How To Use A Food Processor To Make Baby Food

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Instead of feeding your little baby on foods that are prepackaged that contains a lot of ingredients that you may not be aware of it is much better to feed it on your own home made food. Fresh food will help you know what your baby likes to feed on and it is very cost effective. Now for those of you that want to make home-made baby food, using a food processor is a very important tool as it makes the process quick and can prepare the food just the way you want it. Here is how you can make the best healthy and natural food for baby this post will give you how to go about it step by step.

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  • Use natural fruits and vegetables:when you are going to purchase ingredients to make for baby food, ensure that you buy from a trusted source because buying from just anywhere you will not get pure natural or organic food. Any foods that have been treated with chemicals and pesticides can cause danger to your little child.
  • Only prepare low-sugar foods: these are the most recommended foods to prepare for your baby because foods with high sugar content don’t just cause food poisoning to the baby but may also make her resist breast milk which we all know is the best food for babies.
  • Peel the fruits and get rid of any seeds: for fruits that need to be peeled like bananas first take off the peeling and for those that contain seeds like apples you will need to first takes out the seed before you actually throw them into the machine.

Steam or cook some of the foods before actually putting them into the food processor: raw and hard foods need to be cooked first before processing them because it might be hard for the blades to grind them yet babies’ needs to be extremely soft.

  • Fruits and vegetables should be steamed or slightly boiled before they are thrown into the machine.
  • Raw food like meat, chicken as well grains should be cooked to make them soft so that when they are being processed the process is much easier, smoother and faster.


To make baby food in the food processor:

  • Measure the right amount of food and put it into the food processor: put the right amount of food into the food processor, it is best to measure food the baby will eat and finish. But if you like, you can cook more and store it up in the refrigerator.
  • Add some water to the food: measure the water according the amount of food you have prepared, some foods may require more than others while some may not require any water all.
  • Some foods take for example potatoes, you will not need to add water all as food will be soft enough for baby to eat. For meat or chicken you may add some water in order to soften food as much as possible.
  • For babies that are being introduced to solid food it is always best that you add enough water to make the food more like soup since it is their first time it is not advisable to give them food that is too solid because it may be too hard for them to digest. This therefore reduces chances of the baby getting constipated.
  • Run the food processor until food has entirely mixed up with the food or until a consistency that you are sure your baby will be able to chew before serving it. Do not serve the food until it has become completely soft.

Other Equipment That Can Be Used For Making Baby Food.

You do not want to keep your hungry baby waiting just because food is not yet ready so if you do not have a food processor do not beat yourself up there is a lot of other equipment that you can use to make your baby’s food just the way you want it.

  • Baby food maker: besides the food processor there is a tool specifically designed for making baby food known as a baby food maker. It has all the functions you need to prepare your baby’s food properly. It can steam cook, and it is also good at pureeing vegetables fruits plus meat for your baby. You can probably look for one that can reheat and defrost to make preparation much faster.
  • Hand turned food mill: one thing about this equipment is the fact that it does not require electricity to operate which simply means that you can prepare food for your baby at absolutely any time. It has several blades to enable you prepare different textures of food and it is super portable which makes it one of the most preferred tools for making baby food.
  • A good quality folk: many of you may ignore how important a folk is, simple as it may appear your folk can perform lots of tasks when it comes to preparing baby food. Food like avocado, potatoes and bananas among others can easily be smashed using a folk.
  • Blender: a blender is more like a food processor when it comes to number of tasks it can do to prepare baby’s food. You can puree vegetables and fruits in the blender but just like you did with the food processor you have to cook or steam some hard foods before blending them.
  • Baby food grinder: this also another cheap and very portable tool that can help you prepare your baby’s food. On those days when you don’t have power this can be alternative.

Baby food preparation tips:

  • If you are going to prepare foods that are high in nitrates you should get them from the refrigerator because as they are frozen the content of nitrates is lessened.
  • Always serve the bay food as soon as it gets ready but if there is any remainder remember to store in the freezer because there will not get contaminated with germs or increase in level of nitrates.
  • Make sure the food you add to the baby’s food has cooked to boiling point to ensure the safety of your child.

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