Dyson Dc65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Review

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Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner 2

The Dyson DC65 has beaten all the other vacuums you have used before as it is engineered with Radial Root Cyclone Technology plus a reconfigured brush bar to ensure maximum suction of dirt and dust from your home. The vacuum’s brush bar also has been redesigned with shorter but stiffer bristles that deeply penetrate into the carpet to remove all the dirt and sustain great performance on hard floors.


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With this new technology cleaning your carpet or that hard floor just became much simpler and there absolutely no way you will find a vacuum cleaner better than the DC65. For more portability many components of the cleaner have been condensed from the outside and sealed into the ball therefore you will find most of the key technologies in there. All the things that surround the ball have been removes so that the vacuum can perfectly both under and around furniture. Unlike other vacuums where you have to manually adjust the setting when working on different floor types, the DC65 has a self-adjusting head to offer you the finest contact whenever you are changing to another floor type. This also helps to seal in suction at the cleaner head and cut down on air leaks, this is surely the strongest upright vacuum on a ball.


  • The DC65 animal complete upright vacuum beats all other vacuums when it comes to cleaning carpets and hard floors, this vacuum is infused with all the latest innovative and incredible features to ensure that your house is thoroughly clean. It has an automatic adjusting cleaner for constant suction and strong suction power that ensure each floor type you switch to when cleaning is perfectly cleaned.
  • Provides maximum protection to the user, the vacuum is infused with HEPA filtration technology where by its two washable filters ensure that even the smallest bit of dirt is sucked up into the dirt cylinder. This not only makes the house excellently clean but also gives protection to the user.
  • It is a very durable vacuum, the DC65 animal vacuum is made with great quality so it is very long lasting yet cost efficient since it has no dirt bag. This means that you will not have to waste money every now and then buying new dirt bags. It has two washable and replaceable filters to help save money during all that time that you will own it.
  • Leaves nothing like dirt behind, the vacuum has extremely strong suction power that sucks up the toughest dirt and all that pet on your carpet and furniture without causing any kind of damage to the carpet or furniture.


  • It only performs when plugged into power, although the vacuum comes with a very long cable, it will not help during times when power is out. It is a corded vacuum that can only be used when plugged into power which means that you will have to sleep in a dirty house in case power is out for whole week.
  • It does not have a storage for its attachments, I understand this was done to limit on space for storage and also cut down on the vacuum’s weight but it is a disadvantage at the same time. Much as the attachments are not that big, finding another place where to store is also more trouble.


Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner 1



Features overview:            

  • Self-adjusting cleaner head: this time round you do not have to manually adjust the vacuum when switching to different floor types since the DC65’s cleaner head automatically adjusts itself. The vacuum cleaner sustains close contact with the floor even when you have changed to another type of floor reason being its active base plate has the ability to self-adjust with whichever floor type you change to. With this, suction is sealed in at all times without being wasted and air leaks are avoided unlike in other vacuums where you have to manually adjust when working on different floors creating a gap between the floor and cleaner to waste suction.
  • 25% more brush power:different from all the vacuums that were made before the Dyson DC65 animal complete upright vacuum, this one has been made with 25% more power. This simply means that the vacuum’s bristles penetrate deeper into carpets and release even that ground in dirt that is sometimes difficult to remove.
  • It uses patented Dyson technology: to ensure that each and every use comes with excellent results, this vacuum is engineered with Radial root cyclone technology. With this technology the vacuum has higher and constant suction power, strong brushes and a nozzle that removes every bit of dirt in your house. All this has been one of the reasons as to why this vacuum is one topping the list of best vacuum cleaners on sale lately.
  • Bag-less design: the DC65 vacuum has a dirt cylinder that is totally transparent, you can therefore easily see when it is filled up with dirt. This makes cleaning very easy, whenever the vacuum fills up you empty it just with the press of a button unlike bagged vacuum cleaners that become very complex to use when they are filled up.
  • Reconfigured brush bar: compared to all the vacuums that were made prior to the DC65 animal complete vacuum cleaner’s brush bar has been greatly upgraded for more cleaning power. The bristles are made shorter and stiffer thus permitting unfathomable penetration into the carpet, with such bristles not even the deepest seated dirt or dust can miss inhalation. This also ensures great performance when using the vacuum on hard floors.
  • Latest ball technology:with this feature, the vacuum has the ability to access even those areas that seem problematic for example around and under furniture. Now the DC65 can maneuver all over the house with great ease thus leaving it super clean.
  • Measurements: the vacuum has 36.4 by 10.7 by 11.5 inches which gives it such a light weight of just 19 pounds. This makes the vacuum extremely easy to use and store. If your house is not that big, you no more reason to worry about where to store the vacuum. Secondly this portability also allows the vacuum to maneuver to different parts of the house comfortably which is not the case with other upright vacuums.
  • Most current Dyson DC65 filtration technology: for maximum protection to the user, this vacuum utilizes HEPA filtration to help in purification of surrounding air. It comes with tow washable and removable filters to make sure that the air you breathe while cleaning is clean.
  • Tangle free turbine tool: this is a great animal cleaner due to its innovative technology which ensures that pet hair does not tangle onto its brushes. Also its rotating brush tool is motorized meaning it pulls out even the hardest dirt without damaging the carpet. Furthermore, its counter rotating heads scoop dirt from furniture without causing any harm to their surfaces.

Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner 2

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Product quality:

The Dyson DC65 is undoubtedly the best vacuum on the market for the reason that it infused with all the latest technology to make your house sparkling clean. It features a tangle free turbine tool with a motorized rotating brush that sucks out even the toughest bit of dirt. The counter rotating heads of the vacuum help to suck out dirt without causing any damage to your carpet or furniture. This is vacuum is super amazing since you do not even have to worry about getting sick as a result of cleaning the house by yourself since it is infused with HEPA filtration technology that that purifies the surrounding air and airborne dirt ensuring that the user is completely protected from allergens. Also not forgetting, it is engineered with a self-adjusting cleaner head that automatically adjusts to different floor types to avoid interrupting suction and air leaks. For perfect cleaning of both hard floors and carpets its reconfigured brush bar has been improved with shorter and stiffer bristles that greatly penetrate through the carpet to remove every last bit of dirt.

Anyone can easily use the vacuum since it is very portable and very easy to store even if your house is small. It also fits perfectly even in areas that seem difficult to clean. Current patented Dyson technology has been made added the DC65 so that each time you use the vacuum to clean your house, you get satisfactory and excellent results.

Who does it benefit?

Perfect for people with small homes: the vacuum measures just36.4 by 10.7 by 11.5 inches which means it will not take up too much space in your house hence making storage much easier. This small size enables it to reach in the most problematic areas that seem almost impossible to clean.


What else do you need?

Multi angle brush: this will help the vacuum to thoroughly clean the entire house with ease. This brush helps you to reach different angles of the house to ensure you do not leave any dirt or dust.

Soft bristle brush: the brush you use on the carpet is not the same brush that will work on hard floors. Hard floors are cleaned with a soft bristle brush, you will definitely need one.

Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner 1

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