How To Vacuum Stairs Easily

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Stairs are one of the most ignored places when it comes to vacuuming but remember you always move up and down those every day which means they get really dirty and dusty. Stairs do not need daily vacuuming but at least do it once or twice every week and then find one day in month to work on the corners and edges because these need enough time to be cleaned well. The best tool for vacuuming the stairs is a motorized brush roll, but if your vacuum does not have it then you can do it with a light weight upright cleaner. One of the really simple tricks to make vacuuming stairs quick and easy is to endure your vacuum cleaner is completely empty because working up those stairs with a bulky vacuum will be one of the hardest things you ever had to. Follow these steps to vacuum your stairs with great simplicity.




  • Pick up all the rubbish:to avoid blocking your vacuum cleaner, please remove all the large pieces of trash with your hands. This will not only protect your vacuum cleaner but also make the process much easier for you.
  • Attach a smaller nozzle to work on the corners and edges: the hose or wand handle will not be able to get dust out of those corners yet this is where dust settles the most, therefore remove it and attach a smaller nozzle or stair tool.
  • Start from the bottom moving upwards: starting from the bottom is the most effective to way to vacuum stairs because you can easily spot all those tiny dust particles. However if you start from the top moving downwards you end up leaving dust behind and may even trip over and fall down.
  • Press the stair tool deep into the corners: remember most if the dust particles hide in the corners so put most of your energy and attention to them. The corners are more difficult to clean that is why it is better to begin with them when you still have enough energy.
  • Work on the stairs: now that the most difficult part is finished, replace the larger attachment and move back to the bottom. Vacuum the stairs beginning from down going upwards the same way you did with the corners. This time round you do not have to press too much just the nozzle do its job.
  • Vacuum both the horizontal and vertical part of the stairs: when working on horizontal part, move the vacuum cleaner attachment back and forth ensuring that the entire area is worked upon so that dust particles are not left behind. When you are through with the horizontal side, clean the vertical part by moving the vacuum attachment up and down.
  • Keep vacuuming both sides of each stair: like I said before, as you work your way up the stairs ensure to clean both the vertical and horizontal side.
  • Check for any missed stairs: stand at the bottom of the stairs and look up to check out for any missed stairs and dust particles.



They are basically two types of vacuum cleaners, that is to say canister vacuum cleaners and upright vacuum cleaners. So let see how each types should be used to vacuum stairs.

Vacuuming stairs with upright vacuum cleaners

  • Place your vacuum cleaner at the bottom of the stairs and plug it into power. Adjust your cleaner to rug or carpet pile setting.
  • If your vacuum has a hose attachment, add the attachment then place the vacuum cleaner on the stair right below the one you are going to clean. Start from the bottom working your way upwards for a well-balanced and easy cleaning.
  • Use a very small nozzle and hose attachment to clean the stairs, start with the horizontal or upper side of the stair then move to the vertical side. Keep doing this with each stair.
  • Keep moving the cleaner back and forth to ensure that there are no dust particles missed out. Repeat the process until all the stairs are cleaned.

Vacuuming stairs with canisters vacuum cleaners

  • Plug the vacuum cleaner into a power socket close to the stairs, this will help you clean the stairs without any interruption. If your machine’s cord is not long enough then use a heavy duty extension cord.
  • Attach a really small nozzle or stair tool if your machine has one to the hose. In case you don’t have a stair tool, you can purchase one from Amazon for effective cleaning on the stairs.
  • Start with the corners and edges moving from the bottom to the top. Place the tool hard into those corners because dust tends to get stuck in there.
  • When you are done with the corners and edges, move back down remove the small nozzle and attach the normal beater brush attachment to work on the horizontal and vertical parts of the stairs. When you are cleaning the vertical side, turn the attachment outward and move the machine up and down
  • Again start from the bottom going upwards until you are through with all the stairs.


How to choose the best vacuum cleaner for the stairs:

There is absolutely no way you will have the stairs thoroughly clean if you do not have the right vacuum cleaner. This is the first thing you should put into consideration and here some guidelines that will help know the best vacuum cleaner to use on the stairs.

  • The vacuums cleaners’ portability: this involves a lot of things like the length of the vacuum’s cord, its weight the vacuums head and many others. The best vacuum cleaner to use on the stairs is one that has a light weight, long cord and a pivoting head that easily turns in different direction. These make the process very quick, effective and less tiresome.
  • Variety of attachments: a vacuum cleaner that has crevice tools or a stair case tool makes cleaning of stairs very simple. This is because these attachments are small enough to get into those corners and suck out all the dust particles.
  • Cordless usage: rechargeable vacuum cleaners are the best to use on stairs because you don’t have to worry about the machine getting plugged out in the middle of the process.

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