How To Make A ”Grilled” Cheese Sandwich Using A Toaster Oven

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In case you want to eat something quick and hot then i you should tryout a grilled cheese-sandwich made with a toaster-oven. A grilled cheese sandwich is healthier but some people hate the mess and hassle related to creating it and that is why I recommend someone to use a handy toaster-oven because it is mess-free and gets the grilled cheese sandwich ready in less time compared to other oven or toasters. Below are some of the methods containing the instructions you should follow when creating a grilled cheese sandwich and they will of great help if you follow them properly.

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  1. Switch-on the toaster-oven: begin by switching on the oven and then place 2 slices of bread into this oven so that they can get toasted.
  1. Prepare 2-slices of cheese: while the 2-slices of bread are being toasted, cut 2-slices of cheese and then wait for the bread to get well toasted.
  1. Remove the bread from the toaster-oven: when you notice that bread is about a half toasted, open the toaster-oven and then carefully pull the rack out because this is where the bread will be resting.
  1. Apply cheese on the bread: place a slice of cheese on each piece of bread and then slightly askew so that when the sandwich is closed it feel very cheesy.
  1. Put back the bread into the oven: slide the rack back into the oven and then close the oven-door in order to resume with the toasting. This time you will be toasting both bread and cheese which placed on top. However, keep an eye on your cheesy-bread so that is does not get burnt. When you notice that cheese is partially melted, open the toaster door close your sandwich. Place the sandwich back for a few seconds in order to achieve the desired appearance and to seal the sandwich.
  1. Open the toaster-oven again: open the oven-doors and then remove the sandwich, place it on a tray or plate and after cut it diagonally. You sandwich will now be ready for consumption and this can actually be a perfect recipe for breakfast.



  1. Prepare the ingredients and tools: this step involves preparing the toaster-oven by making sure that it is clean and then switch it on. After, get 2-slices of bread, 2-slices of cheese and 2-slices of ham.
  1. Begin to toast: set the toast-option to “light” and then place a place the 2-slices of bread into the oven and then toast them for at least 1-minute but the time may also depend on the type of toaster-oven you are using.
  1. Add cheese to the bread: open the oven-door after short period of time and then carefully place a slice of cheese on each slice of bread but make sure that the cheese does not hang over the edge of the bread because it may melt down into the oven. Close the toaster-oven doors after placing on the cheese and then toast again for about 20 to 30 seconds for best results.
  1. Add ham to the cheesy-bread: open the oven-door again and then place a piece of ham on top of the cheesy-bread while making sure that the ham does not hang-off the edge of the bread. Close the toaster-oven door again and continue with toasting bread for about 30-seconds until the edges of bread turn brown.
  1. Prepare the sandwich for consumption: this involves placing one slice of the toasted bread, ham and cheese on a plate and then flip the other piece over in order to form a sandwich then cut into 2 for easy consumption. Additionally, you may even add some butter to the toast in order to make it extra tasty if you wish to do so.
  1. Clean the toaster-oven: it is very important to clean the toaster-oven after using it to prepare a sandwich in order to remove any split fat and cleaning will also help to oven to last for longer.



  1. Place a raw sandwich in a toastabag: assemble the sandwich by getting 2-slices of bread plus cheese and then put them together. Place the sandwich into the bag and then slide it into a single toaster slot for best results. In fact, this will enable to make 2-sandwiches at once which is good. On the other hand, the toastabags are reusable, dishwasher safe and even create gluten-free sandwiches. However, the only weakness about using toastabags to create sandwiches is that you can’t get both sides of bread nicely toasted and crunchy without doing some little prep work.
  1. Turn the toaster on one side: turning the toaster sideways and then placing a slice of bread carefully layered with cheese into each slot will help to prevent the melting cheese to fall into the hot toaster-wires. This also helps in the creation of fast, no-fuss grilled cheese sandwiches with ease. However, be careful while sliding out the cheesy-bread do that cheese doesn’t catch any toaster parts because this makes cleaning hard. Additionally, you can decide to either eat each cheesy-toast individually or decide to place them together to create a real sandwich.
  1. Turn the toaster and create a whole sandwich: you can also decide to just slide a whole assembled sandwich into one slot without using a toastabag in order to achieve a well-grilled cheese sandwich. However, make sure that the toaster features large slots in order to handle the bulk of a whole sandwich.



  • You will need to keep any eye on the sandwich during the preparation process so that it not get burnt or overdone. In fact, it would be best to acquire a toaster-oven with an interior light because it will enable you see clearly what you are cooking.
  • You may decide to place the sandwich in a microwave for 30-seconds after applying the cheese instead of returning it to the toaster-oven because this ensures safe and quick results.
  • Lastly, try to use processed cheese slices because they produce best results when it comes to creating delicious sandwiches. However, processed cheese is less healthy and you may decide to use more natural cheese if you wish to do so.

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