; they have both cheap and expensive running shoes. In my opinion you should get something nice and durable, but make sure it’s a running shoe. The rubber has to be soft and the shoe has to be light so that you don’t exert too much pressure on the foot. When choosing a running shoe, opt for a size a little bit bigger than your normal shoes, they don’t have to be of exact size. For example, if you wear size 9 make sure you get size 10, that 1 inch is very important because as you run, your feet will be moving back and forth so there has to be space for this movement. Wear a good pair of sports socks; they have to be pure cotton because your feet will sweat as you run and the last thing you want are smelly sneakers.
  • Use the right fitness trackers:- I have reviewed different types of fitness trackers and sports watches on Yosaki, however, you have to opt for the best fitness tracker, a good example is Fitbit Surge, this model has a watch, heart rate monitor which helps you know the status of your heart / pulse, step counter and so much more. Using this type of fitness device is not a luxury as most of you would think. It helps know when to increase / reduce running speed (intensity), the same device will help you know distance covered and calories burned. So it works as a motivator and this is a very crucial factor especially when it comes to improving Mile time.
  • Eat well:- Since you have to run for long hours, you need enough energy to stay on the road. Let me related this to a donkey. If you plan to overwork your donkey, you have to feed it well, in that way it will also do the best job. Same applies to our bodies. Running burns lots of fats and calories which give us energy, so you have to eat a balanced diet before running. Avoid eating heavy meals when you’re about to run, the body will not digest that food immediately so it will instead become a burden. I suggest you eat 7 hours before running time; this is enough time for the body to convert food into energy. Your diet should include enough carbohydrates natural fats, greens, proteins and fruits.
  • Drink enough water: – At least you have to drink 4 glasses of water before 1 hour of running time and in total you have to consume 8 glasses in a day. Make sure you drink clean water which has room temperature. Cold water is not good for your body. If possible, you can supplement your 4 glasses of water with an organic energy drink; this will boost your energy.
  • Get company:- This might tricky for some people. I always run alone because naturally I’m a loner, so you’re like me, the only company you can have is music. However those who’re social, you can create a group of 3-4 people, your friends will help you run longer and at the same time the competition between you will help you improve your run time. On the other hand, loners like me, have to make different music playlists. One playlist should have moderate speed music, listen to this music as you start off, it will prevent you from sprinting too first when starting and then create a playlist with fast hard rock music or techno. Fast music should be played when your body warms up well, this will make you run faster hence improve on your run time. infrastructure



  • Sprint short distances:- I can’t speculate what your intentions are but if you run short sprinting distances or long marathon distances you need to do sprint running exercise. Marathon runners tend to run at a constant moderate speed but at the end of the race they increase on the speed that is why sprint training is very essential for both short & long distance runners. I’m an ordinary runner, but I do sprint running exercises in a football pitch. This is what I do: I wear a stop watch to track how fast I run from one goal post to another. Since I do long distance running, the energy I use to run 1 mile is burned in one sprint, so if I can do 5 sprints in 1 / 2 hours that means I can run 5 miles without stopping. Sprint running puts a lot of pressure on the heart and lungs, so make sure you get enough rest every-time you complete a sprint.
  • Work on your arm speed:- Train your hands very well because they help in improving running time. When running, make sure your hands are in 90 degrees angle, this is the best angle, you won’t get tired so fast and your body will become so light as you run.-Practice Interval Training
  • Improve your leg strength:- Since you have to run for a long distance, your legs have to be very strong. Endurance & strength are key factors in long distance running. Your legs should be in position to support you throughout the race and at the same time endure the pain and challenges. You can improve on your leg strength by sprinting on hills, start from the valley and sprint very fast uphill. You can do at least 10 sprints but have enough rest every after one sprint. Other exercises you can try to increase on the strength of your legs include; leaps, knee kicks, climb stairs,
  • Work on your endurance: – Your goal is to improve mile time, now this will take both endurance and speed. You need to have both of them to run fast and for long. Practice long distance running at the same speed. If this is your first time, try to run slowly but make sure you cover a very long distance. The next day go to a place with a hill and do short sprints up-the-hill, this will strengthen your legs and heart. On the 3rd day, set a goal to run a longer distance than last time, however, choose a route which has different levels.
  • Lift hand weights:- I talked about making your hands strong, that is right. Your body is supported by your hands and legs. You have to lift hand weights to gain power in those hands. Weights vary in size, I suggest you start with small weights and increase on the intensity gradually until you reach the maximum. I guess you have seen sprinters; they have the best bodies, reason being that they lift weights. I personally I have been reluctant in this but I have to go back to the gym and work on strength training.
  • Try out other exercises:- It is good to do different exercises to improve on your strength. For example, you can do squats / push-ups / Abs workouts. The all body has to be strong

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