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When we talk about the vacuum cleaner with the most powerful suction, we are simply talking about the Dyson cinetic big ball animal plus allergy. This vacuum cleaner is made to beat all those other vacuums that lose suction with its new revolutionary Dyson cinetic science. This technology is what enables the vacuum suck all that microscopic dust that clogs other vacuums.


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Now for those that hate the trouble of cleaning and replacing filters, this vacuum cleaner is specifically made for you since it is the first ever vacuum cleaner with no filters. This enables it to maintain suction and avoid the possibility of getting clogged. The self-adjusting head makes the vacuum seal in suction even on different floor types meaning that even the small dust particles in between these floors is captured to make your home excellently clean. With HEPA filtration, Dyson cinetic big ball vacuum cleaner captures allergens and bacteria. It does not matter how many pets you have in your home, this vacuum cleaner is made for people like you as it is engineered with the best tools to suck up all that fur that pets litter around your house.


  • Maintains suction:besides having very powerful suction, the Dyson cinetic big ball animal plus allergy vacuum cleaner also has the ability to retain suction on different floor types. This is because it has been designed with a self-adjusting cleaner head which automatically adjust as you work on different floor types, with this suction is always sealed in and small dust particles in between the carpets are sealed in.
  • It has no filters for washing or replacement:using this vacuum cleaner is super easy to use and care for, it has very innovative features that do not allow clogging. It is therefore made with no filters to save you the burden of having to wash and replace filter from time to time.
  • It is a perfect pet hair vacuum:this is the vacuum cleaner is specifically made for any home with wets reason being it has a tangle-free turbine tool. Counter rotating heads have brushes that capture hair from furniture without damaging it.
  • Great 5 year warranty: this kind of warranty is enough proof that the vacuum is of great quality. If you buy this vacuum cleaner from an authorized agent you are have the freedom to return it, if the results it is giving you are not satisfactory or they are anything less than what you expected.


  • Poor maneuverability:one that you must know about this vacuum is that it has a really big ball therefore it can barely fit areas problematic areas like under furniture and around it. Despite the fact that, the big ball is one of its main featured as clearly stated in its title, it has also become a huge disadvantage about this vacuum cleaner. Good enough the vacuum comes with attachments that can help out to make the entire house clean for example the reach under tool.
  • It is bulky and heavy: this Dyson cinetic vacuum cleaner 43.3 by 17.2 by 13.4 inches and weighs 19.3lb, this machine is not sleek at all which means you must have enough space to store it. But above the vacuum is very heavy and bulky due to its big ball making cleaning somehow complicated.



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Features overview:

  • Made for homes with pets: This vacuum cleaner sucks every tiny piece of dirt from the carpet and upholstery without causing it any danger due to its turbine tool that does not tangle. It also has counter rotating heads with brushes, the heads are super flexible which gives them the possibility to maintain contact between the floor and cleaner head all the time. In addition, these heads are perfectly placed so that they reach both the front and sides of the tool to grab hair from various directions hence leaving you house free not just dust but also pet hairs that other vacuums may have left out.
  • Dyson cinetic science:the technology used to build the Dyson big ball animal vacuum cleaner has been completed renewed to make the cleaner more efficient than all the rest. It is engineered with 35 Dyson cinetic tips whereby each of these tips waver 350 times per second thus stopping air flow blockage and preventing dust from building up. This Dyson cinetic science produces over 313,000g trapping even the smallest dust particles from the air into the vacuum. This means that this vacuum cleaner will clean up even microscopic dust that other vacuums would leave behind.
  • Self-adjusting cleaner head:cleaning different floor types has just been made simpler with the Dyson cinetic big ball vacuum cleaner. Since it is made with an active base plate which needs not manual operation to adjust, it adjusts automatically on different floor types to avoid losing suction on floor that are different. This also ensures that tiny dust particles between the floors are also not missed out.
  • Motorized brush bar: this brush bar is manufactured with motorized brush bar nylon bristles that are stiff to penetrate deep into the carpet to get rid of the dirt that seems really tough to remove.
  • No filters:this vacuum cleaner efficiently separates dust that is exactly why it is not made with a pre-motor filter. This also helps the cleaner to seal in suction while saving you the trouble of washing and replacing filters.
  • Ball technology:the ball is big enough so all the vacuum’s most important components fit right in there hence giving the machine a well streamlined profile. With this can easily access the components to clean tight places. The fixed wheels are static but that should be no problem because the ball can turn instantly.
  • HEPA filtration: this technology in infused into the vacuum cleaner to ensure maximum protection for the user as it scoops all bacteria and allergens in the air. Adding up to that, the entire cleaner system is totally sealed, there is absolutely no way dirty air will escape.
  • Reach under tool: this is a new design tool that will help to give this vacuum more flexibility so that even the most problematic areas are cleaned. It features robust bristles, a paddle shape and supple design that will make it remove dust and dirt from hard to clean parts more effectively hence making your home super clean.
  • Gets rid of allergens: Dyson cinetic big ball vacuum cleaner will remove all allergens from both delicate and hard surfaces, reason being it has with four tools for allergen removal.
  • Quick bin empting:there is no man power needed to empty the vacuum cleaner, you just have to press a button and the cleaner will empty itself. It is that simple.

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Product quality:

Unlike all the other vacuum cleaners, the Dyson cinetic big ball vacuum cleaner is made with no filters to wash and clean. Even if you have very many pets in your home, the vacuum cleaner has features that will help you get rid of all that pet hair like the tangle-free turbine tool. It comes with a reach under tool which is extremely flexible to make cleaning under and around furniture very easy. The vacuum cleaner features a huge ball where all key components are stored so that you can easily choose whichever you want to use quickly. Now for those suffering from asthma and allergies this is possibly the best vacuum clean for you reason being its whole system is sealed so no dust particles will escape to affect you. Its self-adjusting head enables it to quickly adjust to different floor types with no absolutely no suction lost. With Dyson cinetic tips more dust and dirt is captured without air passages getting blocked therefore this vacuum cleaner sucks up all the dust particles that clog other vacuum cleaners.

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Who does it benefit?

  • Perfect for homes with pets: if you have pets like puppies or cats in your house, they will litter their hair all over the sofas and carpets so the Dyson cinetic big ball vacuum cleaner has been made to suck up all that hair when you are cleaning. This is majorly because of the tangle-free turbine tool and brushes that capture dust without damaging you upholstery.
  • Good for people with asthma and allergies: this vacuum cleaner’s entire system is sealed leaving no room for dust particles to escape. This is why it the most recommended for people with asthma and other allergies.

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What else do you need?

Dyson articulating hard floor tool: this is particularly designed for better cleaning on hard floors. The tool is very handy and will help you clean hard to reach areas more effectively.

Dyson stiff bristle brush: this brush deeply penetrates into the carpet to remove all that dirt that seem tough and hard to remove

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