How To Make Toast In An Oven – The Easy Way

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In case you have ever attempted to make a toast in an oven but without any knowledge on how to do it, then you probably got burnt and incredible results. However, making a delicious and perfectly crisp toast in an oven is not difficult in case you know how to set an oven. Additionally, cooking toast in an oven provides you with the ability to make many pieces of toast at once but you must keep an eye on the bread being toasted at all times for best results. All in all, you should not waste counter-space by purchasing a toaster in case you already have an oven because it can do toasts perfectly and in huge-amounts compared to a toaster which only does one job and in small quantities.

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  1. Shift the oven racks to top position: begin by moving the top shelf/rack in the oven to the highest position. This will help you to achieve the best toast because the bread will be able to achieve the right amount of heat in order to create a perfect toast.
  1. Set the oven to low broil-temperature: the solution to avoiding burnt pieces of bread is to set the oven to a broil-setting. Additionally, make sure that keep the oven at a relatively low temperature of about 300 for 350 degrees-Fahrenheit because this works best for toasting when using an oven. But you will have to wait until the oven reaches the proper temperature before placing the bread inside for toasting. Likewise, if the oven does not have a high/low setting for broiling, then you just have to pay closer attention to the bread being toasted so that it does not get burnt.
  1. Place and distribute pieces of bread onto a cookie-sheet or rack: the best way to put your toast into an oven is to use a flat cookie-pan or baking-pan. Don’t worry where the edges bread touch because the oven will toast the top and bottom sections of bread. However, in case you don’t have a baking or cookie sheet to place on your bread, then you may place the bread directly on the oven rack/shelf and you will still achieve a great toast.
  1. Add extra flavor to the bread (optional): you may decide to add some flavors to your bread like butter, garlic, cheese, oregano and much more prior to toasting. This will help to add taste and texture to your toast after cooking it in the oven.
  1. Open the oven door and place in the bread: you will have to open the oven-door and then place the cooking/baking sheet inside or even put the bread-slices on top of the rack/shelf. Be careful while placing the bread inside the oven and its even recommended putting on kitchen-gloves so that you don’t get burnt.
  1. Leave the oven-door slightly open: after placing in the bread, leave the oven-door slightly open so that you can be able to watch the top of your toast so that it does not get burnt. Continue to cook the bread until it reaches a golden brown color and this may take about 1 to 4 minutes depending on the efficiency of your oven.
  1. Flip the slices of bread over: try to flip the slices of bread over with tongs during the toasting process in order to toast the other side of bread until reaches a golden brown color. But remember to leave the oven-door slightly open so that you can achieve a clear view of what you are toasting.
  1. Remove the toast from the oven: incase the other side of your bread reaches the desired color, remove your toast using tongs and you can now apply some butter or margarine if you wish in order to add extra taste and flavor. Serve your toast on plates and now it will be ready for consumption during your breakfast.
  1. Turn the oven off: after the whole toasting process, switch of your oven and then wait for it cool so that you can begin to clean inside. Cleaning your toaster after toasting is very crucial because it helps to remove any sticky food-particles within the oven and even keeps the oven ready for next usage.



  • Never leave bread being toasted unattended to because it can easily get burnt and turn to a black color hence you will not able to consume it. So make sure that keep constant to your bread while toasting in order to achieve the best results.
  • Always leave the oven-door slightly open because this will offer you with excellent eye contact with what you are toasting and will enable you to turn the bread over for thorough toasting.
  • In case you want a cinnamon toast, apply butter on one side of the toasted-bread and then sprinkle the other side with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. However, you may decide to return the toast into the oven so that the butter melts and forms a glaze with the sugar and cinnamon mixture. Additionally, there are different flavors you can apply onto your toasted bread in order to enhance on its taste.
  • In case you have a toaster-oven, then you don’t need a toaster because it will just consume your counter-space. Just give away that toaster and save counter space by using that oven because it does what toaster can do.



  • Always use tongs or oven mitts when turning the toasted bread because if you use bare hand, you may end getting burnt by the super-hot oven.
  • An oven can become extremely hot when under operation and it is recommended to avoid touching it with bare hands or if need to touch it then use insulated kitchen-gloves in order to prevent your hands form the heat being produced.
  • Bread can get burnt easily and quickly hence you should try to keep your eyes on the bread being toasted in order to achieve best results.

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