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BISSELL CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass Review 1

At such an amazing price, just $69.99 on Amazon theBissell clean view upright vacuum with one pass has worn many other vacuum cleaners that are highly priced with its exceptional performance. This 9595A is a very easy to operate vacuum cleaner with extremely powerful strong suction that does not even leave pet hairs in those hard to reach areas.

It is super-fast because each single pass that you make is efficient so you do not have to make multiple passes to make your home clean as you want it. It is engineered with an advanced brush design that rotates deep down into the carpet to remove the most stubborn dust and dirt. The cyclonic system in this vacuum will provide you with suction that is long lasting even when you switch to different floor types. Vacuuming stairs is not one of your worries anymore since the Bissell cleanview upright vacuum comes with a turbo brush tool that is very efficient when it comes to cleaning stairs, furniture and any other upholstery. Maintenance is really simple with this vacuum’s easy to empty dust tank.


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  • Great for removing stubborn dust and pet hair, the Bissell 9595A vacuum cleaner is infused with a cyclonic system that provides powerful cleaning and strong suction all through the sessions. It also uses its innovative brush technology that rotates deep down into the carpet to removed ground in dirt and pet hair that seems difficult to remove.
  • Comes at a good price, this vacuum cleaner performs excellently yet it comes at a fair price compared to all other vacuum cleaner that manufacturers claim to be high quality. This makes the machine very affordable to everyone.
  • Simple dust emptying, emptying the dust vacuum’s tank is very simple since you only have to press a button to release the dirt. There is nothing no mess.
  • It does not make any noise,the clean view vacuum cleaner from Bissell gives you all the comfort you need while cleaning as it stays very quiet all through. This has made this vacuum cleaner the winner, no irritating noise.


  • Its 5 height adjustment is manual, this means that when changing to a different height or floor types you have to adjust the vacuum manually this is a bit hectic and slow, it is not like other vacuums that automatically adjust.
  • Its performance on bare floors is not that good, some of the customers that used this vacuum cleaner said that it kept releasing dirt while being used on bare floors. Much as the vacuum cleaner offers splendid performance when used on carpets, it does not give satisfactory results when used on bare floors.

BISSELL CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass Review



Features overview:

  • Cyclonic system:from the beginning to the end of your cleaning session the 9595A Bissell vacuum maintains its cleaning power since it is infused with a cyclonic system. This system also ensures that all dirt and dust particles in the air and hard to reach areas is sucked up into the vacuum with the cleaner’s strong long lasting suction.
  • Multi-level filtration: there is no way you can have a sparkling clean carpet if your vacuum cleaner does not capture dust particles in the air that is why the Bissell cleanview upright vacuum cleaner is designed with a multi-level filtration consisting of both HEPA filtration and rinsable foam filters that make maintenance simple. HEPA filtration ensures that all dust particles and allergens are captured so that they don’t escape into the air.
  • Advancedand innovative brush technology: it is all because of this technology that the brush can rotate deep down into the carpet fibers to remove dust particles that may be stuck there. It uses this technology along its strong suction power to leave your carpet spotless.
  • 5 height adjustments: this vacuum cleaner has a manual height adjustment system that helps you clean different carpet types without having to change the vacuum cleaner. It does not only stop at that, it makes the vacuum cleaner can be used on different heights without too much struggle.
  • One pass technology:the Bissell cleanview 9595A utilizes a great combination of an innovative brush design together with a strong suction power to ensure that just one single pass is enough to capture all the dirt. With this technology even that deeply ground in dirt in your carpet will be removed in the shortest possible time.
  • 25 foot cord:with this long power cord, you are now able to clean larger spaces without having to unplug the vacuum every now and then. This even makes it quicker to clean the entire since you do not keep looking for different power outlets in which to plug the vacuum cleaner.
  • Clean view design: this Bissell clean view upright vacuum cleaner is designed with a transparent dust tank so that the user can know when to empty the tank before the cleaner loses suction. This gives added advantage to this vacuum cleaner because with other vacuums it is not that simple to know when to empty the dust tank.
  • Turbo brush tool: besides the vacuum cleaner’s light weight that makes it easy to maneuver over all spaces whether big or small, it also comes with a turbo brush which is detachable to make cleaning on smaller areas less problematic. This brush will help you clean areas like curtains, under and around furniture, stairs and so much more with great ease.
  • Easy empty dirt tank:just a press one the button is enough to release all the dirt from the tank. Emptying this vacuum cleaner is that easy.

BISSELL CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass Review 2

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Product quality:

The cleanview 9595A vacuum cleaner is a low priced vacuum cleaner with performance better than that of highly priced vacuum cleaners. It has is infused with cyclonic system to provide you with strong suction power for the start of your cleaning session to the very end with all dust particles captured and sealed into the vacuum. This light weight vacuum cleaner is also perfect for people with allergies because it is made with multi-level filtration which uses a combination of HEPA filtration and low maintenance washable filters to capture all dust particles and allergens in the atmosphere without even a single dust particle escaping. With innovative brush technology which penetrates deep into the carpet to get rid of all that stubborn that gets stuck into your carpet. The clean view 9595A vacuum is also designed with 5 height adjustments that you manually adjust to clean different heights and floor types without unplugging the vacuum hence continued suction throughout the session.

For added effectiveness this vacuum cleaner from Bissell has 25 foot cord for cleaning large spaces with ease and one pass technology which makes cleaning extremely fast as you do not have to go over the same area several areas to make it sparkling clean. You can now know when to empty the vacuum due to its clean view design that shows how much dust is the dust tank before the vacuum cleaner loses suction. Emptying has been simplified, just with a press of a button dust is released and with a variety of attachments like the crevice, turbo brush, twist and snap hose, extension wand and dusting brush you can easily clean all hard to reach areas like the curtains, around and under furniture and any other upholstery.

BISSELL CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass Review 1

Who does it benefit?

Perfect for people with back pain: the Bissell cleanview upright vacuum cleaner measures 14.6 by 10.8 by 31.5 inches. The main point here is that the vacuum is 31.5 inches tall which is the perfect size to clean without having to bend too much as you clean the floor.  This keeps your back straight hence reducing the possibility of getting back pain. The vacuum cleaner also has a lightweight which makes it easy to carry it around and store it without straining your back too much.

BISSELL CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass Review 4

What else do you need?

Febreze Bissell Cleanview Replacement Vacuum Filter: this works well with clean view series vacuum cleaners, it helps to keep the environment fresh and free from odors as you clean your house. Ensue to check you vacuum’s filters frequently.

BISSELL Style 7/9/10 Replacement Belts: this set comes with two belts that fit most Bissell vacuum cleaners and for effective performance of the cleaner you have to change belt after sometime.

BISSELL CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass Review 3

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