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Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum Review 3

Shark navigator lift away vacuum cleaner is a very multipurpose vacuum cleaner that has been designed to making cleaning your home a very simple and enjoyable experience. The upright vacuum cleaner has great portability that will enable you clean up the whole house without getting tired, it is very fast and also very easy to operate. This means that even if it is you first time to use the vacuum cleaner, you will find no hardships using it.


Filters are kept clean as air spins at a really high speed hence preventing dirt and dust from getting in contact with the filters. Its dust cup is very efficient at minimizing suction loss as its dusting brush bristles are very effective on both soft and hard floors. The NV352 is further engineered with advanced cyclonic technology extracts fine dirt from the air to avoid the vacuum’s filters and ensure powerful suction throughout the cleaning time. The combination of HEPA filtration and Shark’s anti-allergen complete seal technology gives this vacuum cleaner the ability to capture all dust particles and allergens into the vacuum without any escaping into the air to infect you.

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  • It has such great weight, this vacuum cleaner has a really light weight that makes it easy to lift, push and pull this simply means that when you are cleaning big spaces it will be less tiresome. This is one of the most portable vacuum cleaners you will find on the market lately.
  • It is extremely cheap to maintain, this is because of just two reason, first of all the vacuum comes with a whole list of attachments for example crevice and duster, electric motorized standard nozzle, air powered pet turbo nozzle to mention but a few. Secondly the vacuum cleaner also requires very little maintenance for the filter and a life time belt that does not require replacement.
  • Perfect for people with pets and allergies, the cleaner has pet tools that lift pet hair from hard to reach places like deep into the carpet, on the couch or any other upholstery. Also it has a completely sealed system where by dust particles are trapped inside without even a single one escaping.
  • It makes cleaning different floor types very easy, the NV352 is designed with brush roll switch on and off buttons so that when you are going to clean a different type of floor, you can do it without suction being lost.
  • It is quiet, unlike many other vacuum cleaners, the shark navigator lift away vacuum cleaner does not make any irritating noise so you can listen to music, watch screen or talk to someone else while cleaning and the noise won’t interfere.


  • Its cord cover just one room, this vacuum’s cord is 25 which means it cover a smaller surface area compared to other vacuums whose cord is 50.
  • Thee canister is too tall, despite the portability of the vacuum it has a really tall canister this makes it difficult to clean under furniture.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum Review 3



Features overview:

  • Light weight lift away:the shark navigator lift-away vacuum cleaner features a lift away canister for more portability and to provide light weight. This makes it very convenientfor the user to clean problematic areas like under or around furniture, on the stairs as well as upholstery.
  • Anti-allergen complete seal technology:this technology entails an anti-allergen complete seal system and superior HEPA filtration which captures and clamps dust within the vacuum. This also helps to ensure that dust does not escape back into the air.
  • Superior carpet and bare floor cleaning:this vacuum cleaner is made with a motorized brush detailed with a shut off function. This means that when you are switching from cleaning the carpet to bare floors, you just press the brush roll shut off button and select bare floor. This enables the cleaner to maintain suction throughout the cleaning session, now even dust particles in between the different floors are removed.
  • Never loses suction technology: the NV352 vacuum cleaner has been engineered with cyclonic technology which perfectly separates fine dirt from the air, this prevents the vacuum’s filters from getting congested. Since the filters remain open all the time, the vacuum’s suction power is kept stronger as well throughout the cleaning session. This technology ensures that the vacuum cleaner maintains suction from the very first room to the last for perfect results.
  • Bag less dust cup:to save you the burden and cost of buying and replacing bags every now and then, the vacuum cleaner is made with a really large dust cup. This dust cup does not fill up quickly and is also very easy to empty, its bottom empty design allows quick dust cup emptying.
  • Life time belt and filters:this is the most cost efficient vacuum cleaner you will come across because it requires no maintenance costs at all. The filters are designed with exceptional quality so they require very little or no maintenance while the life belt can perform for a whole life time as it requires nothing like replacement.
  • 25 foot power cord:the NV352 has a very long 25 foot power cord which offers the user more range for cleaning. With this, cleaning large spaces has been made faster and simpler.
  • High quality pet tools:these tools will make cleaning in hard to reach areas very easy since they are very strong and manufactured with great quality hence providing more accessibility. With a lot of ease they also lift all that tough and stubborn dirt on carpeted stairs, upholstery and even pet hair to leave your house sparkling. .
  • Swivel steering: with this unique vacuum cleaner, cleaning has become really enjoyable and easy due to its upright and lightweight design that helps you steer around all obstacles in your home.


Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum Review 5

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Product quality:

The shark navigator lift away vacuum (NV352) is very versatile and really easy to use machine that will make cleaning you home as fun as it has never been before.  This is a lifetime investment because it is extremely cost efficient with filters that need very little maintenance together with a belt which requires no maintenance at all. With a 25 foot power cord, cleaning large spaces is much simpler and quicker. The versatile pet tools provide very quick access to all those hard to reach areas and at the same time the tools lift up pet hair and all that remaining dust on upholstery to give you a flawless home. The NV352 is engineered with never lose suction technology and superior carpet plus bare floor cleaning to ensure that all the dust in your house in captured with no suction being lost even when you switch to cleaning different floor types.

You should not bother with washing and replacing dust bags whenever you clean your house while using the Shark navigator lift away vacuum cleaner since it has a really big dust cup that is does not easily get filled up and when it does, you just press a button and have all the garbage disposed off. Your health is also too is guaranteed when you choose the NV352 reason being it combines anti-allergen complete seal technology with superior HEPA filtration to certify that all dust particles are captured and sealed into the vacuum without even the smallest or tiniest dust particle escaping into the air.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum Review 2

Who does it benefit?

Great for houses with carpeted stairs: cleaning carpeted stairs is one of the most difficult things when you are using a vacuum cleaner, however if you have the right vacuum like the shark navigator lift away vacuum, it will be a walk over. The NV352 is made with various tools that are great for accessing such hard to reach areas and in addition it is designed with a lift-away canister that is detachable to provide light weight and portability hence making it very convenient to cleaning those carpeted stairs very quickly.

What else do you need?

Micro vacuum attachment kit: this is a 7 piece micro attachment set with all the accessories you will need to clean hard to reach areas like book shelves.  It is perfect for all types of vacuums.

Shark HEPA filter: this filter traps about 99.7% dust particles in the house and fits well on the shark navigator lift away vacuum cleaner. Much as the filter does not need frequent replacement, you will need to replace once in a while and this will be a perfect choice filter.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum Review 4

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